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Today Steve has learned that he can hop over the baby gate keeping him in his room. By hop, I mean sorta gracefully flop over the baby gate, but either way, Steve has learned to escape. He figured it out last night for the first time and apparently did it again today because he wanted to go sniff all the other animals at The Pipsqueakery.

Luckily, we can contain him with 2 baby gates stacked on top of each other, but when we are home with him we like him to be able to peek over the top of the gate. I guess this could be considered progress though since by hopping the baby gate Steve is actively moving towards us. Alas, I worry this “progress” is the first step to waking up with a capybara in our bed one morning.
Steve apparently needs more space though so I guess I should ask you all to check out our fundraisers for the rescue center at, You can also donate through Venmo to @thepipsqueakery, or through PayPal to! #capybara #escape #sanctuary #rescue #capy #cantaloupe

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🎶 I know a fruit that’s a tasty treat

🎵 Big and round and orange and sweet

Jason wrote Steve a song for his first time trying cantaloupe! You better turn up the volume to hear this one!

Did you know that Steve is hosting a Smol Capybara Auction online March 12-15? Well, he is and you’re invited!

You can check it out and RSVP on Facebook at and maybe you can get some cool stuff from Steve to help him pay for his pet project at the new rescue center! #capybara #iwantcandy #candy #cantaloupe #melon #sanctuary #rescue

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