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Wanda: We just ate, why are you making pancakes?

Carol: They’re for my cats.

Wanda: Why are you making pancakes for your cats?

Carol: Because they don’t know how.

[ for @nataliasromanoffs bc I made it and thought of the fwb au ]

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Word Count: 2904

Romantic interest: Thor (+ Star-Lord Love Triangle)

Summary: Our favorite Marvel heroes across cinematic franchises come together to battle the Destroyer of Worlds: Galactus.

Character List: Movie Versions

Reed Richards … Mr. Fantastic (member of Fantastic Four)

Shuri … Badass Princess of Wakanda (member of Avengers)

Susan Storm … Invisible Woman (member of Fantastic Four)

Scott Lang … Ant Man (member of Avengers)

Erik Lehnsherr … Magneto (member of X-Men)

Thor … Thor (member of Avengers)

Peter Quill … Star-Lord (member of Guardians of the Galaxy)

Mantis … Antennae Lady (member of Guardians of the Galaxy)

Steve Rogers … Captain America (member of Avengers)

Wanda Maximoff … Scarlet Witch (member of Avengers; relations with X-Men)

Sam Wilson … Falcon (member of Avengers)

Jean Gray … Dark Phoenix (member of X-Men)

Ororo Munroe … Storm (member of X-Men)

Carol Danvers … Captain Marvel (member of Avengers; relations with Guardians of the Galaxy)

Stephen Strange … Doctor Strange (Antisocial Sorcerer Supreme; relations with Avengers)

Evangeline Green … Angel (member of Avengers; relations with Guardians of the Galaxy)

Galactus … Galactus (Planet-eater. Douche of the universe. Do not engage under any circumstances)


I had three options. I was selfish, and I was a coward, so I chose the third.

“Just like Star Trek,” Reed Richards murmured at the control panel, next to Shuri.

“I’m more of a Star Wars guy,” Scott Lang said, stuffing his face with a peanut butter sandwich. To any other person, it was a harmless action. Innocent, even. In the dim lighting of the spaceship, all I could see was Scott’s jaw moving up and down. Destruction was rhythm. Crushing. Grinding into paste. Then he swallowed.

I shivered and turned away.

The first option was the simplest: killing myself. A few months ago, after the Moon Experience, stuck in space with no memories, I would’ve happily obliged. It would have been so easy. Quick, even. But I was selfish, and a coward. I chose the third.

Erik Lehnsherr and Susan Storm took up positions beside the massive machine. Their job was to keep the projector from becoming overwhelmed and obliterating us all.

His footsteps were loud. I felt his presence before his huge arms wrapped around me, holding me together like I would break into a million pieces if he didn’t. Thor whispered softly in my ear, “You worry too much.”

Thor didn’t really care who was around: he made it a known fact that we were together. I shook my head slightly, the back of my head brushing against his shoulder. “Can you blame me?”

“No. I don’t blame you.” He was talking about more than just my nerves.

“Do you think I made the right decision?” I bit on my lip to keep it from trembling.

“I will support whatever decision you make,” Thor noted, pressing a kiss into my hair. “I don’t like the thought of putting you in danger, but…I agree that there is no simple way to end this. It may be difficult, but I trust your judgement.”

“Do you really mean that, or are you just saying that to make me feel better?”

“No—I will never lie to you, my love,” Thor assured me. I felt his hot breath against my ear. “However, I am starting to favor that dream of yours where you bail on everyone and flee to the realm called Mexico.”

I sighed, and tried to enjoy the comfort of his closeness. “Don’t cross that one out yet. Wade said he had some extra sombreros in his apartment.”

Wanda Maximoff floated above the ground and landed near us. She looked out the large glass window that displayed the vast vacuum of space. She nodded to us. Her expression was steady, but in her eyes, I could see the terror. “He’s getting closer.”

People gathered about the machine. Wanda joined Jean Gray, Carol Danvers, and Ororo Munroe as they positioned themselves by the massive cannon-like structure.

Option two was to restrain my advanced manipulation of gravity that brought Him here. Weaken them. Weaken me. The people in this room detested the idea. They stood against it. I knew Stephen Strange didn’t imply anything personal with the proposition, but I couldn’t go along with it. I was selfish, and a coward. I chose the third option.

I spun around to face Thor. He cupped my face in his hands. They were strong, large, and warm. It broke my heart to drag him into this.

