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Harry Potter X Cats AU

- The Junkyard is in Hogsmeade, a few different charms and spells on it to hide it from view of the witches and wizards.

- The Jellicles are a combination of cats left behind when students left, currently owned by students, and one or two Animagus who found their place of belonging with the Jellicles.

- Minerva was definitely a Jellicle cat in her youth. She visits sometimes, when the real world gets too much, and she needs the comfort of her tribe.

- Shimbleshanks belongs to Hogwarts Express, he loves the attention students will give him.

- Munkustrap belongs to the Three Broom Sticks, he catches the mice and rats that bother the landlord.

- The kittens are often the result of having a castle filled with Merlin knows how many cats, some probably unneutred (no rules about that in the Hogwarts list) so you know, they’re bound to end up abandoned. Minerva is usually the one to drop them off.

- Mr Mistoffelees got his powers after a transfiguration spell got wrong. Minerva taught him to control his powers after the accident and left him too it.

- His owner was a student, once upon a time, but hes grown up and works as staff. You couldn’t (wouldn’t,) believe me if I told you who.

- Crookshank is a Jellicle cat! an ragged old elder who tells the kittens their days of being around the magical world.

- Old Deuteronomy belongs to Albus, both as equally old as the other.

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Idk how to tell you lot that “kitten” is as vague an age determinant of a cat as “minor” is of a human. It spans multiple developmental milestones. Cats reach sexual maturity by six months. A kitten, when using human ages, can be an infant all the way to 18. The kittens in CATS are probably all on the older side of this. Etcetera understands the sexual nature of Tugger’s choreo and LIVES for it. All of the kittens are present in the mating dance. This implies that they are all at least 6 months older. Yes, Mistoffelees is technically still a kitten, as this term is ultimately synonymous with minor, all of this of course going by Jacob Brent’s description. Not a child, not an adult, in that in-between stage? Yeah that’s called adolescence, still held under the umbrella of Minor/Kitten. Jemima being the youngest kitten? She could be (again in human years) 6 or younger, or she could be 14, or 15, or just turned 16. Such a huge part of this show is sensuality and an embrace of sexuality, and there aren’t any canon ages except for “kitten” “adult” and “decrepitly old”, all of which are incredibly vague and can cover swathes of ages. Obviously you can head canon whatever you want, but that doesn’t mean you can go after StatisticalCats for doing absolutely nothing but shipping Jemima with older characters and having a tiny bit of (tagged) incest shipping on her blog and then justify it by saying “the kittens are literally children!!” Bc no??? “Children” like you’re implying don’t get as into hip thrusting and obvious sex appeal from a male pop star as these kittens. And considering how many yearlings there are in the tribe (Carbucketty, Mungo and Rumple, arguably Misto, and possibly Victoria), and how Pouncival is ignored despite being stated by Carbucketty’s (and Carbucketty himself is again, only just leaving kitten hood) 1998 actor to be a separate cat from Car, and one that was definitely still a kitten, and yet we just laugh about him jumping Bomba’s leg?? Well yeah bc he’s probably an older youngin’. The biggest thing I’m getting at here is that it’s unlikely that any of the specified kittens are meant to be much younger than 16-18 given how pervasive sexuality is within the show even when the kittens are largely kept out of the more intense sexual stuff, so maybe stop freaking out when ppl dare to ship the kittens with someone

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Weird thoughts I always had

I always interpreted the setting of Cats to be a purgatory where each cat has passed away and is competing to be reborn and rebirthed as the cat they always wished to be! A Jellicle is a special cat who lived a unique and different life hence why there arent so many in the realm! When I was a kid this was how I thought it went, and still do because I think it’s pretty neat.

I imagine each cat lives in a house resembling the type of person they were on earth and they spend each year leading up to the ball practising their proposals and Munkustraps musical numbers.

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I went to see Cats in Boston yesterday so here’s what I remember:

  • They gave “The Rum Tum Tuger is a terrible bore” to Munkunstrap
  • Towards the end of his song, Tuger walked off stage, sat in an empty seat, basically threw himself on the lap of the person sitting next to him, took his playbill, flipped through it, pointed out a few things, then as he walked back onstage, he threw the playbill behind him
  • Tuger flirted with EVERYONE for most of Act 1, and he and Bombalurina had a thing going, then Misto kind of bumped into him during a group number and Tuger started flirting with him and hugged him from behind and Misto kind of did a little danced while pressed up against Tuger and then Tuger basically just watched him and tried to be near him for the rest of the show and it was wicked cute
  • There were string lights EVERYWHERE in the theater and during The Magical Mister Mistofolees they lit up rainbow colors
  • Misto’s jacket also lit up rainbow colors
  • As soon as Old Deuteronomy got back, Tuger and Misto hugged each other first, then they each hugged Old Deuteronomy, then they hugged again
  • Grisabella was absolutely gorgeous and her voice was amazing (here’s a picture from the program) 
  • Bombalurina and Demeter were incredibly well cast and were amazing
  • Victoria was amazing, here’s the picture of her that I got in trouble for taking:

  • Tuger was the last to leave the stage after they all bowed and he went to each section of the audience and put his hand to his ear and I may or may not have damaged my voice screaming for Tuger
  • Rumpelteazer was TINY she couldn’t have been over 5′ tall I swear she was amazing
  • Jenyanydots was tiny and adorable too
  • And so was Sillabub
  • Everyone was amazing 
  • My mom’s best friend may or may not have a crush on Tuger because of me
  • My mom’s best friend may or may not be planning to get a new kitten and name him Tuger because of me when her cat inevitably decides that he isn’t her cat anymore (he’s an outdoor cat and he doesn’t like her anymore)
  • I loved it and I wish I could go again but it’s leaving Boston today so…..
  • Basically, the tour cast of Cats is amazing and you should go see it if you can
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At first I just thought it would really awesome to see them dancing together but now I’ve accidentally started to low-key ship Cassandra and Bombalurina, and I’m just imagining them performing a dance together with their fur all sparkled-up courtesy of Misto à la Magical Mr. Mistoffelees and now I’m all for these two being an ultimate power-Queen-couple in the tribe and constantly (jokingly) butting heads with Tugger and Misto for the honor of being the reigning Drama Dancing Queens.

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