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I have my final exam tomorrow for my human growth and development class.. I’m super nervous but I know if I don’t pass I can retake it so that’s helping my nerves a bit. The course is so content heavy I’m almost sure I haven’t learned half of what I need…

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honestly this last week has been a lot, so I decided to work from home today - giving me a chance to get ahead on lecture notes and work on my essays (from the comfort of my bed, whilst listening to Fleetwood Mac) 🌼

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“Protrude hug!”

I hit a development snag on Nightmare City while I’ve been slowly flourishing a plot outline for X-Wasp. I’ve been sketching Tape Ghost and this college student character at work to just vent something out and hopefully get myself in the mood to develop more of Nightmare City. I know where it starts and where it ends, the meat behind it needs more time. I haven’t given them names yet but I felt like drawing something for them out.

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I was in the bathroom like one is from time to time and I was replacing the toilet paper. Anyways as I was bending over, and I had an itch on my back. So I scratched it - and felt my entire spine pop. I don’t know how to feel.

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19/100 — Feb 20, 2020

Today was a very light day, thankfully :) I only had one class today. I took my sister to eat at our favorite ramen place and it was so good. I promised her I’d take her there before summer is over and it was finally a good day to go.

I spent the afternoon sewing my pointe shoes and watching tv with my sister. It was lovely and I really needed to rest.

It wasn’t the most productive day of my life but I think it’s ok to do less some days. We all need to rest. And I still felt like a did things so I guess it’s fine.

- finished sewing my Grishko Fouetté pointe shoes

- read a couple of chapter of Anna Karenina

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I’ve been discussing moving across town to where the university I’ll be attending in the fall is located with Jordan. Where we are currently staying, it can be up to 2 hours to commute one way and the way the STEM courses are scheduled, I would be making this drive at a minimum of four days a week.

The idea of moving is ideal, but making it work is going to be a problem. I’m trying to convince myself that I will be able to handle 4 hours a day of commuting while being able to study effectively, work, and participate in research at the university.

I need to work on rebuilding my credit, which is what I am currently working on. I think if I can get my credit up, then maybe moving next year would be a more plausible idea. I’m also supposed to be planning a wedding and I’m not sure how we will make that work either.

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20th february, 3:30pm

math exam is finished! completely sure that i failed it but still looking on the positive side, retaking it next semester will make the content more engrained in my head so i’ll have a deeper understanding. turns out summer classes that push six monthes of content into four weeks kinda suck for my learning style. here’s to getting back up even when you fail!

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I work in a lab on campus, and we recently moved to a new building. It’s super pretty, and I’ll probably post a picture later on. I have two exams coming up this week, so I’ll share how I’ve been studying for those! Hope you are all doing well, and don’t forget to take time to relax.

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Had the worst migraine today that came out of nowhere at like 11 during class and still had yet to go away, that said, when I could see straight and was awake today once I went home - I worked on this piece and I’m happy to show that final(ish) product

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18/100 — Feb 19, 2020

Today I skipped the morning class. Truth is, it wasn’t something so important that would make me die. But still, I shouldn’t do it.

Ballet was great and my foot didn’t hurt. There was a combo with my fav step and I was so happy!

Today I:

- finished studying acute myocardial infarction

- did the gynecology homework

- sent a text to solve something I should’ve fixed sooner

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