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Y’all- y’all ever think about how the air force does the whole “tap out” thing when they graduate where you can’t leave formation until a loved one taps you out? Yeah? Well, whatever you do don’t think about how Maria probably had her family there to tap her out but she was the only loved one Carol had there that could tap her out.

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Sugar (Carol Danvers x Reader)


Originally posted by marvelladiesdaily

Summary: you’re missing carol while she’s away on a mission but she’s only a phone call away.

A/N: song! fic! yes lmao. I’ve had this song in my head for a few days and it’s just…so cute and I’m missing my galactic wife Carol so boom, this was created. Hope you guys enjoy & sorry for any typos! Requests are open!

pairings: Carol Danvers x F!Reader

Song: Sugar - Brockhampton

Lyrics are bolded & in italics!

please don’t plagerize/repost my work! x


Spending all my nights alone, waiting for you to call me

You’re the only one I want by my side when I fall asleep

Carol’s arm band rang while she stood, looking out the spaceship, calculating her next move to figure out which planet to go to next. She had left Earth two months prior, trying to get everything under control on other planets after Thanos’ snap but to be truthful, it was just as hectic and disheartening as it was on Earth.

Looking down, she saw it was your name that had popped up and a soft smile grew on her face. Saying she missed you was an understatement. She missed everything from Earth but everything about you is what she wanted right at this moment and every moment she was away.

Placing down a detachable piece from her arm band on the floor, a full apparition of you appeared infront of her and it almost seemed real, as if you teleported there and were standing infront of her. But it was just a simple hologram.

You were standing behind a desk, in a large shirt and sweatpants with a loopy smile on your face and that immediately signified to Carol it was late and you were tired.

“Carol!” You smiled, waving at her as her full body hologram was infront of you. She was in her suit still but her hair was definetly shorter since she left two months ago. “Nice hair cut” you chuckled a bit as she laughed back.

“I cut it this morning. It’s easier to manage when I have the helmet on” she said, smiling at you and immediately you felt a pang in your chest that you wish she was there in person. Having a hologram of her just wasn’t enough.

“What time is it there?” She asked you, pulling you out of your trance. You turned to the clock next to you and it read 1:35 am.

“It’s 10 pm here” you said, giving her a joking smile before yawning. She looked right through your joke.

“(Y/N)” she said and you rolled your eyes.

“It’s almost 2 in the morning. I couldn’t sleep” you said, looking down and fidgeting with your pant strings. It was true. Your mind kept you up with all the different possibilities of what you guys could do to bring back the others or even just all the guilt that you didn’t do enough to save them. And ontop of that, you missed Carol. It was almost like you had lost more than you could bare. Sure she’s going to come back, so you’re trying to keep your hopes up with holding onto that faith, but the only question was when?

Carol knew the amount of distress you put yourself through. She knew how much you cared for the team and the people around you and it only hurt her more that she wasn’t there for you to help you and tell you everything is alright. Being a hologram can only pose so much comfort for the both of you.

“What’s wrong?” Carol asked, in a hushed tone, making you feel comforted. It didn’t sound staticy when she said it because of the connection so it almost seemed like she was there physically.

Tell me what I’m waiting for

Tell me what I’m waiting for

“I miss you. I know it’s only been two months but” you sighed before looking back up at her. “I want you back” you felt a weight lifted off your shoulders being able to tell her that as you let out a breath. Carol looked at you with sad eyes and you knew she felt the same way.

“I miss you too, (Y/N). More than you know” she spoke and a silence had fallen over you both. You just wanted her here but that was a wish that you knew would take time to come true.

“When do you think you’ll come back to Earth?” You asked, continuing to look at her. You didn’t want to ask because of the fear of her saying not for a while but it was a question that had to be asked for your comfort and even for the team to know who will be around when you plan your next move.

“Honestly” Carol started but paused letting out a sigh. “I don’t know. There’s so much happening on each planet that they need all the help they can get” she finished, looking at you as you took a seat behind the desk. Letting out a breath you nodded.

I know it’s hard, but we need each other

Know it’s hard, but we need each other

“You know I still think about you wherever I am” she told you and a small smile grew on your face. You looked up at her as a tear slid down your face, wiping it away but Carol saw it.

