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Time Travel and Accidentally Saving The Day for Catrador trope mash up.

Entrapta is working on a new type of portal that can allow people to travel through time for very brief periods, and asks Adora to help her test it, reasoning that her First Ones’ biology will make the risks of harm completely non-existent for her, and she can’t send her robots because she doesn’t know how the tech will react to the experiment. Catra ends up convincing them both to let her come along somehow, and Entrapta sends them through for the first test.

They end up in Etheria about a thousand years ago, on the day Light Hope was reprogrammed to stop seeing Mara as someone to care about; the day she was forced to become completely dedicated to completing the Heart of Etheria Project. Through some sort of circumstances, they end up stopping her from being reprogrammed, or at least prevent it from being completed. 

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title: you did something to me

pairing: catra/adora

chapter: 5

words: 6.3k


“What is it supposed to look like, again?” Catra asks.

“A ladle!” Adora answers. “It’s right there.” She raises her hand up again, index finger extended right at the center of the big dipper constellation.

They are laying outside, side by side, on the backyard of Adora’s house. It’s summer and it’s hot and the air feels stuffy but there is a slight breeze that makes it bearable to stay on the grass at that time. It’s also a new moon with clear sky which means it’s easier to spot stars, so it’s a perfect night to finally show it to Catra. It’s always been Adora’s special thing. Hers and her mom’s, then hers and her grandma’s. But she really wants to share it with her best friend, so it can be Catra’s too.

Catra huffs and gets her head closer to Adora’s, almost touching. She raises a hand where Adora’s is, squinting. “I see it!” She says. “Now what?”

Adora turns to her and giggles. She loves being close to Catra.

“What?” Catra asks, turning to her. Their noses almost touch.

“Nothing.” She says. Catra’s eyes are striking even at night. She thinks Catra is blushing, but it’s too dark to be sure. She turns her head to the sky again. “Ok, so you see how the two stars from the edge of the cup form a straight line?”

Catra hums.

“So, if you follow the line that way,” Adora moves her hand, “you’ll find the little dipper.”

Catra moves her hand as well. “Another dipper?”

“Yeah,” Adora chuckles, “but smaller. And the line meets the little dipper right at its brightest star, Polaris,“ she says the word carefully, "the north star.”

“Polaris.” Catra repeats. “Cool!” They lower their hands and Catra turns to her. “How did you learn this?”

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i feel like w the way adora was abused :( she probably doesn’t know herself all that well. like she was a child soldier, moulded specifically by shadow weaver to be perfect. it never mattered who she was, just what she could be :( the only person who ever seemed to care who adora was underneath being a soldier was catra. 

i think with the amount of growth catra and adora have gone through, its almost time for them to come together and remind eachother of who they really are. like, that last final push is gnna be catra reminding adora that she isn’t she-ra and she doesn’t need to be she-ra. she’s just adora. she doesn’t have to save everyone!!!! and catra doesn’t need to be saved. they just need to support eachother. 

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Media and fandoms be like:

Men: can do awful things and show no remorse and actively take pleasure in hurting people- *give a sad backstory and all is forgiven*

Women: can be an abuse victim trapped in a cycle of trauma and abuse, do terrible things because of this cycle, but show regret, remorse, and capability of growing and changing despite their bad actions- terrible, toxic, cancelled, unforgivable

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Do you think anyone will ever kiss or say "I Love You" on spop?

I think Catradora is Endgame.

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A lot of people are saying that season 4 saved Catradora after what happened in season 3, but I personally never lost faith, seeing how so much of the show is built around their conflict that’s bound to lead to an equally satisfying resolution.

The song is “Antebellum” by Vienna Teng. Noelle Stevenson added it to her official Adora playlist after season 4, and @akari-hope has been clamoring for a video like this well before then. You can thank her for inspiring me to get this out so quickly. It was rather fun working with different Catradora footage than I usually do.

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