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Bags of fun …
Soooo … it’s half term and I got to have another fabulously creative session with a lovely young lady who was once again in the area visiting her nanny. This creative 11 year old was gifted her first sewing machine for Xmas by her very clever mummy and so has already started to enjoy her sewing at home. She arrived at the TheadShed with a head full of ideas and said that she had been thinking of making a denim shoulder bag with a seaside theme. We were soon busy planning and hunting through fabric. We cut out some perfect beachy images from white vinyl, picked a navy anchor fabric for the strap and finished it all off with a beautiful true vintage shell button. I was very impressed - this creative miss transformed her lovely idea into a really cute bag in just a couple of creative hours. Absolutely blinkin’ fabulous! #sew #sewing #learntosew #sewinglessons #pembrokeshirecoastalpath #pembrokeshire #thingstodoinpembrokeshire #craft #crafting #makeabag (at Freshwater East)

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Charcuterie anyone?

RESINISTICS… Where Resin and Luxury Meet. 💧🎨🩸 .
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I made a tiny knitted borb crow! Would anyone want the pattern for this? It’s fairly simple, but it is knitted in the round with dpns which can be kind of wild if you’ve never done it before. 

Yarn bowl made by Nancy Walker  

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[image description: a cross stitched, embroidered agender patch sitting on a blue microfibre blanket. The patch is square, featuring the seven horizontal stripes of the agender pride flag - black, grey, white, mint, white, grey and black - and is finished with a dark green hand-embroidered edge.]

Having taken photos of all my patches for Aro Week, I realised that I should post my non-aromantic patches somewhere! So here’s my agender patch, sewn on 14-count aida. That green on the edging is my third favourite floss: it’s a lovely colour and it sits nicely without my providing additional stiffening to the fabric underneath.

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May I have a list of the materials you are comfortable with sharing?

Of course!

I didnt use many special materials but SOME are different

I’ll list them

- PU PAINTS- NOT ACRYLICS. They are more sturdy! They can be chemical/water/Latex based, id go for water or I used Latex based. They hold very well, and the paint isnt even sealed. They come in tons of colors, you may also know them as Model paints (for the little plane models you glue and buy, the little tins with the colors on the lids!)

- Sponge Sponge Sponge - Sick of streaks? Sick of thick, lumpy and chunky painted eyelids or beaks? Crying about gradients?

Look no further! Dont plague yourself. Use a Sponge! You can get thin, even Layers and easy coverage (shoutout to Cristine and Beyyn) just dip a little into the paint, then dab dab dab. Youll get great result and texture. I used Not a single brush on the Queen

TOOTHPICK - Second paint tool

The tiny nails, gold detail around eyes, and everything else very small was painted with just Toothpicks! Brushes bend and its a struggle

Also used for glueing and applying Superglue (eyelashes) and keeping them in place

WIRE - DONT BE A FOOL. I ordered 4?mm wire and it was aluminium and that HURTED it broke After just a few bends and all her arms snapped off. Make SURE your wire is used for bending. Use FLORAL WIRE

Bend the wire. Try breaking it. You cant break it? Thats the one you buy. Wrap multiple strands into one big wire for extra sturdy.


  • Tons of wire (ears, arms)
  • Superglue
  • Tongs
  • Pain
  • Carpet Tape (black, similar to duct tape but matte
  • Fur, Scale Fabric Pillow
  • Permanent marker
  • Eyechips (14mm, Glass)
  • Lots of Thread and Sewing
  • Furby Spine
  • Pipe Cleaners
  • Tears
  • Sturdy Plastic (Tupperware)
  • ???
  • ???
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