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god i cannot BELIEVE the ONE thing marvel and dc can agree on is 

  • casting blue-eyed himbos named chris 
  • to play world war ii soldiers named steve
  • who ‘die’ just after talking to their violent, dark-haired girlfriends
  • and then come back to life, years and years later
  • and don’t really get how anything works anymore. ‘that’s just a trashcan, steve.’ jesus holy christ. i’m going to shoot myself.
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Written & Directed by Rian Johnson (Lionsgate)

Knives Out is a completely new and original movie by Rian Johnson, and is not a remake, sequel, prequel, or adaptation of anything else. This is the main reason I wanted to see this movie, as it’s becoming repetitive to see almost nothing but franchise movies. I certainly wasn’t a fan of The Last Jedi, but it would be unfair and immature for anyone to go into this movie ready to judge it harshly for something completely unrelated. I was excited to see what kind of movie he could make with the removed bias and expectations of being a Star Wars movie. I often questioned myself if The Last Jedi was truly a bad movie, or just a disappointing Star Wars movie, and with how much I enjoyed Knives Out, it makes me want to go back and reconsider my opinion on his trek through a galaxy far, far away.

This is a who-done-it murder mystery with just as much comedy as it has intrigue. While Knives Out is crammed with big stars, the two people who I would say are the main characters are Ana de Armas as caretaker Marta, and Detective Blanc, played by Daniel Craig. The patriarch of a huge family (Christopher Plummer) made his fortune of writing mystery novels, and the movie as a whole feels like something straight out of one of this character’s stories. During a big family party celebrating his 85th birthday, everyone seems to try to take advantage or get more money out of him. A generous man, he finally runs out of patience and begins resisting being so kind with his vast fortune. He inadvertently gives these conniving and greedy people each motivation for murder on the very eve of his demise, all separately and for individual reasons. The night after the party, he is found with his throat, slit and his entire family is a suspect. 


Daniel Craig was my favorite part of this movie, especially because he uses a southern drawl for his character, it made me see him as an actor in brand new light. He’s a goofy, yet intelligent detective who is secretly one or two steps ahead of everyone else. He never lets on how much he knows, and I loved seeing everything he had to say about any given situation. I really enjoyed that Craig took a role so unlike James Bond, and it shows more acting range than I gave him credit for. I wouldn’t mind seeing a whole series of movies staring this character. Ana de Armas plays a Brazilian maid and caretaker of the old man, and in a lot of ways was his favorite person in his life. Much of his family are trying to get as much from him as possible, meanwhile Marta is simply doing her job, and with her kind heart, has become his closest friend and genuine confidant. This is the first movie I’ve seen her in, and thought she did an amazing job with her character, requiring more emotions out of her than anyone else.

Knives Out is almost purely focused on its details of script and the Clue-like mystery. With such a huge cast of characters, its a testament to the writing and acting that I could distinctly tell each character apart and could very well define their personality and motives. The movie is impeccably edited as well, as the pacing and each scene felt exactly long as it needed to be, and I never got bored once during the entire run time. The mansion itself to me looks inspired by What Remains of Edith Finch, or some other eccentric home full of nick-nacks and props on display showing off the personality of its owner. Christopher Plummer played a very charming and playful old man, I and I wish I could read some of the stories he made his fortune on. In a way, he masterminds much of the plot of this movie, something he was likely able to come up with on the spot because it may have been like many of his own mystery novels.


Still thinking about it, I don’t know if all of the plot entirely makes sense. At one time, there are more than one mysteries occurring at once, and when one is solved, you realize there is more conspiracy to uncover. The only big question I have on my mind is an inevitable toxicology report, and that’s all I’ll say. Knives Out is less of a who-done-it, and more of a “this is who done it so watch them try to stay hidden among the investigation.” I found that to be a unique twist on the concept, and the movie didn’t lack tension in spite of learning what exactly happened. Chris Evans plays a suspicious person throughout this story, but I thought his acting was one of the weaker links out of the rest of the cast. This is too bad because of how much screen time he has and how integral he is to the conspiracy.

