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#chris hemsworth

I just realized something. The thanos snap erased half of all living creatures. So that includes endangered creatures two , right? So what if there’s only like a handful of a species left the snap would basically doom them. LIKE GOOD GOING THANOS. HERE YOU ARE TRYING TO SAVE EVERYTHING BUT YOU JUST FUCKED UP.

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I really want to punch Thor.


Thor is an Asgardian, a demi-god, he’s practically immortal and as close to physically indestructible as a biological life form can get. My Midgardian punches will not hurt Thor. He will hardly feel them. 

Basically I just want to absolutely pummel Thor while he stands there grinning and going ‘YES! Emotional release through physical activity is beneficial! Work through your emotional turmoil with cathartic aggression in a controlled environment! Again! Go for the torso!’

You could punch him until you passed out and he’d just stand there giving you super-constructive feedback on your technique and acting as your personal cheerleader/therapist.

And that is why, as someone who loves Thor, I really want to punch him.

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Thor 4 is announced, falcon and winter soldier release date has been announced, more of my fave couple in WandaVision is coming, war machine TV series is official, Loki is getting the screen time he deserves.

my skin is clearing

my teeth are whitening

my sleep deprivation is lessening

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