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More Kree theories? More likely than you think!

Ok so the whole deal with the Hand (Netflix-Marvel big bad) is they were searching for immortality right? So they find this creature that has a substance (blood) that gives humans limited immortality, until they encounter something normally life threatening or just normal old age. Why do I instantly think of the Kree? Maybe there’s a large creature on the Kree planets that has this substance, or Kree themselves died near it and their blood blended with the large creature’s.

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guys im so fucking mad

so recently i’ve been looking back at cartoons that i used to watch when i was younger, and i realized something.


i have a thing for smart looking blond guys with long hair

and the reason im mad is bc school started today, and in two of my classes there’s a new kid who has long dark blond hair and he looks smart.


im going to die.

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First: happy happy Birthday 🥳💋 I always love your Ward stories, those are definitely my favourit fics ever 😍 What about Ward and Danny fight/argue about something, very intense with a lot of shouting. At some point Danny flinches, because he thougt Ward was close hitting him. Ward is super sad and upset, because becoming like Harold one day is his biggest fear. So that‘s it 😀 did I already mention that I love your fics? Because I LOOOVE your fics 📝

Thank you so much! This is a DELIGHTFUL prompt and it turned into a whole fic. 💕

Bluff and Call (2662 words) by Sholio
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: Iron Fist (TV)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Ward Meachum & Danny Rand
Characters: Ward Meachum, Danny Rand
Additional Tags: Fights, Making Up, Sibling Bonding
Series: Part 9 of The Epic Post-Series Road Trip of DOOM
They didn’t fight – really fight – all that often these days. But every once in a while, Danny’s prickly places – and he did have them – ran headlong into Ward’s prickly places (which was most of him; Ward sometimes felt like a human porcupine) and they ended up verbally tearing strips off each other at 2am.

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Any fights you'd like to see happen?

@al-ghuul @shadowbct @brainybxrd @ofdemonsandarrows @thecanaryxlance @thekingpinofnewyork @kunlunsironfist @thedragoncolleen @lastsonofkunlun

Ra’s al Ghul has stirred up trouble with just about the entire Batfam, especially Tim and Cass, so I can’t wait to see that come to fruition. They might have to get in line, though — I hear his daughter and her wife want to throw down with the old man, too. Wilson Fisk seems to have pissed off every single one of the Defenders, but Danny Rand and Colleen Wing might have to go for round eight hundred or so with Davos before they can focus on that fight.

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Who are the most richest people in New York right now, and are they single?

@ofbrucewayne @kunlunsironfist @thedragoncolleen @theacearcher @hearthecanarycry @darrenagonistescross @ofhopevandyne @gwandastacys @ironiccrus @thekingpinofnewyork

First of all, greyface - golddigging? Really?


Bruce Wayne is a pretty obvious answer, the guy is totally loaded. And, as far as I know, single - I mean, who could handle the Batarang? That’s what he calls his dick, right? It should be. Danny Rand is pretty rich, but Colleen Wing would probably kill you - and plus, you don’t need to be dating him to get some of that sweet money. Danny Rand will throw money at anything that so much as gives him the time of day. Oliver Queen is rich, and I think he’s single, but c’mon, do you really wanna go toe to toe with Black Canary? Darren Cross is back from the Quantum Realm, does that mean back with cash? Not sure, but he’s definitely single. With Hope Van Dyne’s death, Gwen Stacy is a pretty wealthy woman… But I don’t think you want to date someone into web bondage. Tony Stark is single, rich… And sick. So don’t fuck with that. And we have one more left… Wilson Fisk, a happily engaged asshole!

– Cheryl

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Any couples we should keep our eyes on?

@akajustjessicajones @daisycjohnson @melindaofshield @coulsonsshield @ofkarenpages @dogcfwar @thekingpinofnewyork @thedragoncolleen @kunlunsironfist @ofmjwatson @wxbhexd @ofpoweredmen @spyderwomcn @ofscottlang @ofhopevandyne @ironiccrus @supersoldierwithashield

There are always couples you should keep an eye on! On the more official side of things, Daisy Johnson and Jessica Jones are always hot and heavy, and Phil Coulson and Melinda May are pretty up there, too! That whole family has it going on in the ‘hot couple’ department. I’d definitely keep an eye on Karen Page and Frank Castle, both because they’re hot and because they’ve got a real murder vibe going on. Wilson Fisk has his lady back in town, and if the party he threw is any indication, he’s pretty happy about it. I’m not sure what’s going on with Colleen Wing and Danny Rand, but I don’t think they know either.

On a more unofficial note, there’s definitely something going on with MJ Watson and Peter Parker. Scott Lang’s been spotted with someone who looks weirdly identical to his dead girlfriend, so there are all kinds of issues to unpack there. Luke Cage and Jessica Drew are hot, even if I don’t know what they are. And I heard a rumor that Tony Stark and Steve Rogers were making eyes at each other at Fisk’s party.

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Luke Cage and Iron Fist Team-Up | Luke Cage season 2

I’ve thought about this twice today, so I want you all to watch it and remember that Luke Cage (the show) made the weird Netflix version of Iron Fist seem cool. And y’all should have appreciated this show more.

PowerFist bros forever.

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