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They should have used a clip of Jon giving the speech in the beginning of episode 4 instead of THAT scene

Kit Harington picked 8x06 for his episode, so that is what he is being judged on and where the clip has to come from.

I think they should have shown the part where he and Dany were talking before he killed her. The only problem is that Emilia Clarke was the better actor. We are supposed to feel sorry for Jon for making that decision, which no one is but that’s probably what they were going with. (And to be honest Emilia was the better actor in her death scene…)

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why do you ship jon and sansa with dany she's abusive

Dany isn’t abusive? She’s a victim of abuse herself and for those in her life that she can, she tries to help? She offered to send Missandei back to Naath, freed literally all her slaves, etc.?

She’s got a gentle, caring heart beneath all the FIRE & BLOOD and its fun to watch their dynamic as an OT3 because its more fun then the hell hole we got 

don’t like, don’t read

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Marko’s confirmed Dany will be at Toro Rosso next year.  I’m honestly just glad to see he’ll still have a seat for next year. 

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Tu presencia se extraña, aún parece hoy, donde sonreía esperando volverte a ver… Extraño los momentos de encuentros inesperados… Mi alma más pura eres tú, mi amor más intenso, simplemente eres el encuentro inesperado con el amor… La noche está llena de ti. Regresa, regresa y tráeme de regreso la alegría de tu mirada.

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i miss daenerys stormborn of house targaryen and the blood of old valyria, first of her name, queen of the andals, the rhoynar and the first men, queen of meereen, princess of dragonstone, lady regnant and protector of the seven kingdoms, the unburnt, khaleesi of the great grass sea, mhysa, the silver queen, bride of fire, slayer of lies, breaker of chains and mother of dragons

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Concede: Fire and Blood was fairly anti-feminist Caveat: The conqueror's sisters, Elissa Farman, Rhaena, Rhaenyra, Alysanne, and Rhaenys all carved out names and power for themselves while still working within the framework of a deck stacked against them and are all interesting characters.

I totally agree. For everything the Targaryen women went through, they definitely made names for themselves.

Shame on me for thinking that Daenerys would be the one to finally be the Targaryen Queen that breaks the wheel of oppression for everyone. Maybe not everywhere in the world would hurt little girls anymore…

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