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Anya Corazon, Julia Carpenter and Madame Web are held captive by the Kravinoffs. Anya is terrorized by Grim Hunter (who looks like an anthro lion) but she spits at his face defiantly. As Madame Web tries to tell more cryptic words, Sasha Kravinoff interrupts them and slashes Madame Web’s throat.  Just before she could order Grim Hunter to take care of the others, the power goes out, as Webb says, that they have made ‘The Spider’ very angry. 

- Amazing Spider-Man v1 #637, 2010

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Hello guys so i wanted to tell you about my experience tonight. So you all know that Evan and Connor gave me a joint bath bomb (Yes singular). It was a nice sparkly black and purple. It was very beautiful. It smelled like lavender so I was excited to try this one. So I took a bite. It was a nice consistency not too bad. It had a nice lavender taste not like some with the fake lavender taste it was pretty good! Well that is until I bite into something that is not bath bomb. I thankfully got it out of my mouth before I swallowed. It was a tiny plastic dragon. These bath bombs should come with some kind of warning that they have something inside. So yeah I choked on a dragon today. On another note I have an amazing new dragon friend named Caleb. He is great!

- The Insanely Cool Jared Kleinman

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