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#daenerys targaryen

I was going to try to bring a bit more warmth and humanity to [Daenerys] where I possibly could. That was always a conversation we were having. And every season I’d do something else on hiatus, and I’d come back and be like, “What’s up, yeah, she’s going to sit like this” (slouches down in chair). And every time, they [D&D] are like, “That’s really cute, but sit up straight and don’t smile, you’re not funny. - Emilia Clarke

The slippers the Butcher King had sent her had grown too uncomfortable. Dany kicked them off and sat with one foot tucked beneath her and the other swinging back and forth. It was not a very regal pose, but she was tired of being regal. The crown had given her a headache, and her buttocks had gone to sleep. "Ser Barristan,” she called, “I know what quality a king needs most." 

"Courage, Your Grace?”

“Cheeks like iron,” she teased. “All I do is sit.” - Daenerys I ADWD

I keep on thinking about how D&D failed to understand the overarching themes of many storylines and how whenever a facet of a character’s personality, their fears, dreams, drives etc. weren’t explicitly written down, they proved incapable of gleaning them from the text. But then I stumble upon interviews like this one and realize that you really can’t expect them to understand the subtext through the analysis of the text, if they can’t even understand the text itself. Not even when it comes to passages that don’t lend themselves to multiple interpretations.

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Whenever I hear someone talking about the foreign invader…

I smile to myself, wondering if they are referring to Dany, or the lesser known actions of the ancestors of House Stark. I laugh a silly chuckle watching them work themselves into a frenzy over someone who was actually born in Westeros and only left due to assassination attempts.

Then I think about the First Men who traveled from **Essos** thousands of years ago to conquer Westeros. I think about the terrible war that raged between them and the natives for centuries in which the Children of the Forest were slaughtered and their sacred weirwood trees cut down. This resulted in the COTF creating the Night King as a defense, spreading even more bloodshed during the Long Night.

I also think about how the First Men warred amongst themselves for thousands of years, committing such atrocities as *The Rape of the Three Sisters*: where children were killed, men were disemboweled and their skin flayed, and thousands executed in a single day. I also think of the Kings of Winter (House Stark) who took control of the North after defeating rival northern kings, often forcing them to forfeit their women as a victory prize and keeping their children hostage to keep them in line.

Wow, what a legacy!

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Dragon Dreams

Viserys was hitting her, hurting her. She was naked, clumsy with fear. She ran from him, but her body seemed thick and ungainly. He struck her again. She stumbled and fell. He struck her again. She stumbled and fell.

“You woke the dragon,” he screamed as he kicked her. “You woke the dragon, you woke the dragon.”

The red door was so far ahead of her, and she could feel the icy breath behind, sweeping up on her. If it caught her, she would die a death that was more than death, howling forever alone in the darkness. She began to run. “… don’t want to wake the dragon".

A great knife of pain ripped down her back, and she felt her skin tear open and smelled the stench of burning blood and saw the shadow of wings. And Daenerys Targaryen flew.

Wake the dragon.“

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They should have used a clip of Jon giving the speech in the beginning of episode 4 instead of THAT scene

Kit Harington picked 8x06 for his episode, so that is what he is being judged on and where the clip has to come from.

I think they should have shown the part where he and Dany were talking before he killed her. The only problem is that Emilia Clarke was the better actor. We are supposed to feel sorry for Jon for making that decision, which no one is but that’s probably what they were going with. (And to be honest Emilia was the better actor in her death scene…)

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I wonder how, in the words of Tyrion, the future generations would look at Game of Thrones and make sense out of it.

This is interesting because time is a crucial factor for anything or any idea to form a space in your head and take shape.

I’m assuming most of these folks’ll be bingeing it over a month at max. This means there won’t be much time for fandom interaction, no time for proper formations of strong opinions and also no sort of deep analysis that may change or confirm the opinions that they might have previously. Even though this gets drawn out a bit longer than a month, it’s a bit difficult for them to know a variety of opinions from other folks that challenges their perspectives.

Will they be seeing a completely different story then? How are they going to perceive the plot twists? I’m saying this because there was a time when I was watching more movies and less TV shows and felt the long drawn out arcs on TVs were pretty boring and I would speedwatch them to reach the ending.

But then I fell in love with a TV show and started watching more of them and then developed an appreciation for the nuances of having a proper fleshed out structure, which the movies generally skip because of the time factor

To give another example, in the beginning couple of seasons, I absolutely loathed Cersei and wished her all sorts of sufferings at the hands of the Starks after she let Lady die and led to Ned’s imprisonment. But as time passed, I became ambivalent to her and at times even felt sorry for the things that happened to her. I feel this shift in my attitude wouldn’t have happened if I had watched those scenes when I was in red hot rage about her.

I mean I do get that different people view things differently. The fandom ship wars are ample proof of that.But still, time plays a crucial role in dissipating or aggravating those opinions. People initially hating a challenging opinion may get used to it and even shift their perspective completely. However, for this to happen organically, you need sufficient time. And the way the bingewatch revolution is going on, people’s eagerness to watch how it ends would trump over clarifying their own conflicted thoughts.


D&D once said - “From the beginning we’ve wanted to tell a 70-hour movie”. So when people actually watch it like a looooong movie, what will be their perceptions of certain events and characters at the end? How’ll they react to certain things?

And most importantly, how would they perceive this ending, that most of us found loathsome?

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Hello, I was mourning Dany when I found your post about the stab & x-ray pictures. It brightened my day, thank you very much. Also I believe this post would be greatly appreciated on r/DaenerysWinsTheThrone. If you're already there, nvm, please repost it there and have a good day. If not, the name is self-explanatory, it's filled with fans 'supporting our Queen until our last breath'. A link from there led me to you. Anyway pal, know that you're not alone. Have a good day ! u/TheTrueBarenziah

To be honest I hope that collaboration post goes viral somehow! Like can big youtubers talk about this, and writers write articles on it?! I want everyone in the world to be talking about it!

I do have a reddit account, and I already follow that sub. I saw the post that was screenshotted from my Tumblr post that got 20k upvotes on Freefolk and was shared to DaenerysWinsTheThrone. I was like omg I should have done that, since it was my post! But I honestly want to keep reddit separate from everything else, and I didn’t even get a surge in followers from that lol.

You can put a picture or link (or however you would do it) of my part of that post on DaenerysWinstheThrone as long as my username is in it.

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Imagine being invited to a dinner (and urged to take as many people and weapons as possible to fight, so the offer of dinner is not free), and then being told by the mistress of the house that you should have brought your own food, aka you’re a burden…

Oh wait… Isn’t this what happened to Daenerys?

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