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#college au

Oh Oops, Guess That’s a Thing.
by CrimsonkillerMona

Shimura Tenko just wants to do college and get a job. However, his roommate’s twin kinda changes that plan a little and whelp looks like he accidentally got himself a sugar daddy.

Words: 383, Chapters: 1/?, Language: English

Series: Part 5 of Natshig stuff

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OKAY THIS IS JUST AN ADD ON TO THE "FIGHTING OVER PATTON'S AFFECTIONS" PROMPT You know how some (like 90% straight) guys have like fish in their profile pictures on dating sites? Imagine Remus being like "I CAN ALSO SHOW PATTON I CAN PROVIDE HIM WITH PROTEIN!" and just giving him fish. To show he can provide for him, very sweet

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

Sorry not sorry :)))

Warnings: some angst, cursing


Two weeks after their dramatic collision, Patton was relieved to note that his beaus didn’t seem to have scared each other off. Quite the opposite in fact; he’d never felt so attended to in his life. 

Remus- whom he had barely spoken to before but had long admired from afar- had come up to him during their last shared gym time, helping him with his circuit training and asking for advice on his stretching regimen. It had been… a lot. They’d been very close together and Remus was really big and strong and slightly sweaty and Patton had maybe used his hands a little more than strictly necessary to show the jock the right way to position himself in a stretch or two. 

Dexter had been equally as suddenly present in his life. After the disaster with the tea, he’d brought Patton a cup of his favourite tea every day, with barely another word about it. In the past day however, he’d taken to giving Patton a kiss on the back of the hand when he said goodbye, flustering the cheerleader with those dark, smouldering eyes of his. Patton had accepted his new life as a tomato with some resignation, as Dex had seemed so pleased by the reaction that he’d returned to his stammering for a while until he’d got himself back under control. Now Patton just had to put up with the most beautiful wicked smirk whenever he flushed at Dex’s romantic overtures, and he was starting to lose his grip on his self control. 

Between the two of them Patton was wound tight as a fishing line, and unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on whose shoes you were standing in) it was fishing lines that was just about to cause the whole thing to blow up in their faces… 


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Another request, if it's okay ofc, Canon or AU both are fine, Deceit and Remus both being interested in Patton and trying to gain his affections and being dramatic rivals. Patton is a bit obvious to it all at first but it ends with him cheerfully saying he likes them both so they both can become his boyfriends, they don't have to fight

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

Warnings: cursing, judgemental characters, a character dismissing polyamory as an option


“I just don’t know what to do!” Patton flopped down on his bed, keeping his phone up by his ear and pouting at the ceiling. 

On the other end, his best friend Remy sighed before replying. “Maybe you could just go and do something about the situation instead of always whining to me about your crazy lucky love life?!” he suggested. “Because gurl, you’re lucky! My dry spell has been over a week now and I’m starting to go mad-” 

Patton giggled and tuned out as Remy kept on complaining about his own lack of a dating life, twirling a curl around his finger and chewing on his lip thoughtfully. 

It was a pretty heavenly dilemma to have, really. It was just so gosh darn upsetting that Patton had to solve the whole thing by making a decision, instead of just riding the euphoria forever. 

The dilemma was this: Patton had two potential boyfriends and he was only allowed to choose one. 

On the one hand; Dexter O’Reilly was drop dead gorgeous, and climbing the social ranks fast by essentially just building his own and declaring it lord of them all. He was mysterious and exciting and surprisingly sweet, and he was a total bad boy. Patton’s parents would never approve (the fact their wholesome Mormon beliefs didn’t approve of most of his life choices notwithstanding…) but that just made it all the more exciting. Dex would be the type of guy that turned Patton from Sandy at the beginning of Grease; to Sandy at the end of Grease, and he was sorta tempted by the idea of a change. Being perfect all the time was a bit of a drag after a while. 

On the other hand there was Remus Duke. One of the defensive end’s of the football team, he was big and strong and, well he was a football player. Patton was a cheerleader. It was practically the law. And Remus was always smiling, always living his life loud and proud and defending his ideals no matter what it took. More than once Patton had heard of him getting into a fight because someone had said something rude to one of his friends, which should not have been as hot as Patton had found it, but gosh, loyalty was sexy okay?! Don’t judge him. Remus was not quite as much a bad boy as Dex was, but he filled the criteria nicely enough. 

Patton was completely torn. 

“-babes you’re not even listening to me, you complain about your dynamic duo all the time and you won’t even listen to me bitch about all the boys that don’t want to date me?!” 

“Gosh, sorry Rem. I just- I can’t help myself!” 

There was a moment’s silence before the sound of a cup being sucked nearly dry nearly burst Patton’s eardrum. “Hey, that’s not fair you promised not to do that without warning again!” 

“Babes, deal with it. Now I gotta go get ready for class, but I’ll speak to you soon. And Pat?” 


“Sort your head out soon. Rumour on the blog discord has it that Duke isn’t gonna wait for Prom anymore and wants to pop the question by Spring break. If you’re gonna pick him you’ll want to let the other one down gently before that happens, ‘kay?”


“Okay babes, ciao!” 

“Ciao, Remy,” Patton mumbled, dropping his phone by his head and letting out a loud groan. Easier said than done. Especially when it wasn’t just his head that had high stakes in the matter; his heart was going all in. 


