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We listened to Josie’s dad’s records, one after the other, while she told me all about how they were recorded. How he wrote this song, how he quarreled with the producer over that other one. Sometimes she would frown and say, No, this isn’t right or This isn’t how I remember it at all. Sometimes she would sing different lyrics or stop the record and sing a song that got cut. She has a good voice, very in tune.

How much thought and feeling goes into such short pieces of music. And so many people work on them. Composers work more or less alone until their much longer pieces are finished. Or almost finished.

I have discovered my own preference for baroque music and early classical music as well. Also the work of a composer named Bela Bartok. But Josie likes her father’s music best of all. I wonder if I would like the music of my programmers the best.

Josie asks me if she looks like him. I don’t know what people mean when they say two people look alike. It’s as if their minds do some incredible calculation that I don’t understand. She asks if I believe that he’s her father. I don’t understand how he can be, but if she says it’s so, it must be true. She gives no indications that she’s lying.

Photo: Sofia Garza / Pexels

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Anon Request: Dad!Namjoon, Joon’s wife (reader) struggling to take care of their young baby while on tour with him at the airport

Tags: BTS.  BTS Drabble, Dad!Namjoon, Dad!Joon, Bangtan as Dads, dad AU, husband AU, fluff, angst, tour, airport, namjoon x you, namjoon x reader

Genre: Fluff, Angst

Title: Trouble at the Airport


Originally posted by holy-jinsus

“And you’re sure that we remembered to pack his stroller and his favorite  stuffed animal?” 

You asked worriedly, as you glanced down at the phone in your hands, making sure no one had texted you anything important last minute. Going on tour with your husband was always stressful for you, but it was especially stressful when leaving behind a home that needed to be watched over, animals that needed to be taken care of, and your country behind for an indefinite amount of time. 

Not to mention, the stress on you doubled when traveling with a young baby. 

“Baby, yes, everything is here. Stop worrying so much.” Joon’s deep voice spoke up soothingly from beside you in the car, and you glanced over, as he leaned over the baby’s car seat, sticking one of his large hands into play with his son’s fingers, as Moon-soo babbled and kicked his legs, a large gummy grin crossing his features, the dimples in his tiny cheeks so much like his father’s. 

You couldn’t help but smile at the two of them, and some of the anxiety, tightened like a band around your chest, dissipated as you watched them interact, father and son. 

The car came to a stop outside of the airport and you all exited the company van, Joon slinging the bags over his broad shoulder, as he hooked the handle of Moon-soo’s car seat over his free arm. Offering you his other hand, you took it, and he offered you a grin, his eyes bright behind his sunglasses. 

You glanced around as you walked into the airport, the other six members of the band emerging from their own cars and gathering as a group in front of the check in desk. It was unusually quiet for a Monday morning at the Seoul airport, and though you knew they had shut down this wing of the airport specifically so that the boys would be able to get where they needed to go without pushing through crowds of fans, it still felt slightly odd, your quiet voices echoing off of the empty terminal walls. 

Taking the car seat from Joon as he joined the other boys to get their tickets and travel plans in place, you sat down in one of the empty chairs and smiled at the baby, as he kicked his feet happily and gurgled, his chubby fists reaching out for you, as you said quietly to him, reaching down to unbuckle him from the seat, “Hey, baby boy. You ready to go on the airplane? You gonna be good for momma?” 

Lifting him up and out, you laid him on your lap, playing peek a boo with his feet as you tickled him, his little giggles making you grin in response. He looked just like Joon-dimples, wide eyes, dark hair, although his nose and lips were definitely yours. He had just turned six months, and it was the first time since his birth that you had dared to accompany Joon on tour again. You had done it all the time together before having Moon-soo, but it was just too difficult with a little one in tow. 

“Jagi, you ready?” 

You glanced up from playing with your son, to see Joon standing before you, his hand outstretched, the empty car seat already slung over his empty elbow. He smiled at the two of you, his dimples deep in his cheeks, and as you took his hand, Moon-soo balanced on your hip, he leaned over to kiss your cheek as he said, “Let’s get going. They’re ready for us to board.” 

Nodding, the anxiety flaring up into your stomach again, you followed behind him and the other boys, the baby chattering and cooing happily on your hip. 


The flight to L.A. was long. 

Thankfully, Moon-soo fell asleep soon after boarding, and remained quiet for the first three hours of the flight, sleeping peacefully in a small cot a stewardess had procured beside the large first class seats where you and Joon sat. 

