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If you commission me I can get new glasses (my current ones are beat up and are from 2016) and fix my aching eyesight(which has gotten really irritable lately to the point where i have to rest my eyes every so often) and you get really good art! You also get to see much more art from me since i wont be squinting my eyes as i try to use my computer lol. I moved into a new place so now I can add extra commission slots!!! To those who already have active commissions dont worry, these would be added to the queue.

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hey, would you translate doujins from other fandoms as well or just haikyuu? and would it change the price?

Of course!! Prices will remain the same, I think that’s pretty reasonable. Hit me up anytime!!

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Compilation of the charm commissions I’ve done so far~ I’m doing another batch that’ll arrive in April.  

If you’d like a charm commission, dm me or email me at   $55 for one design on both sides, $75-95 for two sided.  Physical charm ships free to you!

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sup everyone. anyone wanna buy a painted bust for $20? example:


now keep in mind i am a learning artist with a lot of space for growth, and since i don’t expect anyone to want this, it’ll probably take a while to set up. consider this an interest check.

donate to get my parents off my back, get a painting. everybody wins.

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Damn king, can you reserve a spot for the queen until the beginning of February. You know ya girl got these huge ass bills to pay at the end of the month 😩

You got it! I already got one lined up so chances are I won’t finish it before the beginning February anyway, so it’s all good!

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I’m a gay trans man hoping to have top surgery sometime this year! Unfortunately I can’t get a job currently, so I’m finally taking commissions 


  • heavy gore
  • mecha/machinery
  • offensive and/or explicit 
  • certain media and ships

additional info:

  • if interested, dm me and we can communicate through discord
  • payment thru paypal

you can also support me on Ko-fi and Redbubble!

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