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#captain marvel
  • blue monday playing in the background yess
  • the song synced with the gunshots?? editing gold
  • also pedro pascal?? sign me up
  • also kristen wiig is so unexpected but i love it
  • dianas white dress aaahh
  • i’m already living for the ~asthetic~ of this movie 
  • the hug
  • also off topic but steve trevor in a 80s tracksuit is fineee
  • and his blue eyes??
  • the fashion in general?? to die for
  • THE GOLDEN ARMOR i got chills
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Natasha: Being gay isn’t a choice.

Natasha: It’s a competition and I’m winning.

Natasha, gesturing to a flustered Carol: I mean, have you seen my girlfriend?

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I don’t care how much you hate Captain Marvel, keep it out of the Black Widow tags.

I don’t care how much you hate Captain Marvel, keep it out of the Wonder Woman tags.

It’s been months and people still complain about Brie Larson. We don’t care. It’s annoying whenever another movie is out, there’s constant bitching about Captain Marvel. No one cares. I wanna see WW84 and Black Widow content, not Captain Marvel. 

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Ok. So. This whole arc I’ve been trying to figure out the hype around Star. Specifically why her debut issue went into 3rd printing. She is most def a villain and she’s now getting her own series next year. Its clear the latter is totally in response to the selling out thing. I mean, I liked her in this issue. The whole not wanting to be a victim thing. You’re either weak or your strong and if you’re weak than you’re a victim. That’s clearly coming from a person who’s been deeply traumatized, which she did talk about here. Its obviously a flawed mentality but an interesting one. So like, now I’m pulled in knowing that she has a 5 issue series. Won’t be surprised if it turns into an ongoing if it sells well enough. But it took me till this point to care this much about her. IDK. She’s gone for now. So I’ll stop trying to figure her out for a few months.

More on this issue! I loved Hazmat. She’s too adorable for her own good. “I’d be your sidekick any day.” “How dare she. I’m a delight.” Wonderful lines. And then just saving Carol. (And the little girl saving Carol!) And her line about Stark charging for the helmet. She’s too good for this world and I am so happy that she stuck around. Hopefully that sidekick jab will mean she’s really here for the long haul cause I Am DOWN!!


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These Cute lil grandmas acting Loki out is prolly the best thing ellen had to offer before thanksgiving😂😂….


The one in stripes has the cutest reaction of em all……shes like….i dont go to this school ……bt i better do as they do…or il be out….😂😂

And noww a bonus from the same episode:

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I don’t even need to change the world
I’ll make the moon shine just for your view
I’ll make the starlight circle the room
And if you feel like night is falling
I wanna be the one you’re calling
‘Cause I believe that you could lead the way

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