“There’s so many things that remind me of you that it makes me more antsy to help everyone out here so I can come home to you” Carol told you, shifting her stance as she smiled at you.

“Well there’s loads of things here that remind me of you and just make me miss you more” you said, your voice cracking a bit and Carol frowned a bit as you smiled at her.

“I’ll be home soon. I promise” she told you as she turned to see someone in the background tell her something before the person left the room quickly.

Carol turned back towards you with a sad smile. “Babe I have to go. We just got a distress signal from people nearby” she said. You nodded giving her a tired smile.

“Alright. I think it’s time for me to head to bed, I’ve got a big day tomorrow” you told her standing up.

“I love you (Y/N). I’ll be back soon” Carol said and you felt butterflies in your stomach as you still wore you tired smile.

“I love you too, Carol. Be safe out there, don’t get reckless with saving the world” you chuckled as she chuckled along with you.

“Will do. Goodnight, love” she said, pressing a button that ended the call and picking up the piece from the ground and placing it back in her armband, letting out a sigh.

You sat back down in the chair and turned to face the window, looking out to the night sky letting a tear fall down your face. Seeing a shooting star only made you think of Carol more and how much you missed he but you knew you’d have your girl back home soon.


feedback is appreciated!

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How they react to your homophobic family members.

TW: Homophobic slurs.

I didn’t know what language Marvel had assigned to Sokovia so I just used latin because they said the words for sokovia derived from Latin on the marvel wiki

Amica mea: My love

Straight out tells them how fucking rude they are.

You were at a family reunion. For the most part people were supportive of your relationship with the gorgeous woman in the suit next to you, but some were not.

Like your uncle.

“Y/N, I see you’re still…well you.” Your uncle threw a distasteful glare at your hand locked with Carols. “You should really consider a man.”
You rolled your eyes, “yeah and you should consider finally croaking it. But you don’t hear me bitching.”
Carol threw you an impressed glance as she bit her lip to keep herself from smiling, and failing as she did it.

Your uncle was absolutely flabbergasted, “why Y/N, all I want is for you to be making good decisions and being a woman who loves another woman is not a good one.”
You were expecting this, and you were just ready to punch him in the face but Carol stepped in. “Excuse me, Y/N is the most loving woman ever. You should be grateful to have a niece so kind and powerful. You should also be grateful that I’m not punching you in the face for how you treat my girlfriend.” She stepped towards him, towering over him. “You are nothing more than just some old asshole who thinks people care about what he thinks. Take your wrong ideals and shove them up your ass.” She hissed.

He looked absolutely terrified, your godmother was watching this entire thing unfold. She threw you a thumbs up as if to say “you’ve got a good one.”

Yeah, you really do.


Originally posted by capwilsons

Sweet ole Wanda, finally snapping at someone.

She rubbed your shoulder as you sat through the reception, you felt uncomfortable and unwelcome. You were only invited because your mom (who supported you so much) insisted. You were never welcomed at your religious family’s gatherings because well, you were a Grade A sinner because you had tattoos. They didn’t even know you were queer. And you even got a guest which was surprising.

You were civil enough to wear a suit that would contain your tattoos (minus the ones on your fingers that you covered with makeup and rings). But your aunt wasn’t civil enough to keep comments to herself.

Your aunt sat next to you, the one that was known for being homophobic and an asshole. Also a huge racist. You sighed inwardly, Wanda squeezes your shoulder subtly saying she knew. She always knew. Pros of being a freaking mind reader.

When your aunt heard Wanda’s foreign accent she got this look in her eyes, the look you knew. The “I’m a racist and I show it look”. “Where are you from?” Your Aunt asked, her voice tight and cold.

“Sokovia.” She spoke, God, her accent just made you weak.
“Really?” Your Aunt said with feigned interest. You resisted the eye roll. You promised your mother you’d be civil. You promised your mother you’d be civil. You thought to yourself and Wanda responded in your head, you can do this Amica Mea. Besides, I am not ashamed of where I came from.

And no one should ever make you feel like you are. You said back.

Your Aunt smiled coldly, like a snake. “So how did you two become friends?”

Friends? Does she not see Wanda’s arms around your shoulder?

“A mutual friend of ours introduced us,” You said, your words clipped.
“So what have you been up to?” She asked, realizing how cold you were yet trying to fill the awkward silence.
“We went to a pride festival last month.” You said, after all, June had just passed.

