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Between S2 and S3 Lexa and company finds Clarke in the woods during a hunting trip

Clarke was on edge, it had been weeks since she had been in contact with another human. She had isolated herself on purpose. It had to be done to make sure everyone stayed safe. 

Most night Clarke stayed awake through the night, only finding an uneasy rest when her eyes could no longer stay open. When she did fall asleep she was haunted by nightmares of the mountain. She felt trapped in her own mind. 

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Listen…a few days ago my phone shuffled my music and Amnesia by 5sos started playing and I kinda forgot how hard that song went and temporarily time traveled back to 2014 and when I came to…maybe I had thot up a whole clexa au inspired the song


Don’t judge me 😪

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Important Lessons I’ve learned From Each Of My Favorite Shows

The 100

  • Life should be about more than just surviving
  • People can change, no matter how dark their past
  • Redemption is always available to those who truly seek it
  • Families will always find their way back to each other

Andi Mack

  • Everyone’s got something they have to deal with
  • Sometimes there’s a nice person inside trying to get out
  • Not everything has to be a competition
  • You don’t always have to be perfect, messing up is okay and you can use those experiences as opportunities to learn.


  • Love conquers all
  • We all do things that can hurt others, but that doesnt make us bad people
  • Communication is vital in relationships
  • Mental illnesses don’t make people inaccessible
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I could just watch season after season of just Clarke and Lexa doing their thing away from skaikru. Fuck the rest.

Wow me

I could watch unlimited seasons of them just holding hands and walking around town

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Just wondering if there a list of sci-fi/space fics? Maybe you could recomend something? I saw Kendrick in a space suit recently (like fuckhell yes ANNA KENDRICK and SPACE SUIT) and maybe it's why I just need to read something about space now any fic can work))) Thank you in advance!!!

She did look pretty badass!

I can think of two off the top of my head for you that I would recommend:

Ad Astra by @imaginaryhistorianme @effortlesslyopulent : After a decades long war, peace has finally been established in the known universe. While heroes are celebrated and the dead are mourned, Earth’s future is brought into question. A war hero and a diplomat are brought together to help in finding the solution.

(I’ll Follow You) Into the Dark by @barbieliberationarmy : The KSS Polis encounters a spatial anomaly that throws the space-time continuum into chaos. When Lieutenant Lexa Woods and Dr. Clarke Griffin meet, will it disrupt the fabric of the universe?

If anyone else knows any others, please comment.

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I'm sorry, I didn't mean to be an asshole. I knew I was taking what you said the wrong way but at the same time I didnt know how else to perceive it. I think I got a little butthurt and felt like you were saying I was wrong for seeing Lexa the way I do. Shes important to me too even if I see myself more in Clarke. Also, I DON'T see Lexa as a full bottom, I think she and Clarke are switches for the most part but Lexa has some bottom tendencies and Clarke some top.

It’s cool dude, to each their own. No harm done. Like I said, we’ve all got our reasons for shit and no one’s opinions or thoughts are more valid than anyone else’s.

I’ll respect your views, if you respect mine.


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One and Two

clexa modern au / drabble / mature rating / angst volume up

“I am so sorry.”

The weight of the words bears down on her shoulders, already slacken from the strain of her body to stay upright. 

She has lost track of how many times they have been uttered, and moved on to counting how many times the apology can cut through her—ten, one hundred, a thousand?—before she bleeds from the pain.

A human heart, Lexa thinks, is not meant to survive such repeat injury. To endure a thousand cuts. Yet here she is, slumped on their kitchen floor, back held up by the cupboard, surviving. The first blow came and went. The confession made breathing difficult, but not impossible. Breathe in and out. In and out. Simple math. One and two.

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Ocean | Multicouples [YPIV]

1: Annalise & Bonnie for theaquasarah 2: Elliot & Tyrell for xAliceCandyx 3: Samantha & Lindsay for Disjointed Regret 4: Twelve & Clara for theaquasarah 5: Raquel & Professor for thisdarkpassenger 6: Katniss & Joanna for Asmeeria 7: Steve & Bucky for Caskett Fan 8: Clarke & Lexa for c a r m e n 9: Sansa & Theon for Disjointed Regret 10: Nick & June for רחל דב 11: Carol & Maria for hailhorrorx 12: Bonnie & Kai for רחל דב 13: Ron & Hermione for c a r m e n 14: Steve & Tony for Caskett Fan 15: Nina & Lily for germanottass 16: Clint & Natasha for purple rd 17: Jaime & Brienne for itsachismaniac 18: Kat & Adena for Vinyllity

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In my opinion (which nobody asked for but I'm going to give it anyway because I'm an asshole), if you're going to see Lexa as a bottom, you've gotta admit that she's a full service bottom. Personally I see her more as a top, but she definitely has moments of being versatile. Alicia however is very much a bottom imo, she needs someone to take control so that she can just 'be' for a while.

And even though you are an asshole, your opinion is valid. Thank you for contributing to the conversation.


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As someone who "dares" to call Lexa a bottom, I just gotta say, it's pretty annoying that whether Lexa is a top or not is a point of contention among Clexas. That goes for both sides, no one gets to dictate how someone else perceives a character to be. Thankfully, I dont see people fighting over this very often but when I do it really irks me. Sorry to rant, I have a feeling you didn't mean what you said in the same way that I took it but this has bothered me for awhile now.

The point I was trying to make to that anon was that we all see things differently. We all will view a character and in our mind perceive them in whatever way fits our preferences, desires, etc. That however anyone else feels, we shouldn’t let that dictate our own feelings and narrative. That no one, including myself, is out here trying to intentionally hurt another with our views.

I mentioned the bit about how I see Lexa in order to show that anon that I was in the same corner as they were as far as her character. That I get those same feelings and discomforts that they do whenever someone, as I said before, dares to call Lexa a bottom. I get that anxiety. I get that little tick of disdain just like they do. I confessed that as a way of showing them that their feelings were valid. That no one has the right to dictate that for them or make them feel lesser for it.

Just like how I get the battle over such things might bother you. But people aren’t disputing over it for no reason. We all have our reasons for feeling how we do. For me and that anon, we see ourselves in Lexa. And we are not bottoms. So for us, Lexa will never be a bottom. And that is okay. It’s our narrative. We’re valid for feeling that.

The difference we did have, however, was in regards to Alicia’s character. They see Lexa and Alicia as the same person. I do not, I see them separately, therefore I can call Alicia a bottom without calling Lexa one too. That anon couldn’t separate the two, which I understood, and I would never invalidate them for feeling that way.

Sorry for my rant, but I wanna make sure my statements are clear and aren’t taken out of context.


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