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Incorrect quotes: Escapade Household Edition

Tintin: I guess I gotta be the bigger person here *laughs* I guess I gotta FIGHT the giant monster!


(Me trying to give advice)

Stephanie: Oh, uh, I think you need to maybe shoot him in the leggies?.. cause he’s got.. little leggy pads under the leggies?

Tintin: What?

Stephanie:He’s got like little… little hoofies…


Tintin: That was the WORST thing I’ve experienced in a LONG ASS time and I just got SHOT IN THE FACE 17 times!

Stephanie: *equally shaken* Ok PRESS PAUSE I’M MAKING TEA


Haddock: Where. The hell. Did it go?….*antagonist appears* OH GOD I FOUND IT I FOUND IT I FOUND IT

Stephanie: *laughs* No it found you!



Haddock: I’m glad SOMEBODY’s having fun here!

Stephanie: (first adventure) It’s me!

(Source: Overly Sarcastic Productions’ OSP animated: Shadow of the Colossus video)

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*yeets a 馃挀* Your captain dad? [@pastel-ships]

OWO THANK YOU @pastel-ships


It is true though that most shanties or songs about the ocean in general remind me of him (he IS a sailor after all). Some songs:

All For Me Grog (I sang this for a job once!):

Drunken Sailor (a well known one, also sang it in choir. I like to think we improvise verses for this one):

Exursion Around the Bay by Great Big Sea:

-Most ocean stuff in general reminds me of my dad. It’s all so cool~

-”you are my daaaaad, You’re my dad! Boogie woogie woogie” is the vine that explains our whole relationship.

- It’s a little weird, but I imagine I’d share information on a lot of things from my time, one of those being animation (because at least Snow White’s come out at their time, so seeing all of those Disney movies? bonding time) so I just love the idea of downloading a bunch of animated movies onto my computer and having a movie night. (Maybe show the Spielberg Tintin film? OWO)

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Peter Parker and Bucky Barnes are sitting side by side on the couch. The angle of the camera suggests that Bucky is holding the camera vlog-style facing them with his metal arm. In the background, you can hear the sound of the tv, although what is playing is indistinguishable. There’s also the sound of people talking, although that too is mostly impossibly to make out. When Peter speaks, it’s in a whisper

Peter: Okay so Wolf Dad and I were watching vines earlier and he got this idea to recreate some of them. We’re not exactly sure how well it’s going to work out, but we’re hoping it goes well.

Bucky: It’s going to be amusing no matter what. Steve doesn’t know any vines though it should be good

Peter looks over top the camera and his eyes widen. He scrambles to take it away from Bucky as he says

Peter: Shit here he comes

Once he’s holding the camera, Peter turns it around to show Steve Rogers walking into the room. He’s holding a nearly empty cup of coffee and seems to be only half-awake as he makes his way over to sit next to Bucky

Bucky: (O.S) Well if it isn’t Captain America.

Steve pauses in his tracks, blinking sleepily at Bucky. His eyebrows furrow in confusion

Steve: but it… is me?

Peter giggles off-screen. This has gone better than he hoped for.

Bucky: (O.S) No, it’s an expression

Steve stares at Bucky, still confused

Steve: I… what is going on here?

Peter giggles some more and Bucky sighs fondly. There’s the sound of a chair scraping back and a moment later Bucky appears in frame beside Steve. He takes his coffee cup and places a kiss on Steve’s forehead before saying

Bucky: Don’t worry about it, punk.

Steve frowns slightly, still confused

Steve: Jerk.

Bucky walks out of frame once more, and Steve watches him go before giving up and trudging over to the couch, sitting down next to Peter. The camera tracks him as he does, and it’s only when he’s sitting that Steve notices it. His eyes narrow

Steve: Peter…

Peter: (O.S) Hi dad!

Steve looks down at the camera, seemingly resigned

Steve: This is like that updog thing, isn’t it?

Before Peter can respond, the camera cuts out.

When the screen lights back up, Peter is holding the camera facing him vlog style. He’s sitting at his lab station, which is covered in what looks to be a partial assembled Spider-Bot. He is looking behind the camera at someone, who he waves to when they get closer

Peter: Well if it isn’t the man with the giant metal frisbee.

Steve Rogers rounds the table into view just in time to catch the confusion that passes his face when Peter speaks.

Steve: Peter… what?

Peter: That’s your name.

