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In an interview with, David Karp (Tumblr's founder) admitted, "Being on computers all the time makes me feel gross."

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like when i watch turnabout musical i’m like wow i love this character they’re so fun and attractive and funny :-) then i see them in-game im like oh yeah.

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yall r really that pressed over double and triple goers… i’m incredibly sad i can’t go and see them but you guys are doing too fucking much over people who got lucky enough to buy tickets to see them more than once. id jump on that shit too if i could!!!!

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Controversial post

But talkin liek DIS c: was really fun at the time

Waking up internet friends by going “*poke poke* iz u still asleep???? I made wafflez (∿°○°)∿ NUUU I DROPPED THEM >A<” made life so much more enjoyable

Comforting friends by going “;-; I’m here if u need to talk” and praising good art like “*-* OMG… sempai dis looks GORJUSS!!!!! One day ill be liek u sempai…” was just in general an amazing time and I felt so good being myself back then. Emojis were my emotions and scene kid slang was my language and I want people to understand that it’s not bad and disgusting if you want to keep talking like this. It was so fun and I support anybody who wants to keep this alive

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Sugary Cosmetics is a latin indie brand and they launched a Valentine’s collection including lashes that come in a heart shaped box with words like BFF, Sweetheart etc 


The CEO of Sugary Cosmetics went live on Instagram in a very emotional state claiming some company (we know is KKW) sent a letter giving her 5 days to remove the lashes from her website as the container looks like their perfume.


KKW claims people are confusing her brand with KKW causing them a huge loss (lmao) THEY ALSO WANT HER TO GIVE THEM EVERY LITTLE COIN SHE MADE FROM THE LASHES.

Sugary Cosmetics CEO says KKW perfumes never crossed her mind as her inspiration behind this collection is Valentines Day.

I’M FUCKING PISSED. ok she can claim her copyright whatever, BUT she HAS to ask for the money?????  The little quantity of lashes she sold is going to take millions from you? To feed your family? 

 This isn’t the first time they’ve gone after companies trying to claim some sort of image ownership for generic ideas. It’s obvious the inspiration is the valentine candies, there are so many items sold with that inspiration. Between this and trying to copyright “kimono” its just straight cringe.

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