“If this doesn’t work…” I started, knowing he wouldn’t like the proposition I was about to make.

“Then we leave this world together.” Thor prompted. His confident yet swift answer shocked me.

“Wha—no! I refuse to drag you down into the fiery pits of hell with me—and I know that’s where I’m heading, I’ve stolen too much of Tony’s scotch that’s not for company. If there is any possibility of you surviving…” I trailed off underneath the intensity of his cerulean eyes.

“Evangeline, I am not going anywhere. You are all I have left—”

“Your siblings are still alive.”

“But they’re annoying and depressing. They stab everything.” Thor’s expression turned foul for a minute, his thoughts traveling to Hela and Loki. He shook his head and returned to the present. “You are the light of my life—you are my life. I’ve already learned of a world where you don’t exist, I don’t wish to return to it.”

The last line sealed my lips. The last few months hadn’t been kind to him. They weren’t exactly a walk in the park for me. I looked down. Thor’s hands fell from my cheeks and captured my hands. He squeezed them gently.

“Together.” I repeated. “If we die, that’s all I want.”

“So do I.”

“…I’m sorry. I’m sorry for everything.”

Thor raised my hand to his lips, pressing a loving kiss on one, then the other. “None of this is your fault. And if this is the price to pay for a future with you, it’s worth it.”

Thor’s hands returned to my cheeks and leaned down for a kiss. I tried to memorize every detail. The clash of his soft lips and the scratchy, ticklish feel of his beard. The hotness of his breath. Every detail of Thor’s exterior should’ve been rough and intimidating, but it was too soft, too gentle.

“I love you,” He murmured against my mouth. “Just remember, darling: the glass is half full.”

“Only if that glass is full of vodka, sweetie. I love you.”

He laughed against my lips, pulling me in for one last kiss. We broke apart reluctantly. Thor tucked a loose hair behind my ear, and joined the others by the machine.

Wanda and Scott stood together. They must’ve watched the exchange, like the infamous eavesdroppers they were. Together, they wore dubious looks.


Wanda flinched. Jean Gray tossed a scowl at me. Carol glanced between Wanda and I. “Are you guys doing a staring contest? I used to do those with Nick, I’m really good.”

“Nick Fury?” Scott asked.


“Woah. He lets you call him Nick? He doesn’t even let me address him in public.”

“Hmm.” Carol stayed quiet, but her eyes widened as she turned away. Scott didn’t miss this detail, and ate his sandwich with more intensity.

Peter Quill approached me next. He wasn’t thrilled that after my four months spent in space with the Guardians, I rejoined my old life, specifically my giant of a boyfriend.

He stood two feet away, hands hanging casually around his belt buckle, but his shoulders were too stiff to be nonchalant.

“All the tech’s good to go.” Quill said.

My head tilted to the side. “You don’t have to be here, Peter. I don’t want you to risk your life because of me.”

“I want to.” He insisted. The way he said it reminded me of a kid. I smiled slightly, and Peter must’ve taken it as a good sign.

“I’m not goin’ anywhere. But…it’s times like these that I wish I was still half god,” He mused.

We glanced out at the extended panel of stars. Night and light, mixed into one. Mystical and frightening. If I wasn’t about to die, I might’ve found the display beautiful.

“It’s a whole new world, Jasmine.” Peter replied. It was his hobby to nickname me after Disney princesses. I didn’t feel like a heroine: I was dooming everyone on the ship.

“Unless you stole a genie lamp that can get us out of this mess, I don’t want to hear it.” My tone was mocking, yet somehow I managed to smile.

Quill shook his head, reinforcing his hands around his waist. “Nah. But you know…if I got one wish…”

His face turned from the glass to me in a sly yet dramatic way. His gaze was trained on me. His expression was almost peaceful, day-dream like.

“…It would be to make that smile reach your eyes.” Peter replied softly.

I didn’t know what to say. Thankfully, Reed Richards came to the rescue. “Star-Lord, we need you at this control panel.”

He winked at me as he backed away, and returned to the board of buttons. Sam Wilson glanced around the room, “We look good…as good as we’ll get. I think we’re ready.”

Erik’s fists tightened. “We will be.”

Jean Gray straightened. Her red curls fluttered around her elbows like thirsty flames. “It’s time.”

Steve Rogers and Mantis appeared at my side as my moral support. I looked out the window, and I knew I would need it.

