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Threatening abusive behavior just because someone has a different “ship” than you, or accusing them of supporting pedophilia when they clearly state the ship is between adults and is platonic, or acting like people can’t even ship hetero relationships at all, is the exact toxic behavior we don’t need.

You know who you are. Stop treating others like shit because they don’t agree with you.

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Hey u know how glimmer and catra are foils? Well remember how when Adora first joined the rebellion and this happened:

Adora: How do you know you can trust me now?

Glimmer: I don’t. But I hope I can.

What if in season 5 when catra is joining Adora’s side Adora is the one to ask the the inverse of her original question, and catra says the inverse of glimmer’s statement:

Adora: How do I know I can trust you now?

Catra: You don’t. But I hope you can.

Just some food 4 thot…

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i only stay up until 2am these days because I lie awake at night thinking about how Adora breaking the sword means she sacrificed everything for a lie and it’s probably eating her alive from the inside out bc she loves her gay catgirl but she left her behind when she found the sword and then the sword turned out to be evil and it makes me really sad

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SO! Uni continues to kick my ass and is still sucking the life out of me, but most importantly it has limited my drawing time to downright none :’V

Anywhosers, follow @nny11writes and their story  How To Quit You

ITS A GLITRA WESTERN DUDE, What more could you ask for????

Lol It looks hella different from the one drawing I’d already done omg kill me

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In relation to the Yang vs Adora that you answered earlier, what about Blake vs Catra? (discounting aura and semblance if it'd be too unbalanced otherwise)

Oh, Blake all the way. Even without aura and semblance.

Blake actually has weapons, including a gun, and is much much faster.

Catra is pretty damn good in a fight, but she always tries to play to her advantages. Targeting enemy weak points, making use of the environment, using the shadows and hit-and-run tactics.

Which are all things Blake does too, and with much more experience in it. 

(The one thing Catra does and Blake doesn’t is verbally manipulate her enemies, but she doesn’t know Blake, so that doesn’t really factor in.)

(Ask meme is temporarily closed. The current backlog is 25 asks.)

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Personally I’m much more interested in watching characters ruin their lives then trying to redeem them lmaaao

Give show me the darkest depths of Adora, an evil queen Glimmer and a final Catra meltdown please

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