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I want to exist

Is it okay to love someone so much you end up merging into them? Ceasing from existence.

When you are a loner, there is no biggest proof of love than letting people in. The confort zone is a safety territory, but what to do if this territory get smaller and smaller. Perhaps it suppose to be growing bigger, I mean… You have been surviving so far. But what if it’s not? What if with every inch less you are disappearing as well?

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On the last day of the capoeira event it rained, but that never stops these guys!

If there’s one thing iv learnt on this trip its that our need for comfort and control hinders our ability to learn and perform.

#reflection #capoeira #obrigado #acrobatics #confortzone #antifragility #jump (at Praia De Graçandú-RN)

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[Invitación a un grupo maravilloso ]

Yo: Oh..Se ve bien (5 segundos después acepta )

[Sale eyectada de la zona de confort ]

Yo : (luego de las primeras 2 horas dentro)

Los amo 💖

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Don’t let terror freeze you.

Don’t let the unknown cause fear.

Fear turns into terror.

Rule out fear.

As scary as it is…

Dive into the deep.

Go into your uncomfortable zone.

Nothing is accomplished in your comfort zone.

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Confort zone

I dunno about you but I am such a scaredy cat. I’m quite the anxious girl and I suffer from social phobia. It always has been challenging for me to go somewhere alone if I don’t know the place or the people.

But recently (very) I have forced myself to go outside of my confort zone and challenged myself. It was truly terrifying and I had panic attacks, insomnia and all kind of funny stuff like that.

However, I feel very proud and it has been great experiences. I feel good and successful, accomplished.

So be brave and try new things even it scares you! Get out of your confort zone you won’t regret it !

And remember, better have remorse than regrets :D

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I live in a castle
All i see and live is through this castle
I stay in a very tall balcony all day long
I watch things happening
I see people’s change
Sometimes very close
But me
I keep myself in my very tall balcony

My castle is strong
It is made of massive stones
I control everything inside it
Feels good know that I can

Nothing grows inside my castle
I don’t let that happened
If I do
I could loose all control
So I don’t open my windows and the sun don’t come in

My castle looks really beautiful
I’m really proud of it
It is cold inside though
I sleep on the floor
But I don’t mind
The important thing is that tomorrow I came back to my very tall balcony
And that’s the only thing that matters
Nothing modifies in here

(They say my castle has a name, but I don’t understand
For me
It is just like home.)

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