By hour four, he had woken up, his eyes bright, his dark, fluffy baby hair messy, as he reached out to Joon from the cot. “Come here, little man.” Joon said softly, as he reached down for the baby, plopping him into his lap, where his son happily started chewing on one of his favorite toys. Raising an eyebrow at you, he glanced over, giving you a look as if to say, “See? He’s fine.” 

You nodded, glad he was being amicable for the time being. 

By hour ten, all traces of amicability were gone. 

No amount of toys, videos, or playtime with his parents could distract Moon-soo from the fact that he was tired, hungry, and sick of being stuck on an airplane. 

You stood at the back of the plane, bouncing your son soothingly on your hip, as he continued to fuss loudly, his chubby fists stuck in his mouth, his legs kicking angrily, as you hummed out, “Shhhhh, shhh” in a quiet, rhythmic manner, hoping he would just go back to sleep for awhile. 


Joon appeared, his mask drawn down around his chin, his eyes holding worry as he looked at you, clearly frazzled, exhausted, and holding the fussing baby against your body.

He crossed the aisle to the two of you and took the baby from you, cradling his son against his shoulder as he said, over the baby’s dark fuzzy head, “Why don’t you go and get some rest?” 

“I can’t sleep if he’s fussy, Joon.” I groaned out, digging around in the diaper bag at my feet for the baby’s bottle. Finding it, I snapped off the lid and handed it to Joon, as he laid your still fussing son down in his arms and put the nipple to his mouth. Moon-soo resisted for a brief moment, but when the milk touched his lips, he started to stuck eagerly, finally growing quiet in his father’s arms as he rocked him gently back and forth, humming under his breath. 

Satisfied that he was content for now. you pulled your pump from the bag and then glanced over at Joon, as you asked softly, so as not to disturb the baby, “How much longer?” 

He looked down at the watch on his wrist and then said, “About an hour and a half.” 

Sighing, you held up the pump for him to view and then motioned to the bathroom, saying tiredly, “I need to go and pump. You got this?” 

He nodded at you, his attention already back on the eating baby in his arms, and you headed into the bathroom, locking the door behind you as you sat down on the closed toilet, your knees jammed against the sink in the tiny space. 

Hooking up the pump, you waited until the breast milk started to flow into the storage containers, before you glanced at your reflection in the mirror, sighing heavily at your tired eyes and your bedraggled hair, you slumped and rested your head in your hands, tears leaking out of the corners of your eyes as you sniffed quietly to yourself. 

Traveling with a baby sucked. This was nothing like the romantic tours you and Joon had gone on together when you were engaged, or even early married. 

A knock on the door made you start, and you realized the containers were full of milk, as you unhooked the pump, Joon’s voice echoing through the door. “Hey, are you okay in there? They said we need to get back to our seats and get ready for descent.” 

Sniffing once more, you stood, calling back in a casual voice, “Uh, yeah! I’m done. I’m coming out now.” 

One more deep breath, and you left the safety of the bathroom to face the rest of the trip. 


When the lurching of the plane wheels touching the ground sounded throughout the cabin, you glanced over at Joon, your hands over Moon-soo’s ears, and quietly said, “I hate this part.” 

He leaned over and kissed your cheek, his large palm stroking the baby’s head for a moment before he said in your ear, “I know, baby. But they have extra security today. They knew you and Moon-soo would be with me. And they’ve warned the fans.” 

Sighing, you nodded against his forehead, before he pulled back, putting his mask back over his mouth as the plane came to a stop and the doors opened. We were free to disembark. 

Checking twice to make sure you had everything, you followed behind Joon down the narrow aisle of the airplane, a bag slung over your shoulder, Moon-soo’s dark hair just barely visible above his father’s shoulder in front of you. 

Walking down the gainway and into the bustling L.A. airport, you felt your anxiety rise. Instantly, the seven men were surrounded by screaming crowds of fans, waving merchandise and signs, reaching over the barricade with grabby hands. A line of security detail immediately hedged in around you, barring your group from the fans, as you made your way toward where the company vans waited outside, heads down and masks covering faces. 

Joon reached his free hand back to you as you made your way through the crowds, and you gripped his long fingers tightly between your own, glancing over his shoulder to make sure that Moon-soo was doing alright. He was fast asleep, wrapped in his blanket, his head hidden from view under a hat pulled down over his tiny ears, his fist in his mouth as he sucked rhythmically, magically unbothered by the chaos around you. 

When you reached the vans, you followed Joon inside, and once the door was shut securely behind you, you removed your mask from your mouth and let out a long sigh, leaning your head back against the seat as you heard Joon chuckle. 

Glancing over at him, as he strapped a still sleeping Moon-soo into his car seat, he gave you a grin and then said quietly, “You okay?” 