She smiled coldly, “you still a f*g supporter?”
Wanda moved her arms around your waist, “she’s also a f*g fucker.” Wanda said calmly as she sipped her wine. Her eyes becoming filled with contained fury.

Oh you could’ve made out with her right then and there at your cousins wedding.
Your Aunt looked absolutely scandalized as you said calmly, “meet my girlfriend, Wanda.”
“You brought your girlfriend here?!” She shrieked.
“You told me to bring a guest. So I brought one, someone I love.” You kissed Wanda on the cheek and looked at your Aunt, “bite me, bitch.”

Your aunt huffed away, and you looked at Wanda who was looking at you filled with love, “I’m sorry I said that, I just hated that-”
You silenced her with a kiss, when you pulled away you said, “I love you, Wanda Maximoff.”
She smiled, “I love you, Y/N L/N. Regardless of your crazy family.”
You giggled as she kissed you again.


Originally posted by buffysumnners

Maria Hill:

Holds you back from doing something you’d end up regretting. Even if she wanted to punch them as well.

Your sisters wedding was something you absolutely dreaded.

“You know we’ve defeated terrorists before right?” Maria said, obviously seeing your anxiety.

“Yeah well, terrorists never called me a f*g.” You snapped.

“How bad was it?” She set her hand on your shoulder, “you told me your family wasn’t the most accepting but what else happened?”

You shook your head, “I came out when I was fourteen, I told you that. But everybody except my parents insisted it was a phase, even my own sister. It’s never ending.” You said tiredly.

She gripped your hand, “I love you, Y/N. If anyone gives you shit I’ll deal with it okay?” She gave you a teasing smile as you rolled your eyes and brought her hand up to your lips to kiss it.

“For the love of God,” your sister walked up to you, “Aunt Suzanne is disturbed.”

“Cause I kissed my girlfriends hand? How dare I.” You rolled your eyes and took a sip of Maria’s wine.

“Just hold it back today okay?” Your sister nudged you.

“Hold back what? My relationship? My happiness? In case you can’t tell we’re at a fucking wedding. Love is allowed here dumbass.”

“You know how Aunt Suzanne is…” She trailed off.

“Yeah, a cunt.” You hissed. Maria squeezed your arm as your sister rolled her eyes.

“Just act normal.” She scoffed and walked away.

Act normal? You thought to yourself and went to go beat the shit out of your sister. Maria gripped your arm and pulled you back to her chest to make it look like a weird cuddling dance move so guests didn’t suspect why the bride and the sister of the bride were about to beat each other.

“If you keep yourself from fighting someone, I’ll reward you.” Maria whispered huskily.

You looked at her, “you’ll let me fuck you in the closet that’s down the hall?” You said nodding your head towards the said hall.

She snorted and banged her head against your shoulder, “I honestly don’t know why I love you.” She shook her head, and looked back up to you smiling.

You smiled and leaned in to kiss her, “only for you.” She grinned and pulled you two the dance floor. Where you two ignored the looks and swayed together, looking like two idiots in love.


Originally posted by cobiedaily


Does not hide affection and shows you off proudly.

Taking Nat to a family reunion was an adventure you were looking forward to. Your family was not the most supportive in the way you lived your life and who you lived it with. But Natasha was excited to show you off and shove it in their faces how great the two of you were.

Nat held your hand as you walked to your aunts backyard, “you seem excited.” You said laughing.

“I can’t wait to shove this in those fuckers faces.” She said and promptly kissed you on the lips which you welcomed.

Your uncle decided now would be the time to walk out of the fence gate and see you and your girlfriend making out. “Oh! Um, hi Y/N.”

You nodded at him in acknowledgment, Natasha’s hands still wrapped around your waist, “Uncle Roger, this is my girlfriend Natalie Rushman.” You two decided to go with her alias name because you couldn’t risk her real name being revealed. Especially after the whole legal thing with Bucky.

Nat stuck her hand out to shake your uncles, “nice to meet you.” Natasha said, lying through her teeth. She probably wanted to punch him, she’s heard the stories.

He smiled and said, “likewise.” Then promptly walked away.

She looked at you over her shoulder, “this will be a fun night.”