Peter: The man with the giant metal frisbee.

Tony: (O.S) He’s not wrong.

Peter giggles, covering his mouth with his free hand to muffle the noise. Steve sighs as he spots the camera, and looks in the direction of Tony’s yell

Steve: Please don’t encourage them

Tony: (O.S) I’m not encouraging anything. Only stating the facts.

Steve looks down at the camera, his eyes dead.

The video cuts.

The screen comes back to an extreme close up of Peter. He’s holding the camera in both hands towards himself, but he’s looking over top of it at something.

Peter: Hey dad?

Steve: (O.S) What’s up Peter?

Peter bites his lip like he’s trying to hide a smile

Peter: So when you finish training in America, they give you a trash can lid?

Steve: (O.S) Peter, what are you on about?

Despite his best efforts, Peter snickers quietly. He turns the camera to face Steve, who comes into frame upside down. After a moment Peter manages to flip the camera so Steve is right side up. From this angle you can tell that he is sitting on the couch, implying that Peter is hanging off of it.

Peter: (O.S) Are you the only one with a trash can?

Steve looks from the camera to Peter and then back to the camera. His face is deadpan as he responds

Steve: No Peter, we all fought with trash cans because that’s all the army could afford.

Steve: We won because we smelled like rotten trash and no one wanted to get near us

Peter: (O.S) oh my god

The screen cuts out again.

When it comes back, Bucky Barnes is holding the camera in the vlog style. Behind him, you can see both Peter and Steve lying on the floor. Steve is lying face down like he has accepted death. Peter has both of his hands covering his mouth, either in shock or to keep from laughing. It’s hard to tell, but he’s staring at Steve with something close to regret in his eyes.

Bucky is grinning

Bucky: Peter, how did you take down Captain America?

Peter looks towards the camera, his eyes wide. He slowly lowers his hands from his mouth to answer in a shocked whisper

Peter: I shot him in the legs because his shield is the size of a dinner plate, and he’s an idiot.

Bucky starts laughing as Peter continues to stare at the camera horrified

Peter: I killed my own father

Steve’s voice is muffled, his face still pressed into the carpet

Steve: Quit telling everyone I’m dead

Peter: Sometimes I can still hear his voice

The video fades to black.

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Hello everyone! How often do Thor and Loki come? What do you do with them when they come? Thanks and love what you all do!

Tony: Too often.

Steve: They try to come to at least once a month for movie night. But they try to come as often as they can. 

Peter: Mr. Loki and I do a lot of stuff. Which… mostly ends up causing a bit of trouble, which I guess is why dad thinks he comes too much. Sometimes Mr. Thor joins us too (just like when they were kids, Mr. Thor says)

Tony: Peter is banned from the lab when the two of them are here. Things have exploded too many times. 

Bucky: I’ve been trying to teach Thor how to cook but he’s… Well I think Steve might actually be a better cook than him and that’s really saying something.

Peter: … I just got an idea for the best cooking episode ever. 

Bucky: Peter whatever you’re thinking please don’t 

Peter: Too late

Tony: Please just don’t blow up the tower. Or the compound.

Bucky: Are you okay with fires? Because there’s a good chance of one of those

Peter: It’ll be fine. 

Peter: … Oh! Mr. Thor and I perform Shakespeare together! It’s a lot of fun, especially if we drag Mr. Loki or the others in. Sometimes we go and watch theater together too, but it’s more fun to do it. 

Peter: And Mr. Loki and I just hang out a lot and talk about stuff. It’s nice because the two of us can talk to each other about just about anything with no judgment. Although, his advice is a bit off sometimes.

Steve: All of the time. 

Tony: Except when it comes to dealing with what’s his name… Trash?

Peter: Flash?

Tony: same thing. Rock of Ages had the right idea in how to deal with that asshole.

Peter: d a d n o

Peter: Oh, and thank you so much for the question anon. We love you too!! <3 <3

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hey everyone! what do you guys all enjoy doing in your spare time?

Peter: Hi!! Thank you so much for the question. As for free time, I like to spend mine as busy as possible (Captain Dad worries that I don’t know how to relax. He’s probably right). But I do a lot of fun stuff, like building lego sets, which I usually do with my best friend Ned. I’ve also gotten into photography recently, and Iron Dad bought me a new camera since I did so well on my finals and I’m really excited to try it out. I also help out in the lab a lot doing different things, some that I can’t talk about, but one that I can is that I’ve been working with my dads to help build Wolf Dad’s new arm. … I might also write a bit of fanfiction on the side, but it’s not super good. Oh! And when school’s in I’m part of the Academic Decathlon. 