Option three was the most difficult, the most impossible. Galactus wanted me to become his new “Herald” for my manipulation over gravity. One incident—I barely made the planet move an inch—and I was being hunted across galaxies. I harbored these abilities for four months now, after the Moon Experience, and it felt like I was fully connected to myself, like there was an extra sense of reality that I was now tuned in to. I didn’t want to dispose of them. I didn’t want to die. I was selfish, and a coward. I was going to fight Galactus.

I knew He had arrived, because the lights in the sky were going out. Something was blocking our view of them—something colossal.

As the lights were snuffed out across the horizon, Mantis’ hand fell upon my shoulder. “Relax,” She said. Her tone was usually silvery and light, but now it was brittle and cracked with fear.

Steve held up his shield—everyone knew it was useless, but it was a failed attempt to calm my nerves.

“We are Vul-CANS, not Vul-CANTS,” Shuri sounded younger than before. “We can do this. Begin firing!”

They reacted in unison. Thor, Carol, Wanda, Ororo, Jean—all took aim at the massive machine in the center of the room. I looked away as the room was filled with light. My eyes burned, and dark splotches danced before my gaze as the brightness seared every surface. The air in the room was alive now, like electricity. My skin was riddled with bumps—from the fear or immense energy source, I couldn’t tell which.

I watched the reflection of the spectacle on the glass. Erik and Susan had the most tortured expressions, hands outstretched, trying to keep the machine together under the stress of so much power. I unclenched my fists at my sides as pain overwhelmed my palms.

“It’s not enough!” Reed shouted over the noise. Lightning crackled from Ororo and Thor. “Scott, deploy the Pym Particles!”

The machine roared out with distaste. Steve pulled Mantis and I close, his shield angled at the source of blinding light. Apparently, his discomfort with technology hadn’t lessened. In this moment, I couldn’t blame him.

I could feel the energy against my scalp and rushing across my cheeks. I glanced back at the window. Most of the stars were gone in the sky. It was just darkness now. Night and light were separated by the fragile glass barrier.

“They didn’t do this in Star Trek!” Shuri cried out.

“Everything Zachary Quinto does looks effortless! We’re almost there, keep up the pressure!” Reed’s eyes were protected with thick sunglasses. His dark hair whipped about his face.

“Didn’t Uhura dump his logical ass?” Sam shouted.

“He still has Kirk!”



The entire ship started to groan. I was focused on our view of space. Two lights now flickered in the sky. They were perfectly aligned with each other.

He’s here.

Erik’s reflection staggered. His arms remained up, but one knee touched the ground, and I could see veins popping out across his face. Ororo’s lips were spread apart, teeth clenched together as beams of electricity flashed from her fingertips.

Mantis’ touch couldn’t stop my heart from staggering when my gaze flickered to Thor. He was doing alright…sort of. His face was shiny with sweat, but that wasn’t the most concerning part. Jagged bolts of lightning protruded from his body and flashed across the interior of the ship, sending up a shower of sparks. Erik and Susan could barely handle the projector—could they keep the ship from tearing apart?

NOW!” Reed Richards held onto the edge of the panel for support.

Shuri pulled a lever. Energy shot out of the projector, exploding across the dark canvas.

It was what the light illuminated that made me hesitate. The outline of the helmet was like the hands of God coming together, slightly caved in on themselves, but never meeting. The grooves of a face were sketched with light, creased but not wrinkled, and the rest was hidden by the massive helm, like it was shielding the being from any association with humanity. It was a face that asserted dominance, even cruel regalty, with two inhuman orbs that showed no emotion.

This was the cosmic terror that the Silver Surfer warned be about. This was the monster that left Xandar as a dust cloud. This was Galactus.

The ship had gone dead silent in the absence of the energy surge. Reed’s voice mustered me from my terror. “Evangeline! Now!”

Every action from that point on was instinctual. I was just an observer, floating out above my body watching the spectacle. I saw my arms rise in front of me, almost cupping the little speck of light in the sky. I focused on that tiny little pinpoint, pressing down against the laws of reality, imagining myself punching a hole in space.

I hoped I was doing this right. I never made a black hole before.

I caught a flicker of movement at my side. Wanda had moved to the window, crimson bands weaving between her fingers. Her second job was manipulating density. Susan joined us as we concentrated on our task.