I admit, I haven’t seen a lot of movies of this genre, but I enjoyed Knives Out quite a lot. Everything technical from the colors, to the cinematography, to the acting, to the writing, to the music I thought was all done extremely well. If you like movies of this genre, I think you will get a lot out of this movie. There are some shots, such as the very first and very last, that are some of my favorites from the entire year. This movie proves to me Rian Johnson is a very competent and creative filmmaker, despite directing and writing what I think is one of the worst Star Wars movies. It makes me want to check out his other movies Looper and Brick after seeing this, and I’m curious as to what he will make in the future. This is also a good movie to see with the family, and I will likely have fun introducing it to friends who haven’t seen it in the future.


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Disclaimer: Okay, since it’s cold and rainy here where I live, I had the sudden inspiration to write this. 
Summary: It’s a cold December night and Boston was hit, with fresh snow of the season. Chris comes home, to his wife sleeping on the couch looking exhausted and their newborn, Olivia. 


(credits to the beautiful @captainsteveevans​ for this beautiful banner!)


 Snowy Early Mornings with Olivia and Sarah

It was a cold December evening, and fresh new snow just came in earlier that afternoon. Sarah sat in the living room, with a cup of steaming hot Earl Grey Tea held firmly in her hands. The tv was on low, with some random Netflix Christmas movie playing. The fireplace was aglow as it brought the heat to the cold room. To her left was her newly born daughter, sleeping peacefully in her bassinet. Olivia had a crying fest, and Sarah had just put her down. Hearing a beep, coming from the coffee table, Sarah smiled as Chris’s name appear. Putting her mug down onto the table, Sarah picked up her phone and swiped the screen to retrieve the message.

Hi, sweetheart. I know I said that I would be coming home early. But it looks like filming would be running late. You can go ahead and go to bed, no need to wait for me. I love you, and I will see you later.” Sarah sighed and pressed the response button.

“Okay, did you need me to make you anything? Will you be hungry when you get home?” Sarah responded and pressed the send button.

It’s okay, babe. The set is going to feed us, and I know that you are tired. I’ll see you and Olivia when I get home.”

Sighing once more, Sarah placed her phone down onto the coffee table. Leaning her head back, Sarah let out a long yawn, and her eyes started to become heavy.


It was barely midnight when Chris stepped into his Range Rover. Starting the car, Chris had placed the heater on his vehicle to warm up his cold hands and the car. Waving to his crew members and Megan, Chris back out of the parking lot and headed home. What would usually only be a twenty-minute ride home had turned into a 45-minute drive, thanks to the frigid weather. A fresh patch of snow had dropped earlier today, and the roads were now slippery with ice. As he drove, just the thought of Sarah and his daughter made him want to be home, right this moment.

    Forty minutes later, Chris had arrived in his neighborhood. Looking out the window, he recognized the elementary school, where he had gone as a kid and the park where he used to play with his brother and sisters. Driving another five more minutes, Chris passed by the middle school and high school, where Chris had attended his youth. He made a turn at an unmarked road and drove through a private residential area towards the end of the road. Reaching his house, he opened the garage, drove in and parked the car. As the garage closed, Chris got out of the car and went inside the house, to the scent of the fireplace burning and the soft sounds of the tv. Taking off his coat and his scarf, Chris had placed his jacket on to the coat rack, next to the front door. Before Chris could get to his wife and child, he went to the bedroom and changed into something more comfortable. Minutes later, he walked out of the bedroom with a pair of thick flannel jammie pants, a white long sleeve shirt, and a dark blue Patriots Sweatshirt.

