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A big thank you to my rematcher for going the extra mile and share the vision of making not one person happy, but even two or more! Thank you in double for despite being a rematcher tooking the time to pick something within my preferences. “This is no Zaku boy! No Zaku” I really loved it! Blessings

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Rating: Mature
Characters: Tony Stark, Steve Rogers
Pairings: Steve Rogers/Tony Stark
Universe: Marvel 616
Warnings: Implied Sexual Content

Summery:   Steve finds a way to get some fun out of a winter chore.

My gift for the Cap-Ironman Community for the Cap-Iron Man Holiday Exchange 2019.
Prompt: Making an Igloo (ANY Canon)

⛄ [Link to My Masterpost for works I created in this event] ⛄
🎁 [Link to the Main Masterpost for ALL works in this event] 🎁

Read below or on AO3 >HERE<

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I now know everyone I sent to has received their holiday gifts from me, so I can talk about it without ruining the surprise!

In addition to a lot of our old standbys - fudge, orange poppy seed bread, vanilla bourbon bread, chocolate-covered oreos, among others - I made gingerbread cookies this year! 

It’s been forever since I’ve done gingerbread cookies (I prefer to eat actual gingerbread, myself) & mostly those were for Halloween ‘cause we were making gingerBats & those we didn’t decorate except for little dot eyes. HOWEVER! We went to Rockport this summer and I found a shark cookie cutter for like 2 bucks & needed to justify buying it. AND BOY DID I!

I’m calling them Cookie Cutter Sharks ‘cause, well…




We got:

Scarks (Scarf Sharks) in which I hand placed sprinkles to make scarf fringe


Dasher Sharks (i was trying to make a pun on thresher sharks, but it’s pretty poor) in sleigh harnesses


and Wreath Sharks (reef shark pun, & my strongest by far)




Moby St.Nick [Disclaimer: I am not responsible for this pun! You can blame this one on my mom]

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