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I think I am starting to repeat myself. Anyways.

I am inspired by a lot of things.

Let’s start with the most embarrassing one (and I really hope none of my friends actually read this):

My friends.

Or people I know. Colleagues. More specifically, men.

Sometimes you meet a certain person and something about them tickles your imagination. It might be the way they look in a certain outfit or doing a certain thing, it might be something they say or a fun fact you learn about them. It might be that they are vulnerable in your presence (which is a HUGE compliment, believe me).

I am also inspired by the art I consume. Years ago, I read a story on a fanfiction platform (that only mentioned real people as cameo characters) that was so GOOD and so gripping and original (the author made up an entire football team) I just could not stop reading it. She sadly never finished the two spin-offs… But to this day the quality and depth of the story inspire me, as do her characters.

I am inspired by images a lot. I am a very visual person, so anything with a stunning colour palette and aesthetic and I am all yours. I love nature photography, especially in earthy colours and autumn tones.

Another, beautiful, thing is music, as well as poetry. I count them as one, because whenever I read poetry or a quote, I hear it in my head, the way I think it should be said. Music is listening to how people think notes should be performed, so it’s kind of the same thing. I guess you will all disagree here.

Tagging off my first point and combining it with the art one: films, photographs of actors, dancers, performers and the like. Sometimes I see a character in a film - or an image of an actor in a certain role - and my mind will go AWOL with the moment, creating something totally unrelated. My brain is a weird and wonderful place, i guess.

Imitation. I imitate. I steal. I copy. Because that’s what artists do. I see something and go Yes, but what if… That’s how you come up with original ideas. Owing to my humanities degree, I have gained insight on the idea of Genius. And sorry people, it doesn’t actually exist - at least not in the way most people think of it. Genius doesn’t mean you are inspired 24/7 and make masterworks on your first attempt.

What inspires you?

Have you ever inspired somebody else?

Lots of love x

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@hogwarts365 drabble challenge, weekly prompts #326:

  1. Available
  2. Chief
  3. “Bounce off the ground.”

The Pen15 is Mightier weekly drabble prompt: Teddy bear

This drabble/ficlet is part of 52 Weeks of Drarrya series of connected weekly drabbles written during 2020, and and takes place between The Unchosen One and An Invitation.

Thank you for the beta, @aedwritesfic 💙


What the…?

A streak of bright blue hair was the only thing Draco managed to catch before the three-feet-and-a-bit menace disappeared around the corner at the end of the aisle. He had almost lost his balance as the boy rushed past him close enough for his bony shoulder to crash into Draco’s thigh.


And now someone was hollering too? In the middle of Flourish and Blotts? Blithering idiots. Draco grunted, absentmindedly stroking his bruised leg as he turned back to the book in his hand. It looked promising, just what he’d been looki—

“Teddy? Teddy, where did you– Malfoy?

Draco jumped at the sound of his name, snapping his head up to stare into the emerald eyes of Harry fucking Potter.

Oh fuck.

Not that Draco wasn’t used to seeing the man, they saw each other in Auror training every day, but then he was usually prepared. Prepared to shove his inappropriate emotions into a dark corner of his heart. Prepared to act aloof and detached and uninterested; things he really wasn’t, had never been.

In fact, he had been perfectly able to deny and ignore those feelings for years, before— before New Year’s. Before he found out. Since then, however…

“Found it!”

The shrill voice preceded the return of the blue-haired menace, just in time for Draco to move out of the way, avoiding another collision. Unfortunately, the manoeuvre instead caused him to crash into the nearby bookshelves, sending dozens of books tumbling to the floor and bouncing off the ground.


“Oh Merlin,” Potter exclaimed, quickly restoring order with a flick of his wrist. “I’m sorry. Are you alright?”

“Yes,” Draco lied, heart speeding, barely breathing.

“I’m— Can I treat you to some ice cream, as an apology? If you’re available, that is. We were just heading to Fortescue’s.”

“If you insist,” Draco found himself saying.

“I do,” Potter grinned, lifting up the menace — now hugging a giant teddy bear — and nodding towards the book in Draco’s hand. “Are you buying that?”

“No,” Draco murmured, returning the Chief Muggle Handbook: Navigating Through Muggle Culture to its proper place on the shelf.

“Then let’s go. Teddy, this is your cousin; Draco Malfoy.”



If you liked this drabble, you might also like the others I’ve written in this series. If you’re curious about them – or any of the rest of my works – you can find them all on AO3:

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You’re a mischievous scientist that really loves the color mint. You’re career driven but still make time for silly pranks and outings with your closest friends. You love luxury and want the best for yourself and your family.

Traits: Vegetarian, Jealous, Materialistic
Aspiration: Chief of Mischief
Career: Scientist


  • Master scientist career and complete Chief of Mischief aspiration
  • Master mischief and logic skills
  • Complete elements collection

Meet Peter Berry, the founder of this legacy. He isn’t exactly photogenic I’m afraid, but he will always be a favorite of mine, despite his quirks! Starting off, this challenge was going pretty smoothly, but Peter kept getting abducted, most likely because of his occupation. Between hunting for crystals and work he barely got any sleep and for a while, the only joy he got out of life was pranking his coworkers and freezing them with his ray.


