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The majority of Tumblr users, 36%, are aged 18-34, a coveted market for most companies.

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some concepts:

u and ur gf spend all evening rewatching adventure time and eating the cookies u both horribly frosted

u and ur gf meet up at the arcade at 2am and get sore the next day from too much dance dance revolution

u and ur gf plan a morning walk in the woods but end up sitting at the creek looking for frogs and worms instead

u and ur gf plan a 5-hour road trip to see some band you’ve only heard one song from

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hi there friends!!

i’m currently looking for a penpal/friend to exchange snail mail with 🐌 if ur intrested please shoot me a dm!!

i’m a 18 y/o female from the usa who loves cottagecore, wicca, video games & anime!! i love learning (about others and in general) so i can assure you i’ll be intrested no matter what you’re into / who you are!!

thank u for looking 🍄

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