My focus remained on the light. It started to shrivel, becoming smaller and smaller. I heard the hiss of someone’s breath. It sounded painful. I felt a new pressure pull down on my limbs as I continued to condense the tiny sun.

The small spark of light slowly shrank and melted from existence. An eternal horizon of night lay in its wake.

“Alright, that’s enough. Scott, send in the rest of the Pym Particles. We need to get out of range—activate the teleporters, Quill.”

The voice sounded faint, blurry even, like it was submerged underwater. I think it was Reed’s.

It took a minute to will myself to stop. My role as an astral observer wore off and I reconnected with reality, feeling aches and pains. Susan collapsed on the floor.

Light consumed my skin and my surroundings vanished. We returned to the Grandmaster’s ship.

I winced at the brighter walls leaned on the nearest wall for support. Wanda lowered herself to the ground and lay flat, staring up against the ceiling. “I think…I’ll take that little yellow pill that Wade Wilson offered me a long time ago.”

I sank down to the floor next to her, sitting up against the wall. “Do you think I’ll get a neighbor discount?”

Thor’s boots appeared before me. I couldn’t make my chin move up. He sat down next to me, wrapping a burly arm around my shoulders. His skin was usually hot, but it was blazing against the back of my neck. We communicated without words as I scooted closer to him and our fingers entwined.

Stephen Strange walked up to our party. “Did it work?”

Reed’s arm stretched out and clicked some of the buttons on the wall. The surface became reflective glass. “Let’s find out.”

I glanced over Thor’s hand at the endless night. It was too dark. Too deep, too terrifying. And those two orbs still penetrated the black veil, inching closer.

Thor’s quick reflexes shielded my eyes before the explosion of light hit. It was blinding and made my body freeze, like I was Cap stuck in the ice, numb. It was that moment in the movie theater when the music escalated unexpectedly in the dark and it made your heart skip a beat and you stiffened with terror.

The light faded. I turned, feeling Thor’s chest press against my back as we looked out at the result. Everyone was eager to see—even Wanda propped herself up on her elbows to witness the outcome.

“What…what is that?” Jean Gray was the only one standing besides our tech support. An eerie yellow shade made her porcelain skin glow.

“The event horizon,” Reed Richards answered, his words tinged with awe.

Shuri gasped. “I should add this to my story…that would really show my brother and his pathetic cat videos.”

Scott nodded dully. “Yeah…I’m never watching Star Trek ever again.”

Carol Danvers leaned forward, peering at the fiery ring at the center of space. “Hold on…I’ve seen black holes, and that is not supposed to happen.”

I felt Thor grow rigid behind me. Three words escaped my mouth. “Oh my God.”

The pitch black of the sky morphed into a magenta hue. The mass of color moved, seeming to swat at the black hole.

The swarming mass dissipated.

The magenta background gave off it’s own luminescence, and the face of Galactus reappeared. His expression was still neutral. Undaunted.

“Holy shit…” I heard Peter say. “What now?”


A/N: a/n: Hi Awesome Adventurers! I hope you enjoyed this lovely little snippet; I’ve been playing with the idea of writing a new Marvel fanfic, this being a scene in it, but I don’t want to start publishing until I hear some feedback from you guys. I know that the theory of this chapter may not be perfect, but it was a cool concept that came to me and I really wanted to try it out. I consulted a relative of mine with a physics degree on the mechanics of this chapter and conducted some of my own research. And I love mixing the Avengers/ Guardians of the Galaxy/ X-Men together! I also started getting into the Fantastic Four lately, so it was awesome to include them. I’d love to continue publishing more of this book, but I’d like to hear from some readers first. 

Deadpool: :O

Deadpool: Author, you’re messing up the laws of physics WITHOUT ME? I am deeply hurt.

Author: Oh yes…I forgot to introduce our lovely co-writer, Wade Wilson.

Deadpool: That’s right, Readers. I own your hearts and the Author’s Notes! MWUEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEHEH!

Author: Just please don’t try to kill me and take over the book like the last time, Wade. 

Wade, playing with a knife: Sure, sure. You know what’s funny? All the “good” writers are murderers. J. K. Rowling, George R. R. Martin, Stephen King…so much blood. So many tears.

Author: …

Deadpool: … 

Author: …

Deadpool: …


*a nearby snake turns into Loki* Loki: YOU WILL REGRET YOUR VERY EXISTENCE, MORTAL VERMIN


Bucky: Called me what?

