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Just a little shipping cheat sheet:

If party one (A) is flirting or dating an abstract person with zero impact on the plot or case, and the camera pans to a main character (B) watching disappointedly from a distance, you can bet A and B are endgame.

A and B are easy to spot. If it’s a crime drama, they are usually partners. One is reluctant to be put with the other, sometimes both are. If it’s a political drama, they are usually from two opposite parties and learn to respect each other’s stance on things. But always, always, always rest assured A is old fashioned, true love, soulmates believer, while B is the adventurous, jaded, cynical type. Look at every single ship you have, and tell me I’m not 98% correct.

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A/N: I doubt many will read this, but here’s a Suits fic! One of my favourite shows, yet I’ve never written for it before today. I’d say it’s set around season 1, but Gordon’s still alive so probably a little AU.


WARNING for mentions of sexual harassment.


Title: Lights Out

Summary: Harvey Specter never would have believed that the internship he pulled in for his sister would end in a lawsuit… but you learn to expect the unexpected when you’re an older brother.

Words: 2538


“Hey, Donna.”  

Donna Paulsen glanced up from her computer, warm eyes settling on you standing before her desk. She smiled and leaned forward. “Well, hello there, littlest Specter. You’re a bit early. How was the internship?” 

You made a face and nodded slowly, hiking your bag up slightly on your shoulder. “Uh, it was…” Words were proving to be difficult today. “It was.” 

The secretary rose an eyebrow. Her red hair fell about her shoulders as she dipped her head in an almost condescending manner while she regarded you with a piercing, narrowed gaze. “It was?” she asked, obviously feeling as though your response was more than pathetic. “Seriously? That’s it?”  

Though you were usually all too happy to have a conversation with the woman you couldn’t remember life without, today just wasn’t one of those days. You’d felt like crying since you left for Pearson Hardman, and her scrutiny wasn’t making matters better at all. Swallowing, you averted your eyes, staring down at your fidgeting hands entwined by your stomach. “Yeah,” you told her simply, hopefully a clear indication that you didn’t wish to speak more on it. “Is Harvey here?”  

Donna blinked. “He’s in a meeting.”  

“Do you know when he’ll be back?”  

“I’d say he’ll be another half hour,” she said, breaking away for a moment to look at the time on her computer. She turned back to you. “Do you want to speak to him?” 

You didn’t reply. You couldn’t. If you said another word, you were quite sure you’d inadvertently break down. Thankfully, Donna had known you long enough to understand this, and she leaned forward once again a moment later and lowered her voice. “Do you want to speak to me?” 

A single nod from you and she was up, heading towards her boss’s office. “I’ve got you,” she said with a smile, waiting for you to catch up.

Life as a Specter hadn’t always been good to you, but you managed just fine. Sometimes.  

After Lily had gone – a mere three days after she’d given birth to you – you’d been left in the care of Gordon and your two older brothers. Nobody was even certain you were your father’s biological child, but there had never really been any reason to test it; as far as everyone was concerned, you were Gordon Specter’s youngest and only daughter, and he was damn proud of that, as were you.  

Nevertheless – unsurprisingly, really – it had always been difficult for you to grow up in a family of boys. There had been no woman to turn to when you experienced trouble with boys… no woman to run to after the first one broke your heart… no mother to confide in about anything and everything. Of course, due to that, you’d grown up turning to, running to and confiding in your brothers when anything like that occurred, but it had still left you feeling a little unloved on the mother side of things. 

Harvey joining Pearson and Hardman had changed pretty much everything. You’d met Donna, Rachel, Jessica… a whole plethora of women who were all too happy to watch out for the youngest Specter. Your father and brothers had noticed an almost groundbreaking change in the way you simply were, and Gordon had put that solely on the fact that you’d found the missing part of your family. He’d therefore asked Harvey to take custody of you, an action you had been quite indifferent to. Living with Harvey – something he himself had had to think about carefully. Being senior partner of a huge law firm was work enough, but being senior partner of a huge law firm and guardian of a teenage girl was just a live horror movie – had been the best option for you. Your old father lived in a house by himself, hours away from your brothers, and, quite frankly, he hadn’t thought he could give you the best chance at a life as Harvey or Marcus could. Perhaps if he’d had Lily, things would be different, but the fact of the matter was that he didn’t, and that had affected you. The Specters seemed to be a family of success, and you were no different – your dream to become a journalist had benefitted you greatly in the world so far, and Harvey’s pulled-in internship at one of the largest American journalism companies had been a literal miracle… which was exactly why you currently felt like utter crap

The moment you sat yourself down on Harvey’s leather couch in his office, dumping your bag on the floor, your eyes welled with the tears you’d been holding back all day. Donna’s own eyes immediately widened once she saw this, and she grasped your forearm a second later, pulling you into a hug. “Oh, baby,” she said softly, cradling the back of your head, “what’s wrong? Don’t cry- please don’t cry…” 

“I’m sorry,” you sniffed, words muffled by her blouse. “I feel so ungrateful.” 