Tony: Well obviously I spend quite a lot of time in my lab working on various projects, usually upgrades for the Avengers or other things that could help out us or the world in general. But I bet what you didn’t know is that I also garden. In fact there’s an entire floor in the tower just dedicated to my plants and I take care of each one of them individually. And they all have names of course. 

Bucky: Mostly I like to bake. I usually make at least one thing a day, maybe more. It was something I started doing back when I was first recovering as a way to ground myself and I guess I’ve just kept doing it. Besides that, I like to read, especially fantasy and sci-fi stuff. I also volunteer at the animal shelter when I have the time and mental energy. 

Steve: Since the start of this year, I’ve been getting back into drawing a lot more regularly. I’ve even taken an art class to act as little refresher which was nice, and it reminded me why I liked art in the first place. It’s a nice change in pace. Oh, and I also play a little bit of Ultimate Frisbee and I guess I’m not terrible? 

Sam: By not terrible, he means fantastic. I mean you’ve seen him thrown his shield right? Just imagine that with a frisbee. It took me months to convince him to join my team, but he’s basically unstoppable. I usually spend my free time volunteering down at the VA. It’s a good way to give back and help others. 

Clint: Most of my off time from the Avengers is spent with my kids. I also make a little music on the side, mostly for fun. Nat and I go mountain climbing sometimes when she feels in the mood. I play some video games too, I’m pretty good at Mario Kart, and the Avengers have a Minecraft server full of stuff as well. 

Wanda: I spend quite a bit of my free time taking classes, actually. I never really got around to finishing school after my parents died, but Tony helped me get set up to take classes online and I have been doing that. I also write, mainly poetry because it is a good way to express thoughts and feelings. I have tried longer-form writing, but it is hard for me to stay committed to one project for so long to do so. 

Bruce: I meditate. Quite a lot actually on some days when things get stressful, but it’s a nice way to take off the edge. Other than that I’m usually working on some kind of project in the lab. Or sometimes when things get too much I just like to go on trips to different places where I can just help others and forget about everything else for a while. 

Natasha: I do yoga. It’s nice, relaxing, and really good for flexibility. I like to laze around in my downtime, just chill out, recover, make the others question everything they thought was true in life. And sometimes I visit Clint’s family when I need to get away, or I go mountain climbing. There’s also something I’m not technically allowed to mention because the boys are embarrassed of it, but let’s just say Clint might not be the only one into music. Although he is definitely better than us.

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Imagine: the BONE! scene from b99 except it’s Dean as holt, Sam/Jack jointly playing Amy, and Rowena as Rosa.

“Okay we have to explain this thing to Dean to save him,” Sam says to Rowena, heading up the nerd table where they and Jack are surrounded by books of magic up to their ears. 

“It’s not about the magic spells,” Rowena sneers, smiling sidelong at Sam. “They just need to bone.”

Jack recoils. “What! Gross! Rowena, those are my dads!”


“Come on, Dean. The Ma’lak box thing isn’t the problem. Having Michael all locked up in your noggin is keeping you and Cas apart. You two just need to get over it and bone.”

Sam whimpers and covers Jacks ears. 

“What did she say?”

“Don’t say it again,” Sam hisses. 

“I said you two need to bone,” Rowena says, rolling her eyes and primly turning the page of the spellbook in front of her. 

Dean takes a long inhalation. “How dare you, Rowena MacLeod. I could have been your father-in-law!” Dean storms away. 

Rowena jigs her head back and forth dismissively and carries on reading. 

Five minutes later the library door slams open again and Dean shouts, already heading in the direction of the kitchen, “BONE!”

Ten minutes later on his way back, the door, thoughtfully closed by Jack, slams open again and Dean shouts, “What happens in my bedroom, witch, is none of your business!”

Twenty one minutes after the event the door at the far end of the war room flies open and Dean yells “BOOOONE!!!” so loud dust comes drifting down from the ceiling over the map table. 

Forty minutes later he reappears, the picture of calm, and sits back down in the library before looking over at Rowena. “Don’t ever speak to me like that again.”

She smirks like she’s already planned something awful to say to him in the next five minutes. 

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