Author: Anyways! Please, I’d love to hear from you guys c: love, fortune and glory to you, Awesome Adventurers!!

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I have an idea. Reader and carol have just had their first kid. Reader wakes up in the middle of the night and watches/hears carol, through the baby monitor, soothing or saying nonsensical things to their daughter. Cute, right??

i am very sorry for the long wait, but i hope you still see this & enjoy x

It was winter, your first winter as a family. There were so many firsts you had to look forward to. Even though your little one was only 3 weeks old, you could still enjoy christmas as parents.

You hadn’t been sleeping at all, Carol could tell.

The couch was so comfortable, with your daughter laid in the small bassinet beside you, you had begun to close your eyes. The exhaustion aas overwhelming despite holding a hot cup of coffee in your hands.

Her soft hands touched yours as she gripped the cup and took it from you as you stirred. “You should go back to bed hon,” she placed the mug on the table and helped you up.

“It’s only 8, she still needs her feed and-“

“I’ve got this.” She whispered, her fingers tucking your hair behind your ears and then placing a kiss on your lips. You hummed, her hands rubbing your arms soothingly. “Go get some sleep.”

You had wandered back to bed and instantly fell asleep amidst the pillows and blankets, never having time to make the bed now.

Carol had joined you later, the bed was warm beside you. You were half asleep when you felt her get up, you thought you remembered her shushing you as she left.

You were in and out of consciousness for the next few minutes, but something sparked your attention. Your daughters hushed cries coming from the baby monitor. Ready to move the bedsheets your arm lifted up, that was until you heard Carol.

“Babygirl, you’re okay. Mommy’s just sleeping. She is very tired you know.” Carol lightly bounced the small delicate baby in her arms in an attempt to relax her. “But Mama’s here. And I’m just as good,” Carol smiled to herself.

She knew it wasnt a competition at all, but a joke already to lighten the mood when you got cranky and fed up.

Carol’s voice was always so soothing, you knew she would make a great parent.

“When you get older, I’ll take you up there.” Carol stared up at the night sky from the window. She spoke softly to her, telling her of the beautiful places this planet had to offer first but that there were so many others out there, just as beautiful some more so.

“There’s alot of things we can show you. How to swim, how to ride a bike. Your mom has always been more creative so she can show you crafts. I’m sure yours will be better than mine from the get go.” Carol let out a little laugh and let her thumb gently stoke the side of her daughters face, her eyes closed and small breaths escaping.

“You are so loved. I can’t wait for you to meet your family properly, they’re very busy but they love you so much they will make time for you.”

You smiled as you listened, her on going rambling sending you to back to sleep as well.

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Warning: kinda very angsty

It was as loud as ever in the compound, what with a party from Tony Stark making the night feel lively, but Y/n couldn’t help but find it quiet as she sat on the couch, watching as everyone busied themselves around her. She never really bothered since Natasha was always there to get her and whisk her into their own private space.

But she wasn’t there.

Y/n watched with sad eyes as Natasha spoke with Carol.

It had been like that ever since she came back.

Maybe it was from the five years she had disappeared. Natasha had no one until Carol came and helped her. As much as she tries not to think about it, five years was a long time for a person to wait. But Y/n hoped that their love was different.

She had hoped that Natasha truly did love her and that her absence didn’t make her love grow less.

But seeing her now, eyes lighting up as she spoke with the blonde, had her heart breaking to pieces. Never mind that it was already in pieces after the weeks that she would see the two spending more time together than Natasha did with her own girlfriend.

Carol was strong though. Beautiful and smart, too. Of course, Natasha would love to have someone like that. She was literally out of this world and she was exactly the type of person that would keep Natasha on her toes with a sense of thrill so long as they were together.

So Y/n watched from the side, allowing her heart to break as she watched the woman she loved happy with someone else.

It had been way too quiet and Y/n just didn’t feel like talking to anyone. Frankly, she just wanted to crawl into bed and never leave, but she can’t keep sulking. She can’t keep hurting.

She’s given it a lot of thought, and tonight… maybe tonight was the night she finally said her goodbyes. Properly this time.

“Stone cold, stone cold, you see me standing, but I’m dying on the floor.” Her voice was low, wrapped in her emotions but she willed herself to stay composed as people listened after Tony shoved her onto the stage.