Donna frowned. “Why do you feel ungrateful?” 

You half-heartedly shrugged. “Harv got me the most amazing internship and I just… I don’t want to go anymore!” 

The woman’s dark eyebrows furrowed at that, and she gently drew back, hands on your shoulders while she studied your red-eyed, teary face. “Okay…” she drawled out. “Well, there’s a reason for that, though, isn’t there? You’re not just going to up and leave. I know you, and this internship is- it's freaking amazing, right? Those are the exact words that came from your mouth after finishing your first day a few months back! You love it there!” 

You nodded, reaching up to wipe at your eyes. “I do love it. I- I did…” You shook your head and sighed irately. “I don’t know!” 

The expression on Donna’s face shifted from concern to empathy for whatever had you so upset. She turned slightly and leaned back against the couch, opening an arm out for you to lean into her side. “So, what’s changed, huh?” she asked, resting her cheek against the top of your head. “You know you can tell me. I’m Donna.” 

She let a small smile of victory grace her lips as one of your own appeared on your dejected face. You swallowed thickly, staring at the wall opposite you. “There’s a guy.” 

Donna rose a perfectly arched eyebrow. “You want to leave an internship Harvey Specter barely snagged because of a guy?” 

You lightly slapped her leg. “Hey, if you wanna hear the story then you’ve got to hear. The story.” 

Donna nodded once, patting your arm. “Right. Got it. Got it. Carry on.” 

“The guy is… well, he’s more of… an adult. And I’m notSo-” 

She stiffened, turning her head down to face you. “Did he do something?” 

Silence ensued for a short moment as you figured out a way to respond. “Nothing worth getting upset over.” 

Donna shook her head. She sat up straight and moved so you were facing her. “Hey,” she said assertively, brushing a strand of hair behind your ear. “If you’re crying about it, it’s worth getting upset over. Whatever he’s done, you can tell me.”  

The sting of tears returned to your eyes once again and you looked at her a moment longer, those warm, motherly eyes staring fondly into your own, before shaking your head and glancing down. “He just… flirts with me. Calls me ‘babe’ and ‘honey’. Constantly asks to go out for coffee even when I tell him I don’t want to. And today-” You broke off, a sick sort of feeling settling in your stomach, and breathed deeply before continuing. “Today, he touched me. Not in that way,” you rushed to assure Donna as her eyes grew larger than you’d ever seen them. “Just… brushed my hair from my face like you did… got really, really close…” You sighed, a sob breaking free. “I just didn’t like it.” 

Donna frowned, enveloping you in yet another hug. “Sweetie, I wouldn’t like that. In fact, I’d stick my stiletto in his damn neck!” She pressed a kiss to the top of your head. “That’s sexual harassment, Y/N, you know that, yes?” 

You nodded. 

“How old is this guy?” 

“I managed to check his ID for the smallest moment and I think he must be around twenty-nine.”

You could practically feel the anger radiating from her as the words left your mouth. “Twenty-nine years old? Twenty fucking- oho, get ready, stiletto.” 

A soft laugh shook your body and Donna smiled fondly. “Honestly, though, sweetie, are you okay?” 

“I don’t know.” 

“We’re going to have to tell him.” 

You nodded. Of course you did. Keeping something like this from Harvey Specter was not a good idea. “Yeah, I know.” 

“And… you also know he’s gonna blow?” 

A sigh. “Internally.” 

Oh, yeah. Until he gets to the building and threatens the entire company with a lawsuit.” 

“Or murder,” you added as an afterthought, and Donna chuckled. 

“Maybe only for the perv.” She sighed, rubbing your arms. “What that guy did is wrong,” she said. “Harvey’ll do something lawyer-y about it, and he’ll get the bastard sorted, don’t worry.” 

“Whose bastard am I sorting? And you know ‘lawyer-y’ isn’t a word, right?” 

Both you and Donna’s heads snapped around at the interruption, watching as none other than the owner of the office you were in strolled through the glass door, heading straight for his desk. 

Donna glanced at you for a moment before turning to him. “You’re back early.” 