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Being sick isn’t that bad when you got others that care about you <3

I’m working on my portfolio and started with drawing the college AU’s apartment. This is one of the character draw ins I did! Everyone wish Jhin a speedy recovery~ 

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Take a Chance, You Never Know (now Complete)

With the added pressure of the trial, the end of the semester came upon her quickly. Rey found relief in her rare free afternoons practicing driving with Ben. When she wasn’t preparing for her driver’s test, Rey was studying for her finals.

Rey found solace in his room, making herself comfortable in his bed, with her notes spread out around her while he worked at his desk. They’d sit like that for hours, not speaking until one of two things happened. Either Poe interrupted or Rey’s stomach grumbled, signaling it was time to eat.

Over the past couple of weeks, Ben’s room had become hers too. She barely ever went into her room, except maybe to grab a book or a clean set of clothes. Rey didn’t think he minded. Not only did Ben have the larger bed of the two of them, but he preferred keeping Rey to himself. Even if the majority of their time together was spent studying, Ben enjoyed doing it with her.

Thank you to my beta @tmwillson3 || Read from the beginning here

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Send “💪” for my muse’s reaction to yours picking them up!

Or send “💪+reverse” for the opposite!


“Ufgh!” Drake held on to the girl tightly as tried his best to stay balanced. The teenage delinquent managed to find his footing, breathing a sigh of relief. “Sorry. You okay?” He asked as he gently put her down. 

“They should really pave the ice off those stairs. Someone could seriously get hurt…” he remarked as he rubbed his hands together before putting them back in his jacket pockets. 

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Catch Fire

You can’t help but wonder what the hell is going on inside of the quiet angry guy’s head who’s always brooding under the big oak tree. Life isn’t kind, Yoongi knows that from first hand experience, but the curious girl who always watches him is.


pairing: troubled!yoongi x curious!reader

genre: sm au, fluff, slight angst, crack/humor

updates: tbd

status: planning


a/n: my first bts x reader au!! I’m so excited to see how this’ll turn out lol. there is some angst in this story but not a lot so it’s mainly fluff again :)


intro: profiles (coming 02/01/20)

⚡️part 1 ~ (coming soon)


main masterlist

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Hii 😊 1 you got any fics about Yoongi being a basketball player and jimin low key high key has a kink for it. 2 any story with namjinseok or namseok or 2seok pls I barely find any of those lately 🥺 thnx luv you

Hey there! I do indeed :)

Category 1: Yoonmin

Soft For You by Calum_af

Rating: G

Status: Complete

Word count: 895

Summary:  High school senior, and captain of the basketball team, Min Yoongi is completely soft for his cute boyfriend, Park Jimin, captain of the cheer squad.

can we tangle? by dragonyoongi

Rating: Not rated

Status: Complete

Word count: 5,352

Summary: Jimin’s crush on Min Yoongi hit him like a train. He has never paid attention to him before, yet now, Yoongi is all that Jimin sees.

Admiring the older from afar is the only way to slightly calm these raging feelings within him.

And because of this, he finds that they have one thing in common— braces. Sparking curiosity and nervous glances led him to think: “Can he kiss somebody who has braces?”

It seems like he’s not the only one wondering.

Number Nine by hiphopisdead

Rating: E

Status: Complete

Word count: 14,129

Summary:  Yoongi is the star basketball player at Jimin’s sister school. Jimin is head cheerleader to his rival, and can’t figure out the hype about the new cute blonde point guard.

Category 2: Namjinseok

Christmas Time is Here (Time to Panic) by Malec18

Rating: Not rated

Pairings: Namjoon/Seokjin/Hoseok

Status: Complete

Word count: 2,289

Summary:  With Christmas drawing near, Namjoon and Hoseok are stressing out, trying to make all the presents on time. This, in turn, is stressing out Jin, who sometimes wishes he could have normal boyfriends. Not Santa and his Head Elf.
But he does everything he can to help them out because he really does love them to no end.

Lost and Found by kimlinebiased

Rating: G

Pairings: Namjoon/Seokjin/Hoseok

Status: Complete

Word count: 5,878

Summary:  Hoseok and Namjoon get caught in a flash flood while hiking. A mysterious man saves them, claiming to be a supernatural creature. He’s crazy, right?

The Universe Needs More You by AttilaTheHun

Rating: M

Pairings: Hoseok/Namjoon

Status: Incomplete

Word count: 48,027

Summary: Kim Namjoon is in love, and Jung Hoseok is always dating someone else. This is perfectly fine, even preferable, because the universe likes to tell jokes and Namjoon knows it’s best just to laugh along. He’s certainly got nothing to complain about when it comes to the building blocks of his life, and dating is a lot of effort. Too much effort, really. So it’s obviously fine.

But the universe’s latest attempt at a comedy sketch, where Hoseok moves in with him, bringing the sun and a lot of tiny shorts, might actually make him insane.

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Take a Chance You Never Know (an Ouran Host Club AU)

Chapter 19 Excerpt

“You’re staring, nerd,” he teased.

Rey stuck her tongue out at him. “So what if I am?”

Ben’s eyes followed the movement, his cheeks reddening. He groaned and pinched the bridge of his nose, right above where his glasses sat. “You’re going to be the death of me, you know that?”

“I think you’re exaggerating,” she said, waving him off. “You sound like Poe.”

He came to a halt. “Take that back.”

“Nah.” Rey pulled her hand free and continued walking.

She only managed to get a few feet ahead of him before he collided with her, nearly tackling her to the ground. His arms kept her steady, straightening her up before she could fall.

“Now,” Ben began, his words tickling her ear. “What was that you said about me being like Poe?”

Thank you to my beta @tmwillson3 || Read from Chapter 1

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