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Also the Lincoln as a Reaver funko pop is 350 bucks (only 750 of them exist because Funko likes to do shit like that). It really makes you wonder that the 2 characters a third party company decided were the most marketable were killed off by the writers how much the writers actually know.

Funko keeps stacking their money while the flop is recycling plots and sets

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But which Lexa one, the normal one or the chase one (as I look over and check my collection to double check there are 2 while also somehow hinting my collection is kinda scary in how many over 100 i have)

The gold one is bourgeoisie but I think I’d get the regular one so I can’t see more details

Also, okay funky nerd

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I'm not a big funko pop fan either but my gay ass fa sho got both Lexa's cuz two tiny heda's watching over me while sleep makes feel extra homo and I like that

I would only get the Lexa one and I think I’d put her in my car so we cruise together

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I'm sorry, I didn't mean to be an asshole. I knew I was taking what you said the wrong way but at the same time I didnt know how else to perceive it. I think I got a little butthurt and felt like you were saying I was wrong for seeing Lexa the way I do. Shes important to me too even if I see myself more in Clarke. Also, I DON'T see Lexa as a full bottom, I think she and Clarke are switches for the most part but Lexa has some bottom tendencies and Clarke some top.

It’s cool dude, to each their own. No harm done. Like I said, we’ve all got our reasons for shit and no one’s opinions or thoughts are more valid than anyone else’s.

I’ll respect your views, if you respect mine.


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In my opinion (which nobody asked for but I'm going to give it anyway because I'm an asshole), if you're going to see Lexa as a bottom, you've gotta admit that she's a full service bottom. Personally I see her more as a top, but she definitely has moments of being versatile. Alicia however is very much a bottom imo, she needs someone to take control so that she can just 'be' for a while.

And even though you are an asshole, your opinion is valid. Thank you for contributing to the conversation.


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As someone who "dares" to call Lexa a bottom, I just gotta say, it's pretty annoying that whether Lexa is a top or not is a point of contention among Clexas. That goes for both sides, no one gets to dictate how someone else perceives a character to be. Thankfully, I dont see people fighting over this very often but when I do it really irks me. Sorry to rant, I have a feeling you didn't mean what you said in the same way that I took it but this has bothered me for awhile now.

The point I was trying to make to that anon was that we all see things differently. We all will view a character and in our mind perceive them in whatever way fits our preferences, desires, etc. That however anyone else feels, we shouldn’t let that dictate our own feelings and narrative. That no one, including myself, is out here trying to intentionally hurt another with our views.

I mentioned the bit about how I see Lexa in order to show that anon that I was in the same corner as they were as far as her character. That I get those same feelings and discomforts that they do whenever someone, as I said before, dares to call Lexa a bottom. I get that anxiety. I get that little tick of disdain just like they do. I confessed that as a way of showing them that their feelings were valid. That no one has the right to dictate that for them or make them feel lesser for it.

Just like how I get the battle over such things might bother you. But people aren’t disputing over it for no reason. We all have our reasons for feeling how we do. For me and that anon, we see ourselves in Lexa. And we are not bottoms. So for us, Lexa will never be a bottom. And that is okay. It’s our narrative. We’re valid for feeling that.

The difference we did have, however, was in regards to Alicia’s character. They see Lexa and Alicia as the same person. I do not, I see them separately, therefore I can call Alicia a bottom without calling Lexa one too. That anon couldn’t separate the two, which I understood, and I would never invalidate them for feeling that way.

Sorry for my rant, but I wanna make sure my statements are clear and aren’t taken out of context.


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Something that amuses me… people deciding that it’s their place to give an ‘in-depth’ character study about a character that they clearly hate. Obviously our opinions on said character (in this case Lexa) are going to differ as you hate the character and I clearly do not. But you can’t claim something is an in-depth character study of a character when you’re not looking at it from good place to start with. 

Was Lexa perfect? Heck no. She made some choices that were extremely shitty, but if you’re willing to look deeper into the character you would see that she had very valid reasons for what she did. 

Let’s take the choice on the Mountain as an example. I don’t think one person who likes her character watched that scene without immediately thinking “what are you doing woman, turn around, go back”. But if you think about it, yes she went back on her word to Clarke (shitty choice) but she couldn’t put the feelings of one person (Clarke in this case) above her people. She was the leader of the Coalition, her first thought had to be her people, getting as many of her people out as she possibly could. 

Also, it irritates me when people look at her relationship with Clarke in a ‘she takes what she wants’ kind of way, because she really doesn’t. It’s the same train of thought that leads people to the “she kept Clarke prisoner in Polis, Clarke wasn’t there by choice”. At the start, yes, she did have Roan go out there and find Clarke, and take her to Polis. If she hadn’t Clarke would’ve been killed by Nia and the Ice Nation, or anyone else who ‘wanted the power of Wanheda’. As for keeping her prisoner, no, after that whole incident with the knife that Roan had managed to get into Clarke’s room, Lexa literally told her that she was free to go. 

