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#cat people

on that note - 

dog people who think cats are evil and that you are a horrible person if you are afraid of / hate dogs are the same people that think you are a horrible person if you don’t like or want to have kids


cat people who think they are intellectually superior for liking cats and think all dogs are stupid and you are stupid for liking them are the same people who say “my joke wasn’t offensive you just didn’t get it”

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I have a question. 

Is the whole, cats liking non-cat people better a thing? Because my family just got two new kittens from the shelter and they are super attached to me. Despite the fact, my Mom feeds them and does the litterbox. And sibling handles the kitty crises and medical stuff. My current theory is my best is the comfiest. But I don’t know. 

p.s. what do adult teeth look like compared to milk teeth?

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I’ve been having some weird coincidences happening to me lately and they are kinda starting to freak me out. First I had a dream that a giant snake, like a hundred feet long, lived in the creek behind my house. The next morning I was watching tv and Anaconda was on. Next, I rewatched the second season of A:tla and the next day, I saw a gifset randomly of the Tales of Ba Sing Sae episode with Iroh’s story and I literally just watched the night before? And now, today I was writing a paper for my summer class and I was looking up old horror movies and one of them was 1942′s Cat People and I just saw another random gifset appear on my feed and I just?? Am really kinda freaked out about these. Like all these things have literally happened within the last month and I don’t understand why my brain is like this. Has this happened to anyone else???

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Hi Guys,This month we will be start work on Attack of the Cat People Official Trailer and releasing it on YouTube & Vimeo.

Be sure to check out & subscribe to those channel below:

YouTube: via YouTube

Vimeo: via Vimeo

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Witches and Cat People of Tumblr!

Hi! So, I know this probably isn’t very cool, but. I have something to share.

I have two orange cats, and they’re twins. There were 4 cats all in the litter, but we adopted only two.

The two that we adopted are both females, which is super rare! And I just thought that was neat! Also! They’re twins as I said, but, the other two in their litter are boy, and they’re twins too!

I just thought that this was something pretty neat, and that some people might enjoy. I’ll add some pictures of them later on when I get a chance, but, just something I thought was pretty cool, so I decided to share. That is all, have a lovely day!! 💖💖💖

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