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s t u d y t i p #10

- when you’ve learnt the thing, teach it to somebody. This is one of the best ways to aid learning and tell if you know the concept yet. Teach your friends, parents, siblings, dogs, cats, anyone! Honeslty, my dogs would probably ace a maths exam by now!

- you don’t even have to necessarily teach somebody, you can just talk about it and tell them about it in a chill conversation. Then maybe they could tell you about something they learnt. Just have fun with it! :)

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I had my chem midterm today and my paper one in modern Greek. I really hope my studying paid off on chemistry because it is my favourite subject and I really want to get a 7! i was studying so much last night and I’ve solved so many past papers

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I studied organic chemistry for about 4 hours today! I got ahead by a whole chapter and I annotated and made my own notes based off the textbook so I’m well prepared for whatever notes my professor adds!

I used to hate organic chemistry, I actually failed it the first time I took it, but the next time I took it I got 80% on the final exam! I’m hoping I do well in this semester, as this organic chemistry is a little harder but also a bit more interesting.

I hope everyone’s week went well and that everyone’s Friday is great! Happy studying! 💖

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surprisingly enough, once i’m actually in the zone i can stay on task easier on my least favourite subjects more than on my favourite cause my least favourite subject is boring enough to me that i won’t get distracted by the other chapters in the textbook.

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Finally got exam results yesterday and I got a B so that’s alright. Also took the top pictures of my cells which was pretty.

Today I’m staining them to get more visible images ☺️

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Skipping lectures and taking pictures of Tuomionkirkko in Turku. For some reason the aesthetics of churches are really captivating and beautiful. Especially at this time of year when the bare trees and the sunlight make it look so much more pleasing… anyways, I would have had a chemistry lecture in the morning and the professor cancelled the lecture I wouod have had later today so technically it’s not skipping even though I need to go through the topics by myself.

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How many states of matter do you count.
Credit~ : @n3rdglass .
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02.01.20// 10 of 100 Days of Productivity

Chem exam Monday, bio exam Wednesday, another job interview on Thursday before lab. I went over all the practice exams for chem and I’m feeling slightly better than last semester. I also have been getting higher grades on the chem lab quizzes but dhdhjdjdjd idk. I’m really nervous for that exam and the job interview but I’m so ready to get this week over with and then I just have to get through the week after that to see my babeeee 😍😍 we may have the whole place to ourselves. I’m so readyyyy.

Do you have plans for Valentine’s Day?

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