Somewhere along the way, Peter met Zoe Patel, a local from Oasis Springs. The relationship went fast with the scientist falling head over heels for her. He was very insecure about the relationship and was constantly tense when she wasn’t around. So after much pestering, Peter convinced Zoe to move into his small house and away from her boisterous roommates. Zoe struggled with this move, since she was far away from her friends, but did want to try at a life with Peter, especially since she was already pregnant. 


They were very fortunate(???) to give birth to a set of twins. Milo Berry a quiet boy who took after his father’s interest and Winter Berry, a sweet girl who constantly drew or wrote in her journal. The Harvest Fest after they were born, Peter tried to propose to Zoe, but she turned him down for unknown reasons. Hurt at the rejection, this caused a rift between the previously happy couple but Peter and Zoe tried to work things out for the sake of their children.


Zoe gave birth to their third child and Generation two’s heir, Zara. The cute little girl had her daddy’s eyes, but where her attitude came from no one knew. She was so fussy as a toddler and about drove the Berry family crazy. If she didn’t get her way she’d cry and scream until her parents relented.


Peter continued up the career ladder and was finding more elements each day. He’d already completed his aspiration so all there were only a few things left to do for the Mint Generation. Spending so much time away from home put a strain on his and Zoe’s relationship. She eventually left Peter to get a chance in her own career. She moved out of the household and while her two eldest children would visit her, Zara seemed to resent her mother for taking her own path. Zoe would later on get married to J Huntington.


Although heartbroken at Zoe’s departure, Peter moved on himself and started dating his best friend Penny Pizzazz. The two had always been close, pulling pranks on each other and getting a laugh out of it. Penny helped Peter out with the kids and was there to support him after he split with Zoe. The kids seemed to love Penny as well and were excited when the two started dating.


Peter’s kids were growing up with the twins now teenagers and Zara a child. They had to move into a bigger home since Penny moved in and she was now expecting a baby now too. While the older siblings were getting excited for another addition to the family, Zara was none too please to be losing her role as the baby of the family.


Peter proposed to Penny and she accepted. The wedding was small with just them and the kids in attendance. There was no time with three kids to take care of and a couple of days later Penny gave birth to Peter’s last child, Elsie Berry.


Peter was getting to the end of his career but had finished the elements collection, finally! All that was left to do was raise his children in peace. Milo and Winter aged up to young adults while Zara aged up to a teenager.

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𝓓𝓲𝓼𝓷𝓮𝔂  𝓒𝓱𝓪𝓵𝓵𝓮𝓷𝓰𝓮

by: @oliveandoak + @simvicii

Rules: Pick your favorite Disney character, draw inspiration from said character and create a sim. It can be anything from toddler to elder, male or female. Just have fun! Make sure to tag us or use #disneychallenge so we can see what you come up with. ❤️


Princess Anna of Arendelle or she could be Tinkerbell who knows, i love ‘em both

Big thanks for those to tagged me ilysm💙

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I’ve been tagged in this more than once, and I keep ignoring it ‘cause I feel embarrassed but to hell with it- I’ve been shit talking myself too much lately.

Five things I like about myself

1. My voice- I sing and am learning to write music, my voice wasn’t good to begin with but it’s really come a long way. Also I’ve been told my speaking voice is calming/comforting, so I’d like to run a narration-sleepytime channel someday haha.

2. My creativity- while it’s also a major hindrance to my work ethic in the real world… I wouldn’t be who I am right now without having tried creating worlds in writing, songs, dances etc.

3. Fast learning- in this sense I’m a Jack of all trades and ace of none. I love to pick up new things and pick them up rather quickly, even if I’m self taught w/online resources. I don’t know how or why this is a thing I have, but it gives me faith that I can actually become good at something eventually.

4. Humor - My inability to take anything seriously(exaggeration, I know~) helps me cope with things and makes people laugh. Making people laugh is like a therapy for me…

5. That I can give things to others(?) - Hard to title it. But the fact that I can create something that a person enjoys watching, or reading, or whatever - is very exciting to me even if only 2 people like that thing. Spreading enjoyable stuff into the world is my biggest goal.

Welp now I feel very…. awkward(?) Maybe that’s not the word for it, but I do feel as if I’ve discovered how incredibly mean I am to myself normally. That was a challenge. Thank you to @datenoriko for tagging me in this and letting me force myself to face my own mentality for just a moment.

Anyone feel free to do this!!!! It’s a big challenge! Hehehe

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28.- Do you answer Harriet’s questions truthfully, or do you look for a hairstyle-guide?

Guide, 150%. Out of all New Leaf’s systems… Heck! Maybe out of ALL Animal Crossing’s systems/mechanics, (besides Pocket Camp’s abuse of micro-transactions and loot-boxes) the questionnaire used to determine your appearance and hairstyle is the one I like the least, as it makes customization unnecessarily contrived.


…hmmmmmm… How odd. Why does this feels like Deja Vu? Naaah, must be just my imagination.

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To celebrate the Dark Side of Dimensions this month, I’m going to participate in a challenge put on by
Here is a link

Since I’m not much of an artist, and my college classes keep me too busy to write, I’m going the plain answers route.

Day 21) Favorite Trap: Wall of Disruption. It has saved my butt more times than I can count.

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