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#cat people
DM: Okay, Bard, roll perception for your watch
Bard: 16
DM: Okay, about halfway through your watch, the tabaxi wakes up, runs around the camp three times, and falls asleep on the barbarian's face
Bard: ...why does this only happen on my watch?
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Maybe if Ed Wood had watched more Tourneur, things would’ve turned out better for him.  With Cat People and other B-movie gems, Jacques Tourneur shows that you can still give these pictures an injection of atmosphere and craft.  Like The Living Idol from before, Cat People uses big cats as a way to signify the (apparently terrifying) expression of female sexuality.  Turner approaches his material with panache, swathing his scenes in darkness and making liberal use of feline imagery: the shadow of a birdcage overlaid on the panther painting in Irena’s apartment is particularly memorable.  The stalking scenes on the street and in the pool demonstrate a merciless ratcheting up of tension and pacing.  

Someone says ‘Mamelukes’ or ‘friend’.
Cat décor.
Questionable animal treatment.
Irena says something unintentionally creepy.
Irena grins.

American = normal, palateable, apparently.
Serbia or Serbian history is discussed.
Someone answers the phone to no avail.

Cat noises.

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Levni @_lostreflection 3 yıldan beri kargom gelmiyor. Firma evde olmadığımi iddia ediyor. Halbuki ben evdeyim. Varoluşsal problemler yaşıyorum. Acaba evde değil miyim? Yoksa ben var değil miyim? Noterde, evde olduğumu ispat etmeye çalıştim. Fakat noterde olduğum için noter evde olduğumu ispatlayamadı.

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