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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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I love how I haven’t had to follow new people since like,,,clexa. like my dash was already 90% killing eve. we’re all just fuckin gay.

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Hello :-) Regarding "In desperate need of Clexa AU fics!!"... these are Clexa AU fic writers who immediately came to my mind: @coeurdastronaute (AO3: coeurastronaute); @adistantstarblog (AO3: DistantStar); @stormchaser1117 (AO3: StormChaser1117); @ecfandom (AO3: nutalexfanfic); @clexa-hsau (AO3: EffortlesslyOpulent); @imaginaryhistorianme (AO3: M_E_Scribbles). I could go on and on and on :-)

Oh my goodness, thank you!!! Some of these are my favorites, so looks like we have the same taste. ;)

Cant wait to dive into the ones I’m not familiar with. You rock!!

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About the Fic | Clexa AU | There’s been a business merger with 13 wine and spirit brands coming together. 13 Clans now exists, and Lexa and Clarke need to jump right into things and start working together. Lexa is by the books, Clarke likes to blur the lines. There’s a lot of travel, there’s a lot of team drinks, and there’s definitely about to be something between the two.

Link to Chapter 6:

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A little teaser from the next chapter of Clearest Blue.
Fandom: The 100
Ship: Clarke/Lexa
Rating: Explicit (smut with plot)

“You told me…” She closes her eyes. “You told me that I looked like a painting you had seen—at the library, I think.” She laughs a little.

“You did!” I laugh, too. “I still remember the painting.”

Her smile fades, but her eyes are still shining. “It was the most beautiful thing anyone ever said about me.”

“Well, you never saw the painting I was talking about,” I tease.

“Don’t do that.” She looks at me with blue eyes so serious I’m startled. “I know you meant it. Well, now I know.” She shifts onto her back. Her breasts are small, topped by tiny pink nipples that are always erect. She puts her hands behind her head. She would have never left herself so exposed a year ago. She looks at the ceiling. “You’re a good person. I hope you know that.”

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