“Stone cold, stone cold, maybe if I don’t cry, I won’t feel anymore.” She had to shut her eyes and inhaled sharply before opening her mouth to continue. “Stone cold, baby, God knows I tried to feel happy for you, know that I am, even if I can’t understand, I’ll take the pain.” Her voice trembled and it alerted Natasha as she finally looked away from the blonde to find her girlfriend’s eyes, only for her to lock on Y/n’s figure, standing on the stage and her lips formed into a small smile.

Though as soon as Y/n’s eyes reopened, her smile disappeared at the unshed tears that were begging to escape. “Give me the truth, me and my heart, we’ll make it through. If happy is her, I’m happy for you.”

Their eyes locked and Natasha saw all the hurt, all the unsaid things in those bright e/c eyes that she felt a pang of pain wash over her.

“You’re dancing with her, while I’m staring at my phone. Stone cold, stone cold, I was your amber, but now she’s your shade of gold.” Y/n offered her a small smile and Natasha immediately felt her heart sink. She knew that look. It was the same look Y/n gave her when they were fighting Ultron. It was when Y/n had finally told her how she felt, but ran into the battlefield right before she could answer her.

“Don’t wanna be stone cold, I wish I could mean this but here’s my goodbye.” The first tear fell and Natasha quickly excused herself from her conversation with Carol.

How could she have been so stupid? Y/n was right there, seeing everything unfold before her but she didn’t say a single thing.

Seeing her now, shattered and broken, Natasha felt like she was being suffocated and it didn’t help that she couldn’t pass through the throng of people that blocked her from her girlfriend.

“I’m happy for you, know that I am, even if I can’t understand.”


Her girlfriend was watching her run to someone else’s arms, someone else’s comfort and she felt the world crashing down on her as she tried to hurry to the front, forcing her way through that she didn’t even care about the annoyed looks people sent her way.

“If happy is her, if happy is her…” Their eyes locked one more time before Y/n let out a small breath. “I’m happy for you.”

As the song ended, Y/n was quick to leave the stage and exited the room. Natasha gave chase, her heart pounding in her ribcage as she desperately tried to run after her.

The one person she swore to protect, she ended up hurting more than anyone possibly could.

And the way she looked back at her when she caught her wrist just as they reached the halls made a chill run down her spine.

“Y/n, what was… what was that about?” She hated that she couldn’t say anything else. But she hated that Y/n was feeling this way because of her, more.

The h/c looked down at her hand before she carefully placed the other over it and gave Natasha’s hand a small squeeze. It felt as though she was squeezing her throat. “Natasha…”

No. Y/n never called her that anymore. It was either Nat or Natalia. Never Natasha.

“I can’t keep doing this anymore.”

Natasha was internally panicking as her grip tightened, but Y/n kept her hand still. “W-What are you talking about? We’re fine, Y/n.”

But she only shook her head and gave her a sad smile. “You’re fine, Natasha. You’re perfectly fine. But me… I’m broken.”

“We can-”

But Y/n didn’t let her speak, gently pulling her hand away from Natasha’s before she took a step back. “You were in love with me.”

“I was!” Natasha exclaimed as she desperately tried to fix the situation they were in but Y/n only nodded before she was wiping the tear that fell from her eyes.

“You were. That was five or so years ago when you were in love with me.”

Y/n’s forced smile made the redhead’s heart clench. “Loving someone and being in love with someone are two separate things. I can tell you that I’m in love with you. I can say that without a doubt, without hesitation. But when you tell me you love me, your eyes are elsewhere.” She mumbled and Natasha hastily shook her head.

“Y/n, please. Carol is a friend. There’s nothing else and-”

“I never said this had anything to do with Carol.”

Natasha screwed her eyes shut, tight.

This couldn’t be happening. It just couldn’t.

“I knew, Natasha.” Y/n broke her train of thought and she was reluctant to meet her gaze. But when she did, she was pained to see the love still there, present and unconditional.

“I knew, all this time, that you would break me heart. But I trusted you and still willingly gave it to you.” She whispered softly before smiling lightly. “Maybe one day I can look at you and not feel my heart hurt. Maybe one day I can be in the same room as you without feeling as though someone’s strangling me.”

“Please.” Natasha croaked out, ignoring the hot tears that fell from her own eyes, mirroring those that stared back at her.

“You’re happy. That’s all I ever wanted.” Y/n told her before flashing her one more smile and turning around, leaving for her room to grab her things, and soon, leaving the compound to her new location.

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