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#charlie mcavoy

SO this was requested actually yesterday and I feel really bad that I got this one done in a normal time fashion unlike the other one BUT I am so happy people are sending in requests.

This one had me feeling like a real sad boi because the song is really sad, especially when I’m having boy problems like always.

BUT here this is, hope y’all like it! Please keep sending in requests so I have more reasons to procrastinate homework and applying for grad schools!

The day you broke up with him was the day you thought your life would really begin. You had loved him, but you couldn’t be with him. Things had been great: he worshipped the ground you walked on. As soon as you would leave the room, he would notice and text you saying he missed you. It was almost suffocating. So you broke up with him. You still wanted to be friends with him. You were still friends with his teammates and would go to their games at the Garden.

Charlie had been your best friend growing up. He was the reason you met Jake. He was the reason you started dating Jake. He was the reason you fell in love with Jake. He was the reason Jake had a new girlfriend.

He was the reason Jake had a new girlfriend.

You wanted him to be happy, but something about seeing him happy with someone else was starting to sting. The worst was when you went to the games.

The guys who requested tickets normally had seats all together, which means that if Charlie requested a ticket for you the same night Jake requested a ticket for her, you were sitting together.

You didn’t hate her. She was actually lovely. In other circumstances, you would be friends. But you couldn’t bring yourself to be friends with her. Friendly, yes. Friends, no.

She would squeal whenever Jake stepped on the ice. She would scream when he touched the puck. She practically fainted when he assisted on a goal. You thought she was going to die when he scored. You couldn’t imagine what would happen if he got hurt, but it wasn’t something you wanted to see.

Part of you still loved Jake. But you knew you couldn’t be with him.

After the game, both of you went to meet the guys. She ran right to him. He picked her up the way he used to pick you up. He kissed her like he used to kiss you. He looked at her and held her the way he used to hold and look at you.

He wasn’t even trying to make you as jealous as you were. Charlie came up to you and started talking to you. Jake was so engrossed in what his girlfriend had to say about whatever it was they were talking about that he didn’t even notice you were there. He didn’t seem to notice that anyone was there. If he did, he was good at hiding it. But it looks like he found somebody to love.

After a while, when Charlie had changed and came back out, Jake was still in his uniform with his girlfriend.

“Are you ready? I’m starving.” Charlie asked.

“Yeah. Let’s go.” You tell him.

“I’m sorry,” Charlie said, “this is my fault, isn’t it?”

“What?” You knew he was asking about Jake and his new girlfriend, “No. It’s fine, he deserves to be happy. He’s happy with her.”

As you’re walking out, you turn around to see if Jake noticed that you and Charlie had left. He didn’t.

He used to worship the ground you walked on. Now he doesn’t even notice when you leave the room.

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it hella suits him tho

is this for the Matthew thing or for somebody else ?

edit: it’s about Charlie McCheeks

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Concept: You know Charlie is in love when he lets you squish his cheeks and call him “Squish” (affectionately obvs). Also loves getting love bites but usually you avoid his neck so his teammates don’t tease him, but since he’s kinda innocent looking one day he gets you to mark him up with hickeys and scratch marks so that the boys know he’s probably getting more action that some of them.

the boys are never ever allowed to find out about squish though or they’d tease him to death

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charlie has just the right amount of squish to boy ratio and i would like to squeeze him up

I wholeheartedly agree

I wanna squish (but also nap with his stomach or thighs as my pillow)

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hes sexy/squishy and he knows it *funky synthesizer riff"

I need this to be one of those parody songs about hockey players that are online asap

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im a different anon but i want to just casually reach over with one hand and pinch charlies lil face

he is squishy and he knows it

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Good evening I want Charlie McAvoy to spit in my mouth

good morning that’s slightly gross but I applaud your enthusiasm

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