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I wanted to write something short and holiday-ish so here’s Klaus and Dave enjoying winter and being silly.


“Should we get something for Ben?” Dave asked, loosening his scarf as they entered the much warmer coffee shop. 

“Nah, I guarantee you he’ll have already gotten himself something, don’t worry about it,” Klaus said, waving a hand as he craned his neck to get a look at the menu. Then he pumped his fist in victory. “Hell yeah, they have ice cream!”

“Really?” Dave asked with an amused smile. “I thought that was more of a summer thing.”

“For babies, maybe,” Klaus scoffed, bumping his shoulder. “When did you start listening to The Man?” 

“How dare you,” Dave said with a laugh, dropping a heavy hand on Klaus’ shoulder as he leaned against him. “I see your point though. I can’t believe I’ve been letting someone elses’ bad opinion influence me all these years. I’ll give it a try too.”

“That’s the spirit!”


“Oh, you’ve got to be kidding me,” Ben groaned as they caught up with him at the park. He had his hood up and was clutching what was most likely hot chocolate with both hands to keep warm. 

“What? You jealous?” Klaus asked with a wink.

“No,” Ben scoffed. “I can’t believe you both got ice cream. Klaus I get, but you too, Dave?”

“What’s wrong, you want some?” Dave asked innocently. 

“No, and you’re really gonna regret that.”

“Never,” Klaus said, taking a large bite of his ice cream, making Ben wince. “You’re just a coward who can’t enjoy ice cream on a cold day.”

“Yeah, you should really try it some time,” Dave added, following Klaus’ lead and also biting into the ice cream.

“You really deserve each other, you know? You’re both monsters,” Ben said, shaking his head. “Just don’t come crying to me when you get cold. And you’re not stealing my nice warm drink so don’t even think about it.”

“Shit,” Dave stage whispered to Klaus. “I think he’s onto us.” 

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(In the sixties)

Dave: So this is from a movie you’ve seen?

Klaus: The version I’m talking about is from a TV show, technically, but yes.

Dave: And… He has green skin, and he’s all wrinkly…

Klaus: Yup.

Dave: …And that’s supposed to be cute?

Klaus: He IS CUTE-

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The Umbrella Academy Writing Requests [OPEN!] ☂️🎄

I’m putting all my writing projects on hold to write some holiday-themed stuff!

No guarantee I’ll do every single one, but I’m in a big Christmas/New Year’s/holidays-in-general mood, so who knows?

Will not do:

  • Inc*st
  • NSFW

Other than that, go wild!! Really looking forward to this batch of requests!

Note: Don’t be afraid to send a request if you’ve already sent one in the past (even if I haven’t finished it yet). Seriously, send 10 at once if you want, it keeps me motivated!

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So everyone probably went this direction with the prompt but uh, I’m gonna pretend this is original ao3 link here! @tehmoonofficial

Summary: Dave and Klaus try to have a date. It does not work out so well. Modern day Dave doesn’t die au

Warnings: quick nsfw joke, but that’s it


Klaus ran.

He sprinted down the open street, losing balance every so often by slipping on the ice. He was too excited to care about his safety. But really, does he ever?

He burst through the door to the apartment he and Dave shared, startling his poor boyfriend awake.

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