“Yeah.” You nodded, reaching out to squeeze his hand as he sat back, your sleeping son safely secured beside him. “Moon-soo handled that like a champ, eh? He really is his father’s son.” You leaned across Joon to take another look at the sleeping baby, running a soft finger down his silky cheek before you pulled back. 

Joon watched the two of you, a soft smile on his face, his dimples just appearing, and then he said affectionately, putting an arm around your shoulders and pulling you against him, “Yeah. He’ll be taking over for me before we know it.” 

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Amy Lou Miller, To Those Who Are Wondering…

I’ve heard the question come up of late
That’s been circling around the boys:
If a tree falls and no one’s around,
Does that tree falling still make a noise?

Well sometimes my dad makes some funny sounds,
Not quite like a fallen tree limb.
Even when he thinks no one’s around
And I’ll tell you,
I can still hear him.

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My dad died on Monday. The memorial/celebration of life thing is today.

I really do not feel ready.

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What I appreciate about my dad is that when we were trying to work out plans for tomorrow morning I was trying to time how long the vet was going to take, driving times, breakfast times, etc and he just told me not to rush and come by whenever

And my life is ruled by a clock so it’s kind of liberating to be told that

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My dad is here!!! I got to spend the whole day with him. And because he wanted to put his jammies on at 5pm when the sun was still out. I did too!! To be supportive. And it honestly forced me to just chill. Which I have had such a hard time doing guilt free lately. So this was nice.

Today was a productive day. We have a car now!! And like I’m still stressed about that but I know it is a good thing. I’m just so afraid something will happen to it. But I hope it will all be okay.

I slept okay last night. James forced me up at 8. And at 830 dad wss supposed to be there but he got stuck in traffic. So he got there closer to 9. Which was just fine. James made me toast and I watched a video. I felt cute. It was a nice morning.

Dad got here and it was so nice to see him. James made him coffee. And soon he had to go to work. And me and dad got to work on car stuff.

We got insurance easily over the phone. The guy was really nice. And we got a bit of a discount. Excellent. And we headed out.

We picked up the insurance card. Got turned around but figured it out. And then out to Glen Burnie to the MTA. And we had a really easy time out there. The first easy time at s DMV ever. There was almost no line but Dad left his wallet in the car. So he had no ID. He went out to get it. And I went to wait to the side. But I felt like he was taking a while. And I got worried he got lost or something so I went looking for him. Found him pretty fast.

There was a small line. But not a big deal. We filled out a form. Got called to the desk. I messed up a little. Did something wrong on the form. But it was no big deal. We figured it out. Dad is so kind to do all of this for us. And it went really smoothly. And then we got the easypass set up as well!! Such a productive day.

We made a stop over at Lowe’s to get curtsin rod brackets. Since it was right there and I really would like to be able to keep the cold out a bit more. Well try to get them up this week.

We left there and went down to fells point for a late lunch at Alexander’s tavern. A nice lady gave us her spot and the last hour of her parking time ticket. What a nice lady.

We had a nice lunch. Our waiter was nice but very green. He seemed really nervous. And out food took a while because my sandwich got messed up somehow but I had a nice time with my dad.

We wandered around fells for a little. I did my company store talk for him. It was silly and fun. We sat on a bench by the water and talked. It was nice.

We went to the goodwill to look around. I tried on some rain boots. But then we just headed home.

Dad put the license plate on the car. And then I showed him some art I made. And we put jams on and watched videos. And it was really nice. James said it was a nice energy to come home to because we were laughing.

And it was a nice night. We watched videos. James had dinner. Me and dad had pie. There was an issur with dad’s charger. But we may have solved it.

Now dad’s sleeping. And im chilling. James is taking a shower. Well be asleep soon. Because we have to be up at 6 to get dad to the train. And then our train to DC is at 9. So I’m hoping to get s shower and have breakfast before we go back. Were going to a museum or two tomorrow and then maybe seeing a show! It’s going to be a really nice day.

I hope you all have a great night. Sleep tight!!

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I was fucking afraid of you! You made me hide under my bed as a child! I still want to fucking hide under the bed when people raise their voice! I remember the way your face looked when you got mad! I was sobbing! But you didn’t care! I WAS FUCKING AFRAID OF YOU!!!

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           shots             fire,             he             blows          away       the         ghost          that         hovered        over           him.           scattering          away,            he         lowers          the             shot       gun           before           looking           at              dean                ❝         i          stayed          but         you         didn’t         say        for           how            long.       ❞          

            💬   DEAN  WINCHESTER  :    @tobeblamed
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