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The biggest letdown over Daredevil being cancelled is there is so much left unfinished. I mean besides the bullseye and Fisk stuff, like Electra. What happened to her? Is she dead or did she just bounce? And Colleen is the new iron fist and Luke took over Harlem’s underground crime ring. There is just so much potential for more and I miss my boy.

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I’m rewatching Defenders and where was my scene where Matt gets like mildly injured and Luke takes him to Claire and is like “don’t take off his mask he wants to keep his identity secret” and Claire immediately goes “oh you know” and then yells at Matt for like 20 minutes for going out again and having to have his sorry ass dragged over here and does Foggy know you’re doing this and Matt’s just like “it’s nice to see you too Claire”. Like where was that scene I feel robbed.

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“Let’s go Ironclad!”


“I know!” If you hadn’t said something to her beforehand, Jess probably would have left him there. Let him fend for himself. But, she knew how much you love him, and he loves you. It would devastate you if she followed her instincts and left him behind. She even promised you the way kids do, with a pinky promise, to look after him. Technically you never specified saving him from danger, only that she’d look after him, and she could look after him from the elevator shafts as the place crumbled… . Still, she made sure he was right behind her.

If it had been anyone else, Jess would have rolled her eyes, but it was you who asked. A person who didn’t voluntarily choose this life, instead being dragged in it by association. Who stayed up late worrying all night when Danny was out late, calling her close to tears when you called him over and over again without a response. She was even the bridesmaid at your wedding. She wouldn’t be the end of this marriage if she could help it.

“Stop dragging your feet!”

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