Originally posted by fatmonicas


Shuri believes in being petty, which you wholeheartedly agree with.

This family reunion meant a lot to you because it was the first family reunion you, the social outcast was going to after winning all your science awards. It was a prestige banquet, so you and Shuri were dressed in your finest attire, you in a suit and her in a wakandian dress that was red and orange.

You gripped her hand tightly as you walked into the hall, hoping to god your heels don’t slip on the marble tiles. She rubbed her thumb across your hand soothingly. “It’s alright.” She said kissing your cheek softly.

You let out a huff as your homophobic aunt walked up to you with a smile, but it faded because she’s a racist and homophobe. You squeezed Shuri’s hand in warning.

Your aunt was mostly civil and you two walked to a table that had about four family members there, your uncle included, he was known for refusing to believe science and believe facebook articles over actual professors and doctors.

“Global warming isn’t real!” You nearly walked away, one of your awards was in proving the fact that global warming is real. Your uncle refused to believe your points and you were about to leave when Shuri spoke up.

“That’s enough!” Shuri said, “I will not sit here and hear you discredit Dr. Y/N L/N. She is not only your niece but someone who has done more research than you ever will in your lifetime. Not like you have much of that left anyway.” She nodded to his wrinkled skin and white hair.

He guffawed. You smiled as she continued, “Y/N has a nobel peace prize, the Copley Medal, the Wolf Foundation prize and many others underneath her belt, if you want to know more, google her. She is reputable and the smartest woman I know.” She kissed your head.

You waved with your middle finger as the two of you waltzed out to go eat at McDonalds, the night behind you as you two basked in your love.


Originally posted by letitiawrights

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(423) I didn’t really have expectations for this good or bad, though I did become more interested after seeing Carol in Endgame. I loooooved this movie. It is so fun and the 90s era backdrop was such a great excuse to use all the music they did and I absolutely loved the music. The story wasn’t groundbreaking but it was really well-paced in my opinion and ended up being a cool twist on the typical story of the Skrulls. I’d love to see her in more MCU movies but I feel like it would have to be high stakes because she is overpowered. <3

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ohh, okay. could you maybe write something (short or long or whatever you want! :)) with the reader being Carol’s younger teen sister where maybe R gets hurt and Carol takes care of her & it’s just reeeaalllyyy fluffy! i love all of your writing, it’s really good :)

A/N: I wrote it kinda in the middle of short and long. I’m really happy you like all of my writing, it means a lot to me. So here’s your Drabble and I’m sorry it’s late!!

Tired, exhausted, these words weren’t even close to describing your day today as you walked to your shared apartment with your sister, Carol Danvers. You were on your way home from your internship at Stark Labs when you got jumped.

There were about 5 men, all of them larger and stronger than you were. 2 of them attacked you while the other three kept a lock out. You heard a couple of them say it was because you were related to captain marvel.  They were about to kidnap you but you were trying to fight them off the best you could.

You got hurt badly, it would’ve been worse if Spider-Man hadn’t been around to help you out.

He’d appeared randomly and webbed al of them to the wall. He swung you back on webs back to your apartment and insisted on taking care of you until you told him you had a sister.

“You’re sure you’ll be alright?” He asked, about to leave.

“Yeah, go home kid I’ll be fine, thanks a lot though.” You said, watching him web off.

You tiredly opened the door, calling out an exhausted ‘I’m home’ as you limped in. One of the guys had kicked your ankle, hard then hit it with a small baton. It was bruised badly but you didn’t pay attention.

As you came in, and the adrenaline wore off, you realized just how much your body hurt. You had bruises literally everywhere. A sprained and maybe broken ankle, bloody knuckles, a black eye, and a slash across your left arm where one of the men had drawn a knife on you.

You sighed and tried to walk up the small stairs towards the bedrooms and the bathrooms to clean yourself up. You heard an ‘I’m here’ come from up the stairs. You groaned, Carol was home early. Your hopes of cleaning yourself up before she came we’re shattered.

A sharp pain went through your ankle as a cry escaped your lips. The ground rushed to meet you as you fell.

“Y/n, you okay?” Carol asked, looking down the stairs. You heard her gasp as you looked up at her.

“What the hell happened?” She demanded, hurriedly moving down the stairs and helping you up.

