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#clarke x lexa

Plus One

A clexa wedding au concept, (loosely) based on the movie …

Clarke and Lexa are best friends from college who never became more because of circumstances and bad timing, although not for a lack of attraction or desire. Years later, now in their late twenties, Lexa’s engagement has recently ended while Clarke is still searching for the one. With wedding season upon them and the heat of the summer sun behind them, they agree to be each other’s plus one for the next eight weekends. Joining forces, saving on hotel bills, and doubling up on the fun to get them through the godawful speeches and saccharine yet too sincere displays of affection. One wedding per weekend. A survival partner through the sludge of heteronormativity and its rehearsal dinners and after-brunches. Clarke helps Lexa to get over her ex, Lexa helps Clarke to get a date. It’s mutually beneficially, mutual pining notwithstanding.

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Ok, but babygirl Clarke somehow convinced Lexa to dress up as Kassandra for some costume thing they’re going to. (Maybe Clarke is Persephone?)

Clarke wants to go to comic con and cosplay as Aphrodite (I think that would be her favorite greek goddess), and is trying to convince her Daddy, Lexa, to go as Kassandra.

Clarke knows how much Lexa hates being around a mess of people, but uses her powers of persuasion to convince her dom to participate. All the compliments about how hot her abs, arms, and bulge will look in Kassandra’s outfit gives Lexa the push she needs.

Lexa tries to act like she doesn’t love it, but absolutely does, and promises that the roleplaying won’t just end once comic con is over.

“Alright, alright, babygirl, we’ll do it.” Lexa says, “But this warrior is going to require the blessings of her goddess after she’s wowed the crowds at the event.” She cocks her brow in that way that makes Clarke absurdly weak, and the blonde does her best to not fall on her knees right then and there for her lover.

“Yes, daddy.” Clarke is already wet in anticipation as she smiles in victory.


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The start of your prompt…

Clarke was sitting on the sofa when Raven walked over and held out a leaflet.

“What’s this?” Clarke asked, her brow furrowed as she looked at it, her cheeks turning a very specific colour of pink as she saw what it was.

“Do me and yourself a favour,” Raven said with a smirk, “it’s a small business, just opened down the street, little nondescript place that you could walk right past if you didn’t know it was there.”

“Raven,” Clarke said with a sigh, shaking her head and tossing the leaflet onto the coffee table, “that’s ridiculous, I don’t need…”

“You need to loosen up,” Raven said, “you haven’t brought anyone home in months. You’re tense, and it’s making me tense.”

“I’m not tense.” Clarke replied.

“If you were wound anymore tightly, you’d be a Timex. Go to the store, pick up a little something. I won’t be back till late so you’ve got plenty of time to… work things out.” Raven said with a wink before turning and leaving the apartment.


@unaligned-valkyrie that is soooooo Raven lmfaoo I freaking love this already. I need moreeeeeee.


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To make up for the puppy comment… 

Her tent was filled with the scents of the blonde omega who was in her bed, it had been a while since Lexa had been around an omega who was this close to going into heat, it was certainly an exercise in control. She had listened when Clarke and the others had told her about how omegas had been treated on the Ark, how they were viewed. She had listened and she was angry. She could understand why Clarke was fearful of staying at the dropship with her heat approaching, she just hoped that her control would last.


This is acceptable…for now. But more is needed for complete forgiveness. 👀


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Hey guys! So this video has gone through many, MANY renditions until we finally got to this one! Putting in different fandoms and taking them back out and replacing them with different ones. Most of you that know the both of us know that we don’t usually do shippy kind of things. That’s not to say that we ship the people in these videos I just like the angst and heartbreak part of it because you all know we live for that kind of thing. So I just kind of tried changing things up a bit, using fandoms we haven’t used a lot or some not at all just to give ourselves a bit of diversity and to challenge ourselves with something new.

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