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#clint barton
Clint, the tattoos, the mohawk, the swords and Matt Murdock, does that sound like a good idea for a fic? Because I think it does!

“Hey, Matt! You have…” Karen started as soon as Matt entered his office. But he didn’t stop to listen to her. He hurried as fast as possible to his office and closed the door behind himself. 

“… a visitor. He has swords!!” Karen called after him. And Matt could sense him. He could smell him. He sat in one of the chairs in front of Matt’s desk and looked out of the window. The swords Karen had mentioned lay on the other chair. 

“Clint,” he said quietly and leaned against the door. He had recognized him the moment he saw him. 

“Hey, Matt,” Clint said and turned around. Matt knew that he looked at him, he could feel his gaze on him. “I’ve heard that Foggy is…” Clint stopped. “I’m sorry.” 

Half a year ago he and Foggy were in a bar together when the snap happened and Foggy just disappeared with so many other people. 

“Thank you,” Matt said and went to his desk chair and sat down. “Took you long enough. Where have you been?” 

“I had… stuff to do,” Clint said and Matt could hear his clothes rustle. Apparently he just shrugged. 

“Stuff?” Matt asked and cocked his head.

“Barney,” Clint said after a long moment. “Laura, the kids, even little Nathan. They are all gone.” He sighed. “And I survived.” 

“And that’s wrong why?” Matt asked. 

“Because… because I’m… you know who I am, what I am, Mattie,” Clint said. “And Barney…” 

“He was no saint and you know that. Sure, somehow he managed to bring himself in line again but…” He stopped when he sensed Clint straighten his back. “You know that I’m right.” 

“I… know,” Clint admitted. “But… but Laura and the kids…” he shook his head. 

“What have you done?” Matt asked a few moments later when Clint didn’t continue his sentence. 

“Stuff,” he said again. 

“Clint,” Matt said and pressed the fingers of both hands against each other. He <i>stared</i> at him for a moment before he took a breath. “What happened to your bow?” 

Clint turned his head to look at the swords beside him. “Too ostentatious.” 

“Oh, and two saumurai swords are normal and inconspicuous?” Matt blurted. 

“Hawkeye… Hawkeye is gone, Mattie,” Clint said and shrugged.

“What do you mean, Hawkeye is gone?” 

“I can’t be Hawkeye anymore,” Clint said quietly. “Hawkeye is a hero and…”


“… I’m not. Not anymore.” 

Matt licked his lips and rose from his chair. He walked around his desk, reached down and pulled Clint up, too. 

“Mattie, what…” 

But before he could say more Matt just wrapped his arms around him and held him. Clint was stiff as a poker at first but then he relaxed and put his own arms around Matt. 

“What happened to your hair?” he asked a long moment later and Clint actually chuckled. 

“I cut it,” he said. 

“A mohawk? Really?” 

“Long story,” Clint sighed against Matt’s shoulder. 

“And the tattoos?” 

“How do you know?” Clint looked up and scrutinized Matt. 

“Baby, your skin feels different,” he said and Clint let his head drop back against his shoulder. 

“I missed you,” Clint said quietly and kissed the ticklish spot beneath Matt’s ear. He shuddered when Clint caressed his back.

“I missed you, too,” Matt said. “Why didn’t you come earlier?” 

“I had…” Clint started. 

“… stuff to do,” and Matt finished the sentence. He knew Clint looked at him and when he opened his mouth he could feel Clint’s lips on his, could feel his tongue touching his, could taste coffee and toothpaste. It was a slow kiss, a gentle kiss. A kiss who makes your knees weak. 

“I love you, Mattie,” Clint whispered when they parted. Matt nodded. “But there are still a few things I have to do.” 

A hand touched Matt’s cheek gently. But then Clint stepped back and Matt could hear the door, could hear the sound when someone touched something metallic - the swords - and the next moment he was alone in his office. 

“I know,” Matt said and sat down again. “I love you, too.” 

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Just saying Clint Barton writes "dumbass juice" on the side of his cartons just so he can do your background pic

i like to think kate writes dumbass juice on the side of the containers she’s seen clint drink out of instead of using a glass like a civilized human being

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“When they died, I feel as if I died with them.” Clintasha? ;-;

“I let her go.”

Clint’s words are soft, deflated. Sam isn’t sure that anything he says is going to help. This pain, this grief, it’s too new and too raw. He’s not sure anyone can help with this, either. The emotions aren’t new, but the situation is.

“Man, you had no choice,” Sam says, remembering how it felt to watch Riley fall. He could still see it when his eyes closed, and he knew Clint would be plagued with this forever. “She didn’t leave you with one.”

Clint looks up.

“I died with her,” he whispers, the words haunting. His gaze falters. “She died, and I died, and she’s never going to know the truth.”

“Hey.” Sam took Clint’s hand to get his attention. “You’re not dead, and it’s Natasha. She knew. She’s always known.”

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-Thor looks like a crazy old man who runs naked on the street while being chased by a policeman because he stole an apple.

- Science bros look like a couple of old friends who cheat at card games and steal all your money.

- Steve looks like the nice grandpa who always has candy for his grandchildren, wakes up at the exact same hour every day and goes for a walk every morning.

-Clint looks like the cool grandpa that still play the electric guitar and let you drink before you are legally allowed to.

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Here are some prompts that I found on Tumblr compiled in a list. Feel free to send me an ask with a number + a character if you want to request something. You can definitely reblog if you want to.

Requests are always open and I write for most Marvel characters.

1.     ‘I didn’t come here to make friends.’
2.     ‘Good thing I didn’t ask for your opinion.’
3.     ‘I hope we’re never stuck together on a deserted island.’
4.     ‘Did you have a bad dream again?’
5.     ‘Are you going to act like it never happened?’
6.     ‘I’m not sure if I want to hug you or slap you.’
7.     ‘I wish I’d never met you.’
8.     ‘You weren’t supposed to fall in love with me.’
9.     ‘I just had the weirdest dream about you.’
10.  ‘Are you going to kiss me or what?’
11.  ‘Come with me.’
12.  ‘This reminded me of you.’
13.  ‘I can’t believe I’m dating a superhero.’
14.  ‘You know we’re meant to be.’
15.  ‘Our story doesn’t have a happy ending.’
16.  ‘Some people just aren’t meant to be together.’
17.  ‘Stop looking at me like that.’
18.  ‘I remember when we first met.’
19.  ‘I’m way too sober for this.’
20.  ‘Our first child will be named after me.’
21.  ‘Did you really think I wouldn’t find out?’
22.  ‘I told him I moved on. I lied.’
23.  ‘Walk out that door and we’re through.’
24.  ‘Despite what you think, I am capable of taking care of myself.’
25.  ‘You woke me up at 3am to cuddle?’

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