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#ch: harley quinn

Just saw Birds of Prey and I know you’re all dying for my review so here it is. It was a good movie with a bunch of flaws that somehow worked in its favor. The thing about this movie is it’s not a Birds of Prey movie, it’s a Harley Quinn origin story that features the Birds of Prey and so the flaws and bad ideas come together into this amalgamation of a movie that perfectly captures the spirit of Harley Quinn but none of the other characters in the movie. It was all told in Harley’s voice and her perspective so it is okay that right now this is how we see the girls, because that’s not who they actually are and we will learn who they are later on. The biggest offense this movie delivers is what it does to Cassandra Cain and her character, the actress was an incorrect choice and the rewrite of the character was bad just all around bad and they should have used a different character if that was the direction they wanted to go with. I can think of at least five other girls that would have been better suited for the role they put Cass into. However looking past that the movie is good on many fronts especially acting wise. All in all this is not a movie that I think really adds anything to the canon of the DCEU and is instead a fun little background adventure type thing a little like Rogue One was for the Star Wars saga.

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During one of Birds of Prey’s fight sequences, Harley Quinn (Margot Robbie) identifies a teammate’s vulnerability and provides a critical assist — by lending her a hair tie. This small act of sisterhood is as familiar in an everyday context as it is surprising in the DC Extended Universe. It’s one of the many ways that Birds of Prey (And the Fantabulous Emancipation of One Harley Quinn) differs from its superhero movie forebears: It not only stars women, it was made by them, too. “There’s more women in front [of] and behind the camera than any movie I’d worked on, which is pretty incredible,” says Robbie, who also produced the film. “It was partly a conscious decision, but it also always felt like the organic, right choice to make.”

Entertainment Weekly: How the R-rated, women-powered Birds of Prey flips the bird — and the script — in high-flying style

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