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The name Tumblr is derived from "Tumblelogs", which were hand coded multimedia blogs.

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#captain marvel meme

What is up with that meme of Captain Marvel punching an old woman? Why is it so popular? I mean, without context this is just blatant assault. Maybe with context, the lady deserved it, but without context it just looks like a lady went crazy and hit an old lady for no reason or for being nice. Without any context it honestly looks as if it’s supporting people that abuse the elderly. I mean with all the people using it that’s what it sort of looks like to me even though I know most people are just using it as a gag and would probably never use it if it was actually supporting such a thing.

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hc, the avengers and avengers merch

•  They get super competitive. Like, someone starts this chain of merch, and they keep track of how much of each Avenger’s merch has sold. Whoever has the biggest sales every week gets the Ultimate Power™

Steve: happy family movie night everyone! what do we want to watch?

Peter: I think we should watch—

Tony: NICE TRY, KID! but, unfortunately for you, it’s MY ugly Christmas sweater that has sold the most, so—

Peter: ACTUALLY, I checked this morning and it’s MINE so we’re watching Tangled!


•  They aren’t allowed to buy their own merch, but they sometimes sneak into stores and convince other people to buy it, and it’s… really obnoxious 

Tony, wearing a hoodie and sunglasses: *holds up an iron man figurine* *so everyone in a three mile radius can hear* woW THIS IS A COOL FIGURINE!! AND ONLY FIVE DOLLARS??? WHAT A DEAL!! EVERYONE SHOULD BUY ONE!!!

Peter, from another aisle: *picks up a spiderman figurine* nO WAY!!!! THE SPIDERMAN ONE IS WAYYY BETTER—

Store owner: for the third time this week, both of you pLEASE LEAVE

Peter: yeah ok that’s fair have a nice day

•  They mention it in speeches. Like, normal, encouraging speeches turn into attempts to convince people to buy their stuff 

Steve: Ah, yes, of course I saved those innocent people from that burning building! It was the right thing to do! And you know what else is the right thing to do? 

Reporters: *anxiously anticipate his next word, lean closer*

Steve: Buying that new Captain America nightlight! 



•  Needless to say, it’s a big deal.

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