She wrapped one arm underneath your shoulders, trying to be gently. Once she realized you couldn’t walk, she put one arm gingerly underneath your knees, lifting you up entirely. Her eyebrows scrunched up as she looked at you. You wrapped your arms around her neck, the wound on your eye bleeding onto her shirt as you rested your head in the crook of her neck.

“Tell me later,” she spoke softly, carrying you up the stairs. “Let’s get you cleaned up y/n/n.” She whispered.

She carried you easily upstairs and set you down gently on her bed. Grabbing the first aid kit and taking out everything she would need. She hurried to get water, towels and bowl as you laid down on her bed. Your eyelids felt heavy and you felt sluggish as you heard her come in.

She wrapped the cloth around your torn arm and used the water bowl to clean your knuckles. She rubbed them gently to try to get them clean. In silence, she removed the cloth and put it back in the bowl. The bowl was completely pink and red now.

Panic radiated off her as she repeated the same motion twice until the bleeding finally stopped. Hands shaking, she cleaned your knuckles with alcohol and cotton wipes, apologizing every time you let out a whine of discomfort.

When your knuckles were finally clean she moved on to your hand. She cleaned it with alcohol, apologizing all the while as you almost shrieked in discomfort. She wrapped gauze and an elastic bandage around it after cleaning it.

Carol then tended to your ankle, putting ice in a ziplock and putting the bag on your ankle after elevating it on a pillow. She cleaned up your eye rather quickly and cleaned up your face with a damp cloth.

Once everything was finally done, she gave you a glass of water and some painkillers. You thanked her and you were about to go to sleep before she interrupted you.

“What happened?” She asked, she moved to sit beside you on the bed. She clutched your unbandaged hand, careful of your knuckles.

“Some guys jumped me and were about to kidnap me,” you said in an exhausted raspy voice. You saw the shock and worry in carols eyes and quickly continued. “Friendly neighborhood Spider-Man saved the day and brought me back home though.” You said, trying to make an attempt at a joke.

“Thank god,” she muttered, then asked the question you were hoping she won’t. “Why did they kidnap you? Or try to anyway.”

“Sis, I think I’m gonna try to sleep.” You said, trying to put off the topic.

“No,” she stated, you looked up at her. “Tell me now.”

“They wanted,” you took in a deep breath and tried to look anywhere but her eyes. “They wanted to get leverage on captain marvel.” You muttered.

“This is, this is my fault.” She said, her voice wavering slightly as she let go of your hand. She was about to leave before you grabbed her hand.

“Car it would’ve been worse if you weren’t here.” You whispered, she sat back down but looked at you as if you were speaking another language.

“Y/n/n, this wouldn’t have happened if I wasn’t here.” She stated, looking away from you.

“Carol, look at me.” You said softly, she responded. “Nothing would’ve been the same if you weren’t here, now cuddle with me I’m injured.” You said. Carol chuckled slightly, calling you needy before obeying.

She was careful of your injuries and didn’t move you too much. She just gently wrapped her arms around your waist, careful not to move your ankle.

It felt more comforting to have her around. But you were right, it would’ve been worse if she wasn’t around. Nothing would’ve been the same.

Carol helped nurse you back into health, ignoring all the other galaxies who needed her. She needed her sister more. You were the only constant in her chaotic life and she felt the need to protect you more than anyone.

The next few days went by slowly. Carol barely let you get out of bed and brought all of your meals to you. She watched movies with you and talked to you as you healed.

In about a week, you were mostly fine. The gash on your arm had healed enough and you could put some weight in your ankle. You decided to use crutches anyway. At least carol would let you walk around the house now.

A/N: I put the whole ‘nothing would be the same if you never existed’ thing bc I just reached 105 followers and uh I thought maybe some of them may be struggling with mental issues and needed it. I care about every single one of you and please please message me or send me an ask if you need help. I’ll be happy to. But just, nothing would be the same if you didn’t exist.

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Bro. Bro. I gotta say. People that don’t like Captain Marvel get pissy cause Carol didn’t smile but like,,, y'all do realize she was brain washed right? Like Bri was playing a brain washed character. Why the fuck would she be all cherry and smiling 24/7? Nobody had any problem when it was the winter soldier with a straight face the whole time. How suspect.

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