     Entering the living-room, Chris couldn’t help but smile. Sarah was on the couch, lying down on her side facing him. With one leg out of the blanket, the other one in. One arm hung down off the couch, fingertips almost touching the carpet. She had her mouth open, hair all over the place and snoring softly.  Before he could cuddle next to her, little Olivia woke up, and let out a sharp cry came about. Looking at his wife, who was out cold, Chris went towards his daughter in her bassinet. Seeing that her little legs kicking and her tiny hands in fists, Chris took her pink blanket and placed it onto his shoulders. Then gently and carefully, Chris picked up his crying daughter and held her against him.

“There, there little one, daddy is here,” Chris whispered to her as he walked to the kitchen to get her bottle from the sink. While preparing her milk, Chris gave gentle coo’s to calm Olivia down. After placing some water into the small container and adding a scoop of the milk formula, Chris walked back to the living-room couch and took a seat next to his sleeping wife. By the time Chris took his place onto the sofa, Olivia had stopped crying. Placing her bottle down next to him, Chris gently cradled her into his arms and wiped away some of her tears.

“There, no more crying,” Chris whispered to Olivia, as he picked up the bottle and placed it towards her. As Olivia started drinking, Chris looked over to his wife and watched as she yawned, stretched and then turned to face the couch. Laughing to himself, Chris turned his attention back to his daughter.

“Looks like you have worn mommy out, today, princess. Not to worry, daddy will be home all day tomorrow, and we can give mommy a break.” Chris said to Olivia, who, at this point, turned her headway from the bottle. Putting the bottle down, Chris placed the towel onto his shoulders and laid Olivia down to burp her. Giving her a few firm pats on the back, Olivia made a couple of burps. Smiling, Chris got up from the couch and began to walk around the living room, to help her fall asleep.

“You’re lovely, with your smile so warm, and your cheeks so soft. There is nothing for me but to love you,” Chris sang, to Olivia. Looking down at her, Chris smiled as her tiny hands curled into fists, and her head cuddled into his shoulders. Going to her bassinet, Chris placed a kiss onto her forehead and gently placed her down. He tucked her in, with her pink blanket, smiling when he put her Flounder plushy doll in next to her.

  Walking towards the couch, Chris gently crawled next to Sarah. Getting inside the thick blanket, Chris placed his arm under Sarah’s neck and pulled her in close to him.

“Chris?” Sarah said, her voice barely above a whisper. Chris smiled and tucked a few strands of hairs behind her ear.

“Shh, I’m here. It’s late, and we can talk later in the morning.” Chris said, placing the blanket over them. Closing his eyes, Chris snuggled in closer to Sarah and tangled his legs with hers.

“I love you,” Chris whispered, closing his eyes and falling asleep with his Sarah in his arms.

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I have a question I was on twitter and came upon a tweet saying that chris publicist is the one who told chris not to do shirtless photoshoots anymore is that true

Yes it’s true. Here’s the quote from 2009:

“I really didn’t think twice about taking my shirt off at the time, but my current publicist would pull her hair out if I did that photo shoot today,” he said. “I hired my publicist for her professional opinion, and she seems to think it’s a mistake. I have no problem taking my shirt off for a role if the part calls for it, but my publicist says, ‘When you’re promoting yourself, being you, there’s a way to keep it as classy as possible. Greasing yourself up and stripping down may not be the best way to do it.”

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Knives Out got 2 nominations for the Critics Choice Awards for Best Acting Ensemble and Best Original Screenplay.

The Irishman
Knives Out
Little Women
Marriage Story
Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood

Noah Baumbach – Marriage Story
Rian Johnson – Knives Out
Bong Joon Ho and Han Jin Won – Parasite
Quentin Tarantino – Once Upon a Time… in Hollywood
Lulu Wang – The Farewell

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Pairing: Chris Evans x Reader


you: waiting for you is like waiting for rain in this drought. useless and disappointing.

chris: did you just text me a quote from a cinderella story?

chris: shit, is that how you actually feel?

or, high school sweethearts reunite

Fics in series:

Sweethearts (11k): how you reunite

(High school) sweethearts (5k): how you get together

- More to come!

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