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Actually a ‘meaningful sacrifice’ from Castiel to the boys isn’t the end of the world.  So long as it’s not death (overdone, stale).

Instead Cas may sacrifice one(1) hair scrunchy.  A really nice one.  So that Sam can tie back his hair.  Dramatic music may play in the background in this scene of intense sacrifice.

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I just want the inspiration to write this Destiel fanfiction that I’ve been planning for months.

I don’t know if it’ll get many reads, but honestly, I don’t care. I love this little Destiel world I built in my head for this fan-fiction.

Slow burn, mutual pining and fluff out the wazoo — that’s the only information I intend to give away until it’s ready to be published. Buckle up, kiddos, because if you’re gonna read it, you’re in for a feels trip.

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It still keeps me up at night that the SPN writers decided to recycle old lines in s13 from s8. A line that sent many a shipper into cardiac arrest.

The “we need you. I need you” line Sam uses with Gabriel and Dean uses with Cas respectively, will forever haunt me.

it’s not like the writers didn’t know what they were doing.

Those bastards.

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[Crowley and his innocence #1]

Crowley:*after watching hairspray* Angel! *runs to Aziraphale quickly* I have a question.

Aziraphale:*looks up from his book* What is it sweetheart?

Crowley:In the dance number for the song ‘it’s hairspray’ when Corny Collins says ‘Hey baby you look like you could use a stiff one’..what does he mean?

Aziraphale:*blind sided* Wow..okay erm..

Crowley:It’s been bugging me all day.

Aziraphale:It *sighs* it means *whispers the rest into Crowley’s ear*

Crowley:*gasps in shock* HE’S REFERRING TO HIS PENI-

Aziraphale:*cuts him off* How about we go rent another movie??

Crowley:*distracted,thinking* I heard 50 shades of grey is pretty good.


*** I always use the spn tags ***

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The Supernatural Makeup Trailer Tour - Season 15 (& Misha’s Bday)

This is like a behind the scenes, or a “behind the make-up” of the supernatural cast (Jensen, Jared, Misha, Alex, Ruth and David (Ketch)), and how the crew made the decoration of Misha’s trailer for his birthday :P

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