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my friend thinks that someone else i’m friends with doesn’t like because of Circumstances and i am just like 😘 not my problem babey

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Wow you know it’s a bad day when your favorite professor pulls you aside after class and walks the halls to talk to you about a) what’s going on and b) your latest assignment

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Day Three |2020年1月22日

Heyyo! I’m back to upload all delayed posts when I was in Rancabali.

This is a very late post. I wrote all the posts right at the day, it just that I was too busy to post it all the way.

Another books post ‘cause I do nothing but rearranging the bookshelves on library. It’s sad to see lots of books were getting wet because of the heavy rain at midnight, so we dried it out immediately under the sunlight.

Luckily, all books had been dried out at 12 p.m so we could placed them back on the bookshelves.

That’s it for day three, I know this is a very short update. しょうがないよ。

Will be posting the rest of the delayed posts every each day. Stay tune, hope you enjoy!


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