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You guys, I did a thing. I wrote a one shot earlier this summer called “Why Do You Think It Feels This Way?” and got an overwhelming amount of positive comments from people wanting a little more from this Clexa AU. I’ve decided to continue on with the story with a four-part follow up.

“Probably for the Better” takes place three months after Lexa and Clarke’s initial meeting. The two haven’t seen or spoken since. Now, everyone is gathered for Octavia and Lincoln’s wedding. Will we finally have what we want from them? Guess we’ll find out.

Read on AO3:

As always, thanks to my awesome readers to keeping up with my stories, hitting me with the kudos and comments, and reblogging my posts. If you like what you read, please do share it. <3

OH. And a major thank you to my wonderful beta, @anonfanfic. You. da. best.

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Do you ever think about the fact that Bellamy saw the video from transporting Josephine into that girls mind, he saw how absolutely frightened she was, he heard her screams and he doesn’t know Clarke was paralysed when they did that to her. He thinks she was fighting back. He thinks she was tortured as well.


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y’all ever think that if clarke would’ve stayed with bellamy at the end of season 2 that bellarke would be a thing? like he told her he’d give her the forgiveness she needed & basically asked her out on a date,,,i mean bRo imagine mom & dad actually being together. i could cry bro :’)

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