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Hecate: Hey, I love the sweater. Who you slaying tonight, Lady Killer?

Thanatos: Well she shall see what we shall see.

Hecate: No, you’re dressed exactly like the Lady Killer.

Thanatos: Damn it. This is Jeffrey Dahmer’s corduroys all over again.

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On a day like today, six years ago, the first episode of B99 was launched. I’m not crying, you are.


Originally posted by coolcoolcoolperalta

I’m so happy to be part of this incredible fandom that I love so much and give me the best moments of my life

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Hecate: Hey, buddy. I’m sorry about Persephone.

Hades: It’s okay. I’m resigned to my life of solitude. Just me and my nine dogs.

Hecate: Wait. I thought you only had seven dogs?

Hades: I just adopted two online right now. Oh, this pitbull hates kids. That’s fine, I’ll never have any. Add to cart.

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After Hades skips guys’ night w/ the Big Idiot Squad…

Hades: You left 17 voicemails. Here’s one.

[phone message]

Zeus: Hades! You got to come save us. We need a lie to get you here. Poseidon, what should I say?

Poseidon: That I got shot in the face. Ooh, and tell him to bring pizza.

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@annelesbonny It is complete!


This is the original 99 cast pic:


So I replaced all the posters with various symbols and signs in the Magicians show, and I didn’t draw the headphones and a couple other details. For a closer look, Here we have;


Kady (as Rosa Diaz) with the bee poster from the loft, And Julia (as Charles Boyle) with the brochure from the underworld,


Alice (as Captain Holt) with the Thurston the Magician poster (from the physical kids cottage) and a small picture of a flower from Alice’s book cover. And Eliot (as Jake Peralta) with a mosaic design.


Quentin (as Amy Santiago) with a fillory and further book cover, and Penny Adiyodi (as Teri Jeffords) with a poster of the Darkness key.


And last but definitely not fucking least, Margo (as Gina Linetti) with the TADA sign from the physical kids cottage.

There are more #Magicians99 doodles to come, and @sparklingspice I can’t wait for the fic! ❤️

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