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Antis: You see, Daenerys dying breaks the wheel. The wheel would have never been broken if she was alive. uwu

Daenerys: *frees slaves, gives them a choice. They freely call her their queen, their mother.*

Daenerys: *is murdered by the man she thought loved her.*

Slaves and smallfolk: *are still being treated like shit by people in power, they don’t get to choose.*

Bran: *is king because three white women, a shit tone of white men and like, one man portrayed by a Hispanic man, the New Prince of Dorne isn’t even fucking named*

Me, an intellectual: bitch what fucking wheel broke?

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I still find it hard to believe that when D&D had Dany say “But we are not men” in response to Missandei’s “Valar Morghulis,” it was done with full knowledge that both of them will die at the end; one in chains and the other after going mad, both at the hands of men

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Welcome to The 212, a casual GoT based RP server. Hop on for a list of taken characters and more info!

  • Basic modern family gang rivalry plot
  • All GoT characters welcome (many available!)
  • Text and paragraph based rp'ing
  • Casual and 18+
  • We’re chill or whtever ®

Join Now!

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Written for Jonerys Week 2019 - Jon & Dany see colors in each other. 

He sees green in the faded bruises on her skin after a battle. He hated the sight of them, but respected how much of a warrior queen she had become. He sees it in the emerald green dress she wore to large feasts, the one that brought the violet of her eyes. He sees it in the color her skin turned when she was feeling ill. The worst of it came when she first showed signs of pregnancy with their daughter. He sees it in the grass stains on the knees of her riding pants after enjoying an afternoon outside with him.

He sees blue in her lips and fingertips when they took trips up north to visit his family. She often has to place her hands in his to gain warmth. He sees it in her eyes, violet filled with flecks of cerulean. He sees it on cold winter mornings when the shadow cast by the snow outside their window falls over her skin. He sees it in the shadows surrounding her when she has had a difficult day. He often tells her she looks blue and tries to cheer her up.

He sees purple in her eyes. Not just purple, but violet, indigo, lilac, every shade on the spectrum. He sees it on her lips when she has had too much wine at dinner and begins to sob at the memory of all she has lost. He sees it in his favorite set of her smallclothes, which she wears for special occasions. They bring out her eyes and complement the pale shade of her skin. He sees it when she gets cold and the scars from past fights turn an angry shade of burgundy.


She sees red in the Weirwood leaves that get stuck in his hair after walks. She likes to brush them out with her fingers so she can feel his soft curls in her hands. She sees it in the scars that cover his chest from wounds that took his life. She sees it in the love bites that she leaves on his chest after they have spent a night together. She sees it in the bloodstains on the armor he wears. She does not like to imagine that it is his blood covering his body, preferring to live on in ignorance.

She sees orange in the reflection of the fire from the funeral pyre for his bannermen. It lights him up orange and highlights the sad features of his face. She sees it in the sunlight on his face in the afternoon. She sees it in the color that his hair glints in the sun. It shines impossibly bright when they spend mornings together riding their dragons. She sees it in the tea that he drinks when he is ill, steam coming up to meet his flushed cheeks.

She sees yellow in the lemons from the lemon tree he planted for her. She sees it in the color of lamplight on his face when he wakes from a nightmare. She likes to stroke his forehead as she whispers things to help him sleep. She sees it in the glint from the sun of Longclaw when he trains in the courtyard. She sees it in the yellow flowers that grow in the grass near their home. She sometimes picks them and weaves them through his hair as he rests his head on her lap.

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🐲Daenerys in Winterfell🐲

This is the third time trying to draw the damn coat, and it finally came out good. I guess it is true: “Third times the charm”.

While Dany’s arc in S8 was rushed, I was expecting and even hoping for Dark!Dany. However, D&D did such a terrible job with it that I couldn’t fully enjoy it. That being said, while I don’t think Dany will go mad, I do believe she is going down a dark path. Sorta like Anakin Skywalker in the Star Wars prequels. Don’t come @ me

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