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#cat painting

Wrapped up another pet portrait just in time for Christmas! So happy these came out amazingly in a super quick turnaround time. Want an oil painting of your pet? Just contact me!


Oil paint on 20”x16” canvas.


#sweetsincerely #nycartist #drawing #illustration #artwork #art #pet #petsofinstagram #cat #kitten #catsofinstagram #catportrait #painting #oilpainting #sennelieroils #sennelier

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Who wants to draw for me?😳

I have an OC that I want have drawn in a cutesy style–but any other style would work to.

Here is the description:

  • Born female but ID’s as agender
  • African American
  • 5'9"
  • Thicc? (I never thought about their body type yet😅)
  • Any eye color
  • Pink hair usually styled in double buns
  • They are a were-cat with black fur and pink pads/nose (transforms into a house cat)
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