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I’ve been fuming for the past week about the fact that Bellamy told Echo that the last party he was at was the one where his sister was arrested because that simply isn’t true. The last party he was at was in season four with Jasper and what remained of the 100 before they committed suicide. Bellamy Blake wouldn’t forget that.

And then it hit me. The writers wouldn’t make a mistake like that unless it served a purpose. And I’m not talking about an easy way to pick a fight with his girlfriend.

Bellamy brings up the most traumatic thing that happened to him: the day that he let his guard down and the person he loved most in the world was taken from him. And what happens not too long after he tells Echo about it? While Bellamy is off smoothing things over with his girlfriend, Clarke Griffin is “killed”. The person he loves enough to trade 283 lives for is taken from him.

That line was foreshadowing. Bellamy brought up the party where his sister was taken just hours before Clarke would be taken from him.

Imagine Bellamy’s devastation when he realized it happened again.

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So, nighbloods can be used as hosts for other nighbloods? Then maybe they could resurrect whoever is in the Flame, soooo… Lexa could come back in another body, hoping that the Dark Commander they keep talking about doesn’t hijack the whole thing

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I’m not saying they’re in love but…

Those aren’t exactly hips-out hugs. I’ve read a lot of posts explaining how Bellarke hugs are framed romantically for several different reasons. I always look at the hips. My platonic hugs are hips-apart hugs, and those Bellarke hugs are definitely not that.

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About the Fic | Clexa AU | There’s been a business merger with 13 wine and spirit brands coming together. 13 Clans now exists, and Lexa and Clarke need to jump right into things and start working together. Lexa is by the books, Clarke likes to blur the lines. There’s a lot of travel, there’s a lot of team drinks, and there’s definitely about to be something between the two.

Link to Chapter 6:

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In this blog we love and respect

-Sansa Stark (And Sophie Turner)

-Daenerys Targaryen (And Emilia Clarke)

-Clarke Griffin

-Octavia Blake

-Carol Danvers (And Brie Larson)

-Natasha Romanoff

And if you’re not willing to accept that, remove yourself from here, please.

For your attention, thanks.

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I know y’all are mad that Murphy and Raven called Clarke our but don’t you think they both deserved to call her out?? Like Murphy has been treated like shut since season one (he was literally hung and then banished for something he didn’t do) and no one ever apologized to him. Raven has also saved many lives, not just Clarke. Yet y’all wanna forget that. Raven has been through literal hell and back but the moment she says something to Clarke and actually starts getting lines on the show, y’all are pissed

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I LOVED, AND I LOVED, AND I LOST YOU - by ChasetheWindTouchtheSky

It started with little things.

Little things that made Bellamy feel mildly unhinged for noticing, but he noticed them all the same. The way she moves, the way she holds herself. Clarke has felt oddly different over the past few days from the party. Bellamy initially told himself that he was still finding his footing after his fight with Echo, after he left his sister to her own devices outside the safety of Sanctum. But he couldn’t help this itching feeling in the back of his mind that something was wrong. Something was off.

It isn’t until he sees Clarke across the dining hall, speaking with someone from Sanctum that he knows it’s more than a feeling. She’s over there, beaming at someone in a way that was so rare, he thought it was a gift. Not that he didn’t want Clarke to be carefree, but she’s different. She moves fluidly, instead of the purposeful way that he’s used to. Clarke was a presence that couldn’t be ignored, but now it’s as if she wanted to be ignored. 

“You guys, I’m not kidding about Delilah,” Jordan is saying over dinner for what feels like the fourth time. “She doesn’t even remember me. Someone had to remind her of my name. My name! We slept together, and she can’t remember my name?”

“Listen bro, that is not a new thing. Don’t think you’re special.” Murphy snorts, swirling a drink around in a glass.

“This isn’t a joke!” Jordan exclaims, the first hint of anything other than optimism. He slams his hand on the table and Murphy’s drink sloshes out of the glass.


“You guys spoke with Delilah! You know her. Can you honestly look me in the eye and tell me that she’s the same person who let us into her home and hugged us and lent us clothes?”

Murphy snorts. “She lent you her clothes?”

“Oh shut up!” Jordan cries.

“Our baby’s first swear word.” Murphy says with a smile.

“Murphy, play nice.” Bellamy grumbles.


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Major Spoilers for 6x04 of The 100!!

We know that Clarke is a fighter and was most likely screaming to get out but do you think that a small part of her was almost…relieved? She would finally not have anyone depending on her anymore. She no longer has to make the tough decisions. She doesn’t have to go through anymore pain. She can finally be at peace like Russell said. She’s going to fight like hell to get back for Madi and her mother and everyone else even if they treat her horribly. She cares about them and knows that they’re going to need her but there was probably that small part of her wanted to finally let go and be at peace. Actually, we know that she’s filled with self-loathing so she honestly might have even been relieved because she believes that she’s only going to continue hurting them

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