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#chris evans
lol all of these people hating on rsdr but don't say a thing when there are us military movies they love. those movies don't show/tell everything and often put the us in a better light. it's hypocritical tbh.

I can’t name a single movie ever made by Hollywood that wasn’t American propaganda in some way. I won’t even mention the series of movies that made Chris famous. Anyone who doesn’t get the irony of that is too stupid to bother having a discussion with.

It’s just funny, but in no way surprising in the current spread of antisemitism in the West, that when anyone, literally anyone else, does something, it’s taken in face value, as simple entertainment or accomplishment, but when a Jew, or, heaven preserve, Israeli Jew *barf* does something, it’s obviously propaganda and has some ulterior, gross, Juden, motive.

But hey, to paraphrase the famous saying, I don’t care what they say about the movie, as long as they spell the name right. All publicity is good publicity. And just like nobody “boycotted” Wonder Woman, or the latest Eurovision, or Israeli technology that’s literally keeping the West alive, nobody would dare to “boycott” this.

Thank you for your message!

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Crackship Of Chris Evans and Madeleine Petsch

Hello there, I can do that :) I’ll add it to my request list and then it will probably take a while till it’s done. I guess you want them as a couple? Thanks for the request and welcome on my blog 😄

Originally posted by teenager-stuff

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I feel like the reason why evanstan’s interaction with each other is different than the other mcu cast members is that because they’re crushing on each other so hard they don’t know what to do 馃槈 that’s why I personally feel that the air is so charged when they’re together (I’m speculating so hard right). Anyway, that’s my take. I saw how awesome you are and decided to share my two cents. Hope you don’t mind 鈽猴笍

You, my friend, clearly have the right idea! I couldn’t agree more, it does feel sometimes like something is different between Chris and Seb compared to how they are with all their other co-stars. And like you say, that only makes me think that they way they feel about each other may also be different, aka THEY IN LOVE 💕💖💘💝💓💕 (Jk jk, just having a bit of fun). Chris may be more exuberant in his interactions with RDJ and Seb likes to joke and mess around with Mackie, but the way they act with each other just seems more intimate or personal, you know? There have definitely been moments where the air seemed charged between them, just like over the years there have been MANY sneaky glances and longing looks if you ask me, which is why I started shipping them in the first place! I know there’s a 95% chance I’m reading into it way too much, but hey, that’s what Tumblr is for right?

Also, speculating hard? Us? Whatever do you mean 😉 And thank you for sharing your thoughts! You’re awesome too ❤

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So I actually found the video and it's even funnier than reading the headline. 馃槀馃槀馃槀 I was dying of laughter.. the video of the seer is also in spanish.

Oh my god, there’s a video? I assume it’s not going to be very enlightening if you don’t speak Spanish, but I def believe you when you say it was hilarious. Such a strange story lmao😂😂

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Tony: *looks at Steve* One taught me love.

Tony: *looks at Scott* One taught me patience.

Tony: *looks at Peter, being egged on by Thor to eat a tide pod* One taught me that kids are fuckinG STUPID PUT THAT DOWN RIGHT NOW PETER OR SO HELP ME GOD-

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Thor 4 is announced, falcon and winter soldier release date has been announced, more of my fave couple in WandaVision is coming, war machine TV series is official, Loki is getting the screen time he deserves.

my skin is clearing

my teeth are whitening

my sleep deprivation is lessening

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