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So a bit of a short post here guys but I hope you like it!

I actually made this recipe up myself but then again someone probably made it before I did and I just so happen to make my own version.

So in the picture it me look like a normal large cookie with some weird white bubbles coming out of, well it’s not a big cookie guys it’s three different desserts in one.

This desert is so simple but at the same time so hard just because of how much time you actually have to put into it!

So first what you have to do is cook brownies,now the fun part is is that you can use any brownie mix not just a homemade brownie you can if you want but brownie mix is just easier. Make the brownies and let them cool, you have to make sure they are super Cold.

Next make a cheesecake batter and put it overtop the cooled brownies, now depending on what kind of cheesecake batter you use you can either put your cookie dough on the top and just bake it all together or you’ll have to wait until your cheesecake completely solidifies and then cook the cookie on top.

If I get the time I’ll see if I can get a picture of a piece cut!

Mod Momo 🥀

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So, I had this dream last night

I was at this party with Tom Holland and Robert Downey jr.

I was quite having fun, but I realized Tom and Robert were mad at each other for some reason (the only thing I can remember them to argue for was peanut butter…).

So they were sad and I didn’t want to see them that way, so I baked them heart-shaped cookies and brought them to them.

They both hugged me for like three minutes straight and I didn’t want to wake up anymore.

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Entity-303: we can bake these cookies at 400 degrees for 10 minutes or 4,000 degrees for 1 minute

Null: That’s not how you bake cookies!

Herobrine: FLOOR IT!!!

Entity-303: how about 4,000,000 for one second?!?



Herobrine: DO IT!

Null: NO–

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@lukesandoe Hams/glutes on today’s menu. First time in a long time hitting RDL’s. Felt pretty damn good 😃 7 plates for 6 but could be tighter with form… next time! .
@redcon1 @ironrebel @official_otomix @iron_monkey_wear @protan_official @thesizegamepodcast @mediphorm @supplement_needs @brutalmuscle @therealtechnician @muscleworksorpington .
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