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#chris hemsworth
omg thats great then!! could i request a chris imagine with anything fluffy really please? but where y/n is also famous. maybe meeting his brothers for the first time and he gets protective? idk i trust you to do whatever xxxx love

“Chris! Wake up! They are going to be here any minute.” He groaned and rolled face first into the pillow. How you had so much energy was lost to him after the late flight, no sleep, and the time change. He peeked his eyes open and was greeted to your frazzled self.

You were tired, too tired to actually put effort into your hair, but you DID put makeup on. There was no way you were going to meet Liam while looking like deaths’ sister. You yawned through the braid you put in and tried to ignore the watering tired eyes while you applied some mascara.

“Just put some clothes on or something please?” You fumbled with mismatched earrings, unknown to you.

“Ok, but what- why are you shaking, calm down.” He sat up and threw his legs over the edge, rubbing the sleepiness from his eyes. He reached for you, latching by the belt loops of your dark jeans. You planted your feet between his knees, wrestling with your earrings. He looked up at you, squinting from the sunlight coming through the windows, almost amused at the red flush that comes up your chest and neck with you get flustered.

His hands slid around the back of your thighs, squeezing. “I love you, you look beautiful. You have nothing to worry about.”

“I know, I know I shouldn’t but I can’t help it!” You sat on his knee, keening into his touch with arms over his shoulders. He does calm you, only slightly.

He’s always calmed you. He was always encouraging, pumping up your work for you, praising you for your creativity and work ethic, shouting out to the world on Instagram whenever he though apropriate. He was your biggest fan and always would be, as he reminded you almost daily.

“You know I love you, and I’m sorry, but Liam was my first crush and I don’t think I can ever live it down.” The shame was a slow creep and you hid your face in his neck, only for him to chuckle in response.

“Well don’t tell Luke, he’ll feel left out,” he joked. Arms squeezed around back and you sat back up, feeling slightly calmer than before.

“Just get dressed please, I can’t answer the door for them, I’ll make a fool out of myself.”


“Okay, I’m good, it’s all good.” You mumbled to yourself, pacing in his kitchen. Your ears perked when the front door opened, no bell.

“Christopher!” You hear a voice ring through the house with no shame. “Where are you hiding her?!” Oh god he wasn’t out of his room yet. You cursed him to yourself before turning the corner in the kitchen and looking towards the door, peaking out.

You hid your hands behind you back, maybe it will mask your nerves, only a sly hand slipping out for a wave when their identical familiar blue eyes met yours.


“Holy shit,” they both said walking towards you.

Liam spoke up first, going straight to you with hands on your shoulders. You stared up at him with wide eyes, it was so sudden surely all the blood had left your body at the moment. “You are real. Wow.” He looked back Luke who was following up, his eyes never leaving your face. “She’s real!”

“What? You are real too?” You commented back.

Your voices trampled over each other at the same time-

“I’m such a big fan!”

“I’ve seen all your movies!”

“I can’t believe you are real!”

“Ok, ok, lay off now.” You heard Chris break you out of what ever trance the three of you had created, walking in on the party. He flicked Liam’s arms off your shoulders and pressed and hand into your side so you stumbled closer to him.

You rolled you eyes at him but Liam and you both were back to asking questions, answering them quickly so you could ask another. The smile never wiped off your faces.

Sometime Chris and Luke had wandered away leaving you both in the middle of the room with smiles never wiped off your faces.

“I don’t know how I feel about this,” Chris mumbled, taking the water bottle from his older brother and leaning against the counter to watch you gloat.

Luke is in the same boat, “Am I even here?”

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When in London ~ Thorki MiB AU

In which, two top MiB agents, unknowing of each other’s identity or of the fact that each serve the MiB, have a steamy encounter at the backroom of a luxury gay club, only be thrown together on an assignment days later. Agent H, who generally basks in the glory of his sexcapades takes a blow to his ego when Agent L, who still is bitter about having left behind with a fake cell phone number on that godforsaken night, says he does not remember having ever met.

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Website: Make a new password

RDJ: Hmmm…


Website: Too short

Hiddleston, Evans, Hemsworth, And Stan: *laughing hysterically*

RDJ, while putting on his heels: yoU KNOW WHAT

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