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Pressing J while looking at a Tumblr blog or home feed will scroll up on the page, pressing K will scroll down. This is helpful considering a lot of the Tumblrs feature infinite scrolling.

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#character love
As someone who's a Baker!Chiaki, I'm absolutely in love with baking! I remember baking with my Mikan during a kg- she's the reason I love space so much given how much time we spent together (she was the Ultimate!Astronaut,,, she knew so much). I haven't found her yet, but I really adore her. I don't know if she knows that (haven't found her), but to all Mikan kinnies out there, know that I love and appreciate you, even if you aren't the Mikan I knew!

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I’m having f e e l i n g s about this story…

You know those projects that you go to sleep thinking about, dream about, wake up thinking about, research/write for all throughout the day? Yep, that’s this story. It’s ruining my ability to be social. I met up with friends two days ago and literally did not know how to contribute to conversation because no one was talking about character archetypes, the effects of loneliness on a person, or feudal Japanese society and culture. Let’s call it the story honeymoon period.

I like this story. It’s a good story. Here’s a lil something about it.

Mizu & the Dragon

Loneliness and the search for answers brings together an unlikely pair. Mizu is a young majo, a witch dedicated to the spirits and kami of Nao, who travels the country, trading her skills for food and board. That is how she meets Kasai, the large-as-a-hill-dragon who is seething anger and cursed by spirits and humans alike.When Kasai and Mizu begin to discover the intersections of a shared history, their path forward becomes mired with the weight of memories perhaps best left in the past…
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Seth... I miss you, Seth. I fell in love with you ever since we had that sensual encounter in the hot springs in Askr. Lewyn was a bastard and left me; and when I met him again, he didn't even know who I was... You helped me get over that pain of losing Lewyn, you stayed by my side and offered your companionship always. I wish I could see you again. You're the only person that made me feel truly taken care of. I think I can say I love you, even. I hope you did, too. -Finn

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after careful research, the verdict is that i only like live-action movies and tv shows if they feature a loveable baby-faced character who is very nice and kind of dorky in the best way, but also scarily competent when it comes in handy.


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