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2/14/2020 5:56am Friday

Happy Valentines followers. By far my least favorite holiday but may yours be blessed!

Winter has decided to return to Pennsylvania. The wind is howling and the temperature dropped over night. Tonight’s low is a miserable 5°. Not the worst ever but the coldest this year. They say it’s short lived and I sure hope so.

I’ve had another sleepless night. I was doing so good but that’s gone. I have a appointment this afternoon so I must rest soon.

Those seeds I planted have sprouted. Three little bean plants. The girls are going to love fighting over them!

I listed my 50th item to eBay for the month. Halfway to my goal. Had a sale on Monday, a auction ended Wednesday, and I have a nice offer on a item I just posted. Maybe it’s finally starting to happen?

That’s pretty much it friends. I’m off to try to sleep a bit. See you soon.

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