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Update 💕

So lost a total of 7lbs in January 🥳🥳 woo!

I have taken my before pics but honestly I don’t wanna post them until you can actually see a change cause right now you can’t if I’m being honest!!

I have linked my Instagram in my bio if you guys wanna follow me ♥️ DM me saying you came from Tumblr and I’ll follow you back my dudes ☺️

Bubs xXx

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Don’t you just absolutely hate it when you have to take a quiz that’s both longer and harder than your math final from last semester? And the quiz is also open-book? And also the book makes zero sense because whoever wrote it couldn’t structure a sentence properly? And also the quiz and the book will make you wonder if it’s really worth it to be in the major you chose? 

I know I hate quizzes like that. I just had to do one today and now I’m traumatized. 

Seriously though. That quiz was the WORST quiz I’ve ever taken. Some of the answers were near impossible to find because the book is unreadable because whoever wrote it couldn’t English! I had to use google for some of the questions. And for one of the answers, I didn’t see any other option except coil, so I put down coil. The answer was SPRING, and at no point in the book did it say spring. If it did, I wouldn’t have been able to tell because the sentence structure was MESSED UP, and I can’t read that book. It is literally impossible for me to read that and know what the heck it’s talking about. If anyone is able to do that, they’re either an alien, or they just have reading books, that are not structurally sound, as a super power. My math final from last semester was easier than that quiz, and I don’t do math well. Especially not the math that was on that final.

Why do professors do this to us? 

It’s not nice. 

If I wasn’t dead on the inside before, I definitely am now.

Thanks a lot professor. 

(sorry if it sounded like I was complaining. I was. I am THAT upset with this quiz)


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i just got 10hrs of sleep as apposed to my usual 5. i got up as soon as my alarm went off instead of hitting snooze 80 million times. i don’t even feel the need for my morning coffee because i actually feel refreshed?? is this what a normal night’s sleep feels like???? what is this sorcery????

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Roommates are the fucking best!*

Okay so I am currently in uni rn and there are times where I get really bad migraines. So yesterday my housemates were watching some reality TV show and they were so absorb into the program that they were screaming and yelling. So I had texted the gc we have and also low key crawled downstairs to ask them/tell them that I’m not feeling good and if they could keep it down it would be much appreciated. That didn’t happen. Oh well. But at one point they all stormed into my bedroom and 2 of them jumped on my bad (while I was laying on it) and the other 3 started yelling about what happened in the show. Needless to say… I snapped… hard…

“Seriously can we not?! I have had this killer migraine for entire day and you are only making it worse!!!”

They all got butt hurt about how I snapped and said that too them. Later that night I APOLOGIZED FOR SNAPPING AT THEM. But then they had the audacity to lecture me about how I should have common decency and respect them and how I wasn’t even that sick.

Excuse me? What?

I am a brown girl! I am Punjabi and have a tan. If suddenly that tan color disappears and I turn ash pale then I am sorry to say I am NOT making up my headache. If I can barely get out of bed without anyone’s help then I repeat I AM NOT FEELING WELL!

Common decency?! What about the text and the personal request I made? Asking everyone to keep it down? I’m not saying you can’t have fun… have a good time… watch the show…

This is the sole reason I can not stand living with girls. No matter what you do…. drama will ensue.

*please note the sarcasm 😑

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This is the gutter off the sidewalk leading off the block my apartment complex is on. 

It’s cool having a moat. 

It’s even cooler when you have to walk through it to get to your class at 7:45 in the morning. It’s so cool you think you’ll get frostbite when the freezing cold water soaks your shoes and socks, and so you just give up and die on the inside.*deep sigh*

I’m sorry if you have to deal with worse weather problems. 


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It is a weird experience to be, how do I put this, offended or angered by the existence of someone you barely know. I share a campus with two students from my high school. I only ever see one, but when I do I am angered that I do not have this campus to myself. There is something, this small thread, that still ties me back to a life I wish I could leave behind. Thanks for coming to my TEDTalk.

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So I SERIOUSLY underestimated the amount of clothes I left at my home and brought a bunch of clothes from college. And now I am packing and it doesn’t FIT A HUGE ASS SUITCASE I GOT. Why am I like this?

And I don’t want to leave some stuff. My mom is going to kill me when she sees my suitcase and the way I packed it🤦🏻‍♀️

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