“Got Hauerwas to crack sooner than expected. Did either of you know Mike could do a handstand because I most certainly did not. Now,” he briefly glanced at you over his shoulder as he busied himself taking things out of his briefcase, “are you going to tell me why my little sister is here, upset, when she should be at one of the biggest journalism companies in America? What, you still sad about Tuna Turner? I told you, I’ll get you another goldfish at the weekend.” 

You rolled your eyes at his back, and Donna sent him one of her famous ‘what the fuck?’ looks. Sure, he couldn’t see either, but the both of you knew he’d somehow know what’d been sent his way. 

He turned a second later, leaning against his desk, and sent you a wink. “I’m joking, guppy. Get over here and tell me what’s wrong.” He opened his arms in invitation and you got to your feet, walking over to him. He wrapped his arms around you as you buried your face in his chest and rose an eyebrow when he was handed a glass of whiskey by Donna. 

Really, Donna, I believe it’s your job to discourage me from drinking.” 

Donna shook her head. “I think you might need it.” 

That eyebrow rose higher inquiringly but took it all the same, taking a sip. Donna looked at you and you nodded. “Okay. Harvey,” she said, “Y/N’s home early because she experienced something a little… untoward at her internship today.” That eyebrow rose no higher, but it didn’t lower, either. Instead, he maintained his stern gaze with his secretary, one arm still wrapped around you while the other held the glass. Donna looked at him for a moment, honestly wondering how she was supposed to continue, before shaking her head to herself and sighing internally. All the way, it was, then. “A guy came onto her, Harvey. A twenty-nine-year old guy invaded her personal space, called her pet names and repeatedly asked her out after she told him no several times.” She deflated, watching his face turn utterly stony. “There was no other way to tell you.” 

He pursed his lips for a moment before bringing the glass up to them again and downing the rest of the alcohol. A second after he’d placed the glass – a little roughly – down on the desk behind him, the frown lines appeared on his forehead and he looked back to Donna. “I’m sorry, what?” 

Donna nodded. “I know.” 

“You’re telling me… that the multi-million-dollar journalism company I trusted with my seventeen-year old sister… employed some bastard who thinks sexual harassment is okay?” He shook his head. “Not on. Not. Fucking. On.”

“Woah, woah, woah,” Mike said as he walked in, eyebrows creased in a concerned frown. “What did I just hear?”

Harvey ignored him. He turned his head down towards you and stepped back, grasping your shoulders as Donna had done earlier. “How long’s this been going on?”

You sniffed and reached up to wipe at your eyes, fresh with new tears. “Uh, about a week? I don’t know.”

Harvey stared at you. “So… this has been going on the whole week, and I haven’t heard a single word about it until now?”

Well, shit. You supposed that was a big thing. Sighing, you shut your eyes. “I didn’t want to bother you.”

Quite honestly, you felt pressured under the sharp gazes of three adults in the room. And three adults you looked up to, no less. Mike had gone to stand beside Donna, who was whispering to him, no doubt about what had gone on so far, but your brother’s attention was fixed entirely on you.

He slowly shook his head, eyes wide and dark brows raised. “That is not how this works,” he told you, “and you know full well. Dad wouldn’t have handed you over to me if he didn’t think I was capable of looking after you properly. You tell me these things, okay? Whether it’s as small as getting a splinter or as big as this, you tell me. That’s how this works.” He looked to you for an answer, nodding when you whispered something akin to an “okay” and immediately drawing you back into his arms once again. “You want pizza tonight?” he said quietly, and you breathed a laugh, smiling despite the tears streaming from your eyes. How he managed to distract you while internally raging was… magic.

“Only if Mike and Donna can come and eat with us,” you whispered back, and he made a face.

“Mike too?” You lightly punched his chest and he chuckled, pressing a kiss to your forehead and moving away to pack his briefcase again. “What’s the guy’s name?” he asked as Donna came to wrap an arm around you.

“Jonah Barlow,” you told him.

“Right. Mind her, Donna? I won’t be long. Mike and I are just gonna head out for a moment,” he said as he walked past.

Mike rose an eyebrow and crossed his arms. “What, you need my help threatening a company?”

Harvey paused at the door and glanced over his shoulder. “I need your help stopping me when I’m unable to keep myself from punching Mister Barlow’s lights out,” he said, as stoically as possible. “And I’m not gonna threaten them. I’m filing a lawsuit against them.” An eyebrow shot up. “You don’t wanna come?”

Mike rushed after him as he walked out the door. “Hell yeah, I’m coming,” he said, and both you and Donna just about heard him as they moved down the corridor. “Hey, maybe we should bring Louis so he can stop me when I’m unable to keep myself from punching his lights out…”

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