I have so many feelings, so many thoughts. But basically if you’re looking at a character in a negative light you are only going to see the negative. There are many positives that you don’t see because you don’t want to see them. 

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What’s your honest opinion of Lexa Kom Trikru? Did you think her relationship with Clarke was healthy? Did you ever enjoy her character? Did you think she was a good leader? A good person overall?

Oh boy, Lexa.

I think Lexa was an interesting character, but the best parts of her character and the most intriguing things to me felt underutilized. One thing that really fascinated me was her age- the fact she was a child Commander. We get that sort of mentioned in S2, but then just dropped. I would’ve liked more on her background and ascent. Like we know she used to be Anya’s second, but we also know from Lexa herself that novitiates are trained in Polis, so when was Lexa recruited? Just how young was she when she was acting as Anya’s second? I think this aspect of her character was the best part of her, but they sort of discard it, and then we ended up rehashing the child Commander idea with Madi, way past its time. I would’ve loved that whole concept to have been settled then with Lexa and never returned to.

Was the relationship healthy? I mean, no. Point blank, it wasn’t, but there aren’t many in the 100 that are healthy. My issues with CL if you can even call them ‘issues’ don’t have to do with the argument of toxicity, though I know people do believe Lexa negatively affected Clarke (and I agree to an extent, love is weakness and all that jazz). Overall, while Lexa may have had that negative effect, I don’t think she intended it. She was clearly guarding herself with that mantra - “love is weakness” - so even though Clarke picked up the same defense mechanism, I don’t think Lexa wished Clarke ill with it if that makes sense.

But anyway, my issues with CL are just that I don’t find it romantic. I’m not into the story. To me, it reads very much like Lexa has a crush on Clarke (which I enjoy, S2 CL is my favorite CL), and Clarke doesn’t reciprocate. The whole S3 CL storyline kind of feels like pandering because there’s not much development there. Clarke hates Lexa in 3x01, but irreversibly loves her by 3x07? I just needed more development and never got it.

I would say I enjoyed Lexa in Season 2. I loved her stint in the pit (?) with Marcus and Jaha where she pretended to be a commoner. I loved her as the pseudo-antagonist that forced Clarke’s hand to kill Finn. I loved her as the girl with a crush who doesn’t know how to handle her feelings. She felt developed in Season 2, where she didn’t really have much of a personality in Season 3 to me.

As a leader, I thought she was… okay? I don’t actually mind the deal she struck with the Mountain at the end of S2. While she did betray her word, this show has always been quite adamant about the only people that it matters save being your own people (proven by S6, where they are STILL on a mission to keep their own people safe, even at the unfortunate expense of others). I mean, I suppose she did perpetuate blood must have blood for far too long, but is that her fault or the Commanders’? I’m not sure.

Was she a good person? Maybe not. Maybe like a middle person. I think she was sort of a selfish person, which can be seen a lot with her actions regarding Clarke. She takes what she wants, and she doesn’t really have too much regard for the feelings of others. You could argue this all stems from shutting off her emotions, but also, an explanation is not an excuse.

That sort of jumped around, but there you have it, my sort-of in depth Lexa analysis and thoughts.

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Your Alicia x Al stuff is burying me in depression I think. When I think of Alicia I think Lexa. I don’t care how feminine Carey is irl. To me, her characters are masculine. I’m extremely masculine. I live vicariously through Lexa. I wear a packer daily so I especially love g!p Lexa. So to see all these scenarios with Alicia being on the receiving end of Al’s strap is fucking up my brain. Idk if I’m experiencing dysphoria or what. I feel so confused and sick to my stomach. What’s wrong with me?

Look hun, I understand how you feel, I feel that same way whenever anyone dares to call Lexa a bottom. It bothers me immensely, and makes me uncomfortable, cuz just like you, I see Lexa as masculine and a top. I identify with those qualities in her, so I won’t accept her in any other form but that.

That being said, I know how to separate each character Alycia plays from each other. Lexa is not Alicia. And Alicia is not Lexa. They may share similarities, but ultimately they are different people. Alicia is a lot softer than Lexa, and thinks more with her heart. She’s more emotional and vulnerable and open than Lexa is, which makes her more feminine in my opinion.

So that distinction makes it easy for me to see her as either a bottom or a switch. She’s someone who needs another person to take care of her, though she tries to hide that, she longs for it. Lexa needed someone she could take care of and protect, which makes her a service top to me.

This is how my brain works whenever I look at characters, and how I determine who is what. But those are my own opinions. Mine. So you don’t have to subscribe to my way of thinking.

If my headcanons bother you or are making you upset in any way, I apologize, but I’m also not going to change my way of thinking to please someone else. We all have our issues, we all think and feel differently and that is totally okay. I’m not out here trying to harm you. I’m just having fun with some like minded people, that’s all.

My advice, look at the tags I use, filter them out. I wouldn’t want to cause you any unnecessary damage, so this is how you can safeguard yourself.


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