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Furby, that creepy 1990's doll, has a tumblr page.

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My current character is a warforged assassin rogue named Beartrap who is on a quest to save the world from an imminent demonic invasion. They were originally created to be a body guard but were kidnapped by a thieves guild, & when they eventually broke free they killed everyone and ran away to attempt to fight crime where they could, & eventually got swept up in an adventuring party! They are very quiet and have a lot of integrated weapons. They've got expertise in intimidation and are 5' tall.

Man, that’s a super cool backstory!!! I also love the name Beartrap (yall warforged players can really name them apparently) As a DM this is the kind of backstory I love, plenty of places to go with this.

I also love characters like this because I wonder how your DM has incorporated it into the setting and how they’re going to tie it in with the story. How are warforged treated? Are they considered sapient, or even people or are they just objects? How would common folk react to them?

I also like thinking about how I would put that character into my own campaign and frankly, I would have loved Beartrap. You made a really great character!

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-Carries a lighter with him at all times

-“Oh he’s not as bad as people say, you just need to get to know him” -Paris

-“He tried to burn my shirt in the locker room, while I was wearing it, and while staring at me” -Jimmy

-“He thinks it’s funny to cut himself and shove his bloody arms in my face, fuck that asshole I hope he liked being stabbed in the hand” -Ashton

-“…Cursed blood…” -Milo

-“He tried to shove my cigarette down my throat once” -Skyler

-“I don’t know how he even became friends with Paris, they’re so sweet and polite and he’s so…Axel…” -Lori

-“I’d try to critique his taste in clothing again but the last time he pulled out one of my feathers! He’s lucky it sort of fits him, I’d still make adjustments though…” -Phillip

-“So like, I was taking a walk in the forest, and I kinda just bumped into him, and he was just staring at a hole, I got closer and inside there was something burning, he just stared at it…” -Jason

-“Why are you staring at me like that? It’s true!” -Paris

-“Hehe, it was a bible” -Axel

Questions/other stuff may be sent to the ask box, I’ll happily answer ^.^

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Here’s the list of characters you can date, for you folks on mobile who can’t access the blog’s pages!

  1. Rodimus Prime
  2. Ultra Magnus
  3. Rung
  4. Drift
  5. Ratchet
  6. Cyclonus
  7. Tailgate
  8. Swerve
  9. Whirl
  10. Megatron

Each character will have an introduction, 3 dates (with mini-games!) and a confession scene with a special CG at the end of each of their routes!

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(Author’s Note: Unknown photographer, not mine! Will be drawing Owen soon)

Name: Owen Winston

Age: 24

Gender: Male

Occupation: Photography Student/Gardener

0©©u9@t!0n: _33R 0F D3@T#


Brooksview was a pleasant town filled with pleasant people who spoke of pleasant things with pleasant smiles. 8r00k_v!3₩ ₩@_ @ t0₩n 0f l!3_ @nd _3©r3t_ @nd 8r0k3n 9r0m!_3_. Owen had known this from a young age, the sole survivor of four children gifted with the Winston surname. He had watched as his pleasant mother dr0wn3d her pleasant children and _t@883d her pleasant husband 0n3, II, t#r33, 4t¥ t!m3_. Then he watched her smile pleasantly as she served t#3m for dinner on her fine chinaware. He found her the next day bathing in ©r!m_0n bath-water, fast asleep with her eyes ₩!d3 093n. He wasn’t quite sure why she didn’t k!ll him. Perhaps it was because he had always been her favorite.

!t d!dn’t m@tt3r n0₩.

Brooksview was a terrible place filled with terrible people who told terrible lies through the veil of their terrible smiles. Owen Winston knew this for a fact because he could see the _k3l3t0n_ hidden in the closets of even the purest of the townsfolk. He could see their g#0_t_ lingering behind them. He could barely stand being in town anymore. He’d started growing his own food, raising plants, venturing out into the woods and fields to take pictures of the my_t3r!_ that he discovered. The only time he went into town was to sell things and buy necessities. #3 #@t3d 8r00k_v!3₩. 

1 d@¥ #3 m!g#t l3@v3 t#!_ 4_@k3n t0₩n.


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waves hands wildly in excitement
most of my dnd characters (plus one of my friends) have a bit of a foresty vibe about them (at least to me)
SO i drew them running into each other

from left to right:

Kestral Underbough– halfling barbarian with a wolf totem spirit and therefore wolf EARS. My first character, my absolute baby, and the tiniest barbarian of 3 feet tall. my uhhh my username inspiration

Amarey– My friend’s character. Tiefling druid and also Kestral’s best frenemy. with her heels she’s exactly twice as tall as Kestral and rubs it in her face. 

Lief– technically not a dnd character??? but he’s literally a forest sprite so he had to go here. Not super trusting of most species but he’s also super curious

Traya and Darth Wedur– half-orc barbarian and fighter respectively. Twins (clearly fraternal). they grew up in a town that tended to be rather cruel to the lower class and super harsh on petty crime. Long story short Darth accidentally started a revolution and got run out of town. Once the revolution succeeded Traya became a bounty hunter and went looking for him. Also Darth has a sunblade :)

Thrill and Quest Seeker– Tiefling paladins. Also twins (but identical). Nobles, and both technically knights. Their family was cursed with demon blood, and in their attempt to have the drow who cast the curse remove it, Thrill’s curse got a bit worse

and that’s like

less than half the characters i have

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Bad Player Character Ideas that I want to play #1

Mister Bitey, the Awakened Cat Sorcerer: little girl wants finds an ancient relic in the woods, **Wishes** for her best friend, Mister Bitey to be able to talk and live forever.

That was 300 years ago. She misses her human, and she always goes out of her way to help and delight children, in her honor. Hates everyone else.

Mister Bitey likes to go on adventures but insists on being carried. She lives up to her name, and enjoys biting people as part of her touch magic spells.

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