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Can someone explain this?

I have seen multiple Henry Cavill movies through the years and I dont understand how this happened.

I used to love Tristan and Islode. It was one of my favorite movies for a long time. Henry Cavill is in it. I thought, huh hes attractive and that was that.

I saw Immortals. Henry Cavill is the main freaking character. Once again I thought, huh hes attractive and that was that.

I saw Man From UNCLE. See above.

I saw Stardust. Multiple times mind you. See above.

I saw Man of Steel, Batman vs Superman, Justice League. See above.

Not once was I like huh this guy looks familiar to me. (And yes I understand he looks very different in Stardust but that is not the point) Not once was I like wow this guy is super attractive I need to know who he is and watch all his other stuff. Not once.

And then Geralt walked into my life and all of a sudden I was hooked and all of a sudden I realized, wait a minute, I’ve seen a bunch of stuff this guy is in.

How does this happen?

Any ideas?

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I think in an interview Henry mentioned that this was one of the acting moments he was proud of and it’s one of my favorite moments too

As soon as my Henry Cavill obsession kicked in, I watched Man of Steel and I just loved the subtle shift of joy and wonderment in his face as Clark finds out what his birth name was. It made me feel happy and gave me chills 😊

So kudos to Henry who is an amazing actor outside of his amazing bod

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If we were too actually rank the JL by appearance who’d be number 1, 2, 3? Where would Bruce be? What about Clark?

From hottest to nottest:

  1. Wonder Woman
  2. Flash
  3. Green Arrow
  4. Green Lantern
  5. Superman
  6. Batman
  7. Cyborg
  8. Martian Manhunter
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Justice League Meeting
Superman: where's Batman? The meeting was supposed to start 20 minutes ago.
Wonderwoman: could he be in danger?
Green Arrow: someone maybe should call him BEFORE we go into defcon 1
Superman: [calls the bat-line]
Oracle: [answers] this is O. How can I help?
Superman: Hi Oracle. Batman was supposed to be at the tower 20 minutes ago. Do you know where he is?
Oracle: let me check... yeah, he's at the cave, I can connect you to the security cameras?
Superman: Please.
Oracle: ok.
Batman: [Mid sentence] -OUTRAGEOUS STUNT!!
Damian: [scowling, arms crossed] -tt-
Batman: Do NOT scoff at me, young man!
Jason: [snorts]
Batman: Are you Laughing?! This is reckless even by YOUR standards Jason!
Jason: yeah... but you said-
Batman: [menacing] What?!
Jason: [looks at Dick and mimes "young man"]
Batman: Don't look at-
Dick: [loudly and jovially] THERE'S NO NEED TO FEEL DOWN
Batman: Wh-
Steph: I said YOUNG MAN [spins to point at Tim]
Tim: [Fingerguns at Steph] Pick yourself off the ground!
Batman: [floundering] En-
Dick: I said YOUNG MAN
Jason: 'Cause you're in a new town!
Duke: [from the locker rooms] There's no need to be unhappy!
Batman: [to Duke] You're not even in trouble!
Steph and Tim: YOUNG MAN there's a place you can go!
Dick: [throws an arm around Jason's shoulders] I said YOUNG MAN! When you're short on your dough!
Jason: You can STAY THERE!
Batman: That's EN-
Dick and Jason: [turn to Damian, grinning expectantly] and I'm sure you will find-!!
Damian: [glaring and without enthusiasm] ...many ways to have a good time.
Batman: Don't-
All the batkids: [chorusing] It's fun to stay at the B-A-T CAVE
Batman: [finally loses it] WHY???!!
Superman: ...
Green Arrow: ...well someone has to say it.
The Flash: That he should get an award for parenting that lot?
Green Arrow: that clearly inherited behaviour has nothing to do with genetics. I grew up with Bruce Wayne; he deserves every second of this
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“ I played a big scary non human, who’s only emotion is being grumpy with a dash of being broody but then I met an always talking twink, who I claim to hate but secretly don’t. I somehow also played a sunny and shy reporter named Clark Kent, who hides the fact that he is superman. ”


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