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I was thinking about Satisfaction chapter 3 when Catra ponders over Adora's "I trust you" and then I though about the fact that a) Catra was comfortable enough sleeping with her back to Adora and b) she trusted Adora enough to let her go off into the night while she risked her ass with SW.... and then compared it to the part in "Promise" where Catra simply shrugs "You never did have too much faith in me". Your fic hit so much harder after this

You mean how Catra put all her faith and trust in Adora while Adora, with her deeply internalized need to be the savior and all, never really returned the favor and that only further wounded Catra’s fragile self-esteem? Yeah…

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I’m trying to find new discord to partners!

Fandoms/muses include

  • SPOP (catra, mermista)
  • Homestuck (Sollux, kankri)
  • Eddsworld (Tord, Tori, possibly tom/tamara and matt/matilda)
  • Steven universe (pearl, peridot, sapphire)

On your end, I only want folks who

  • Are 18+, even without nsfw ( I’m 21)
  • Are literate
  • Can reply somewhat consistently (once a day or two, few times a week maybe)
  • Can brainstorm ideas with me!

Find me on discord at rayonnaise #2270 !

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What was Canes reaction to Catra and Adora's sword fight wedding? And Michelle being the "Knife Thrower"?

Well, he probably started to wonder if he was being adopted by a couple of people who were utterly insane…but at least they showed some skills, and that meant that they probably could protect him if he was ever in any serious danger. Plus, they were trying to be good moms to him, and while he felt weird about the whole thing, he was still willing to give them a shot.

As for his reaction to Michelle’s role…Honestly, by that point, he’s gotten used to her, so while he initially freaks out, once he realizes that the adults are letting her do it, he just kind of…accepts it. But he still watches her closely and is ready to step in if she does anything stupidly dangerous. 

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Broke: Future!Adora has claw scars because Catra is abusive.
Woke: Future!Adora has claw scars because she and Catra fought viciously before Catra's redemption, and they're a reminder that they'll never go back there.
Bespoke: Future!Adora has claw scars because she's the one who has to drag Catra to the Etherian baths once a month, and cat instincts die HARD.
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