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#commander lexa

So, nighbloods can be used as hosts for other nighbloods? Then maybe they could resurrect whoever is in the Flame, soooo… Lexa could come back in another body, hoping that the Dark Commander they keep talking about doesn’t hijack the whole thing

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About the Fic | Clexa AU | There’s been a business merger with 13 wine and spirit brands coming together. 13 Clans now exists, and Lexa and Clarke need to jump right into things and start working together. Lexa is by the books, Clarke likes to blur the lines. There’s a lot of travel, there’s a lot of team drinks, and there’s definitely about to be something between the two.

Link to Chapter 6:

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Clarke & Lexa: *kissing each other’s necks*

Bellamy & Echo: *making out*

Octavia & Lincoln: *staring deeply into each other’s eyes*

Murphy & Emori: *holding hands*

Raven: Seriously? Am I the only one here that isn’t banging a grounder?

Anya: *walks by in all her cheekbone glory*

Raven: *wide eyed* Doesn’t have to stay that way forever, though.

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I just realised, but the Primes have a technology that enable them to store the mind of their fellows in Chips…

Does that mean that they could’ve stored Clarke’s mind into a chip before they actually shut her mind? If so, Clarke is stored on a chip until her team manages to get access to it and implant it back into her body. 

What could it mean for Madi’s Flame? Could the spirit of the commanders be individually stored onto these chips? It would theoretically enable Lexa to come back through someone else? Lexa as we know her is dead (her body as impersonated by Alycia Debnam-Carey) which would mean they could cast a new person to impersonate a “new” Lexa. 

How crazy would that be?

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