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“That’s why I rely on certain certainties

Yes, some things never change

Like the feel of your hand in mine

Some things stay the same”

Some Things Never Change, Frozen 2

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hi!!! when? where? how is clumsy???? update maybe??? 😳👉👈


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Story time!


I’m running up the stairs 2 at a time, cus I’m gay and I have long legs, right?

Except I trip, because I’m clumsy as fuck.

Lo and behold, my cat is on the stairs. If I follow my current trajectory I will fall on top of her.

Only logical course of action? Swerve.

And that’s the story of how I bashed my face off the banister and got rug burn on my knees.

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Too funny to not share, the clumsy person I am. I ran into the edge of my brothers couch somehow. Still not sure how. I was on the floor holding my foot for like 10min going owwwwwww! Like Peter from family guy. I took a photo of my foot so I can see it better cause it’s on the outside of my foot and who knew how hard it is to look at the side of your foot (lateral side) and I started laughing so hard cause my foot looks like a fucking toddlers! 😂😂

This was like 4 days ago now and I have a pretty rad bruise 🙃

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The 100 Baby Challenge

Piper Lyon-Hunington:

My childhood was a little rocky what with losing my parents so young, but Oscar and Daisy took good care of me and now I’m ready to face the world. I want to start a nice little garden as a tribute to my mum and dad - hopefully, they’d like that. I don’t remember much about them. Oscar says it couldn’t hurt, and it’s what I want to do. I hope my parents would have been proud.

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The 100 Baby Challenge

Hattie Lyon-Hunington:

I’m glad I’ll be starting high school - I was ready for a fresh start. I want to focus on writing because I’ve got some good ideas for stories and I want to see where it goes. I can dedicate my first book to the memory of Uncle Zander. It’ll be good to make some new friends as well because what with me being me, I’ll certainly need someone to catch me when I fall.

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Dancing in the mirror

I never feel more awkward than when I’m busting moves in front of the mirror, get tangled in my own hair, smack into something and make a loud fuss.

I get so self conscious so fast, like, someone most definitely heard that and now know that I’m dancing in the mirror like the dumbass I am


Originally posted by mellowuris

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