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angsty ship: danbeau - 33,34,43

33. who worries more?

Maria is constantly worrying about Carol when she’s in space. She’s always chewing her nails or shaking her leg when she thinks about her being away and Carol always reassures her that she’ll be okay and calls her everyday.

34. what scent reminds them of the other?

There’s a plant on Hala that smells just like shea butter and Carol used to keep them in her quarters because the smell always made her feel at peace but she couldn’t understand why. Later, she finds out Maria always smells like shea butter and that’s why she always kept the plants around.

Carol smells like sandalwood and after the crash, Maria would lay in their bed cuddled with Carol’s clothes, put on a sandalwood candle and just ball her eyes out.

43. who would be more afraid of the other’s death/harm?

Maria knows what it feels like to lose Carol and she can’t imagine ever feeling that again, it would destroy her.

Carol hopes none of her enemies learn about Maria and Monica and harm them to get to her. She’s afraid of what she’ll do and who she’ll become if they lay a finger on them.

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When Steve dove into the iceberg the cassette tape hadn’t even been invented yet, so there is every possibility that Steve just went to the fact that they must have invented blue ray first. By that logic, we can assume that at one point Tony probably threw a cassette at him because he didn’t know how to rewind it and Steve sat on the floor for an hour crying because it doesn’t make any sense

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Starring:  Fem!Reader and MCU characters!
Contents: Spoilers for Endgame!! Cussing (as usual, take that for granted), some fluff, some angst, confusion, sadness, loss, good intentions, awkwardness, flashbacks. Feels…there are feels.
A/N: So this is getting a surge. PREVIOUS CHAPTERS can be found on the masterlist. I’ve added more names to the tag list (because no one ever tells me they want in but still “like” anyways…so HA!). As per usual. Thanks for likes and reblogs and comments and tears…cheers! I mean cheers! ;)


Originally posted by solrosan

4. Foster Care for Adults

…   Reader   …

You’ve had no energy to protest, but if you’d had then it’s likely nothing would’ve changed the mind of the grim mohawk-dude. Clint Barton, archer extraordinaire and known as Hawkeye, who (after squaring it with the wife) has opened his home to you and herded you onto a little dangerous-looking plane together with his family. The two older kids, Lila and Cooper, don’t say much if anything to you. Well, the little one doesn’t either, but at least he’s staring openly rather than pretending to be busy with the phones or each other.

“Mo-om?” Nathaniel’s clear voice cuts over the sound of the engine. “Is she gonna be my sisther?”

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make me choose: captain marvel or iron man. @spookydeans.
ive been fighting with one arm behind my back. what happens when im finally set free?

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Fearless #1-#4 variant cover - Scarlet Witch, Emma Frost, Ironheart, Captain America, Elektra, Storm, Wasp, Spider-Gwen, Captain Marvel, Silk, She-Hulk, Jean Grey, Shuri and Ms. Marvel by Jenny Frison *

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