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1. Try to give it form and to put it into words. Don’t allow it to be shapeless as that’s harder to resolve.

2. Agree that you will look at it and not ignore the pain - as any unexpressed emotions lead to problems later on.

3. Avoid triggers and memories that take you back in time, and open up old wounds, so you experience pain again.

4. Ground yourself in the present and who you are today – and remember you have strengths, and good people in your life.

5. Don’t allow the hurt and pain to take control of who you are, or limit what you’ll do, or the goals you set yourself.

6. Spend as much time as you can with those who care and treat you well – with those who see your worth, and truly love and value you.

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32/100 days of productivity

Classes start the 26th for me


Intro to Human Services

Intro to Counseling

Biological Anthropology

Intro Computer Systems

One more semester and I’ll be finished with my Associates. This semester I am lucky enough to have a new study buddy!

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1. Remind yourself that you are not who other people think or say you are.

2. Remind yourself that everybody makes mistakes at times, has areas of weakness, and things they want to change.

3. Remind yourself of ways in which you’ve grown and changed with time. You’re not who you once were - so celebrate how far you’ve come.

4. Also, the ending isn’t written and the future isn’t fixed. You’re free to change your image, and an old identity.

5. Identify the lies you have believed about yourself – and work on changing them so they’re more accurate and true. Also, don’t reinforce those lies by acting like you think they’re true.

6. Remember that your feelings are not the same as facts. Don’t live based on your feelings … as that will keep you trapped.

7. Hang out with those who see, and who appreciate, your worth. And take their words to heart, and let them help to build you up.

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1. They’re not easily offended, and don’t take things personally.

2. They’re accepting, non-judgmental and always want the best for you.

3. They respect others’ perspectives, needs and boundaries.

4. They listen well to others, and try to see their point of view.

5. They’re kind and understanding, warm, respectful and accepting.

6. They’re trustworthy and loyal, and they think the best of you.

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