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ok so im never sleeping again. probably one of my worst fears is that there’s someone hiding under my bed waiting to come out and kill me when I go to sleep, not helped by the fact the my windows never fully close so it can sound like there’s someone BREATHING under there, and here I am going along watching a crime show in the background and I happen to glance up as a father and son are settling down to sleep, all tucked in, and a fucking CLOWN just slides out from under the bed. this isn’t tiim curry clown like you see this clown you kNow you’re gonna die. like I knew there was clowns in this episode but you didn’t have to do it like that man, I’m too high for that shit. I can’t even go in my room now, there’s a goddamn clown under my bed

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Who cares what you talk about on here? It's your blog. You aren't getting paid to run this blog. You can suddenly switch the theme to cursed clowns and that's your choice to make.

ur right and u should say it. also. gave me a terrible idea. cursed clown possum

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How I made Maisy and what I’ll do differently next time! This is prolly gunna be a long post so I’ll put it under a readmore! I didn’t take many pics during the process of making her so this will be purely text, sorry about that! If  you have any questions I can try to explain more in depth.

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Circus Clowns
1.) White Face
What people normally think of when they hear the word “clown”. White Face make up with Red/Black make-up over it. They’re the ones that wear the ruffles and sometimes they wear a pointy hat. These guys are the “top banana”, meaning that with other clowns, they’re basically the main clown.

2.) Auguste/Red Clown
They usually accompany White Face Clowns. These clowns are the ones who get stuff done to them [Pie in the face, squirted with water, sit in paint, ect.] These clowns start their make up with either red or flesh tones, then they go into outlining their eyes, mouths, and noses in Reds and Blacks. Their eyes and mouths are encircled with white beforehand. These clowns have the large plaids, long neck ties, big shoes, colorful polka dots and strips, and the big wigs.  

3.) Character
Character Clowns are clowns with a distinct character attached to them, like a firefighter, policemen, baker, ect. Their makeup is usually a slant on the human face, kind of like the Red Clown, though Character clowns may end up leaning more to White Clowns, themselves.

4.) Harlequin
Though they used to be paired up with the Pierrot, they’ve been more so paired up with White Faced Clowns recently. [Hence why I’m putting them  here instead of in the Pantomime section.] Harlequin Clowns are kind hearted, light hearted, nimble, and astute servants. [They usually end up pursing a love interest of some kind and are usually seen as more clever than the upper-people.] They sometimes are only there to make sure the plot flows rather than to make the plot, themselves. They usually wear colorful diamonds, squares, triangles, and, on occasion, things like stars and moons. Instead of makeup, they more so wear masks, though it’s not unheard of seeing one with makeup rather than a mask.

1.) Mime
Mimes act out stories without using their voice. Sometimes their stories are funny, other times they are very serious. They usually wear black tights and white face makeup, but contemporary mimes sometimes do not wear make up, just as they sometimes make small noises [like grunt] rather than staying completely silent. There’s an entire other sub-genera centered around dance, but I don’t believe they really “count” as being Mimes or even clowns.

2.) Pierrot
A Pierrot is a sort of Sad Clown. These clowns only have white face with no other makeup, with loose shirt and wide buttons and big pants. Sometimes they’ll wear a skull cap. Like Mimes, Pierrots tell stories, though they’re often the butt of the jokes in comedies. Pierrots are sympathetic characters and are usually something the crowed can relate to.

Tramp Vs. Hobo [Though technically a type of character clown, they deserve their own spot.]
1.) Sad Tramp
Tramps are clowns that are down on their luck. Things never seem to go well for them and they usually appear tattered and sometimes dirty, something against the rules of being a clown. [Other things include smoking as a clown, drinking as a clown, and cussing as a clown. Clowns are suppose to be clean and innocent.]

2.) Happy Hobo
Hobos are in the exact same situation that Tramps are in, down on their luck, except they are much more optimistic about their situation. Their outfits will be almost identical to the Tramp Clowns: tattered, however their clothes will never really be dirty.

1.) Rodeo
Rodeo Clowns are clowns that work in bullfighting. It use to be [and in some, it still is this way, but] that protecting and comic relief were one in the same, but now a days, you’ll usually find two Rodeo Clowns in the ring: one to protect the bullfighter if they are thrown off of if they get off the bull, and one to entertain the audience. These clowns put themselves in harms way quiet often to save the riders. They wear bright and lose cloths that is made to be easily torn away with protective gear underneath. They’re usually speedy and agile. They also need to be able to read a bull’s movement. [As a side note, most don’t wear clown make up anymore, but some will.]

2.) Jester
Jesters can do a variety of things and are usually personally hired for a family rather than act on stage or on the street. They can do anything, from story telling to juggling to physical comedy. But they’re also very political, making political jokes and sometimes even acting on political movements. Some Jesters are used as icons in these moments. Jesters wear just about anything, though it’s usually something like this:


3.) Pueblo/Sacred Clown
These clowns aren’t really to be put in a category, since they are literal clown spirits that people worship. They come from the Kachina regions are are practiced by the Pueblo Indians. These clowns are Jesters and Tricksters. There’s an entire ritual dedicated to these spirits that happen during spring and winter. In order to be used in comedy, the clown’s identity must be kept a secret. Instead of wearing face makeup, these clowns wear full body paint and a headdress. There’s another variant called Mudheads, which use pinkish clay and wear cotton bags over their heads.

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