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Dave: in French, we don’t say “I love you”, we say “tu me manques”, which means “ you are missing from me” and I think that’s beautiful.

Klaus: in America, we don’t say you all, we say y’all, which means you all, unless you’re with more than one person, in which case you say all y’all which means all you all and I think that’s beautiful.

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Headcannon that every time something gay/progressive happens Klaus says “Trump would hate this”, which makes the other soldiers at Vietnam more than a little concerned.

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Ben, about Dave and Klaus: You’re both communication bottoms.

Klaus: Uh-huh

Ben: One of you needs to be the communication top.

Klaus: And here’s where you lost me—

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so when Five comes back to the present day, he tries everything to stop the apocalypse because he knows it happens. what if that was already built into the timeline? the apocalypse did happen even though Five tried to stop it, but that was supposed to happen. The Handler was supposed to go after him. Hazel and Cha-Cha were supposed to get orders from Five telling them to kill each other. From Five finding the eyeball belongs to Leonard to Luther locking up Vanya, it was all supposed to happen.

but something new happened when Five transported all of them to a different time line. that wasn’t supposed to happen. now they are probably in a parallel universe where the apocalypse may or may not happen.

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Klave Ramble

I know a lot of people have made posts talking about Klaus’s and Dave’s relationship. However, I decided I needed to create my own take. So, here it is.

I think Dave was the first person to see Klaus as Klaus.

Hear me out. The Hargreeves family is dysfunctional. Actually no, they have gone way out of the ballpark for a dysfunctional family. I don’t know what exactly they are, but, dysfunctional seems to not cover it properly. However, I can’t use the word dysfunctional because that’s a closely related word to what exactly they are I guess. Then there’s Klaus.

Klaus, Number four, the middle child out of the Hargreeves so to speak. Pushed aside almost as much as Vanya. His powers aren’t particularly extraordinary for fighting crime. He isn’t good at following orders or a great fighter. He’s just….. Klaus. When he was younger and a part of him actually cared about what people thought it bugged him. He didn’t want to be ‘just’ Klaus. His whole life Klaus has been knocked to the ground. Once on the ground he’s been kicked and spit at. Always getting so many looks. Being told that he’d never reach his full potential if he acted the way he did. It’s just hard to exercise control over the dead. The rest of his siblings have powers that are tangible. Powers that can be physical homes and practiced. With Klaus? It’s different. Then there’s the fact their the literal dead and Klaus is a goddamn child. So he’s understandably spooked. The dead spook adults but children?

So, yeah. Klaus has been kicked and spat on by the world a lot. He’s been told he’s a disappointment and a fuck up so many times that he has lost time. If anybody knows anything about basic psychology they’ll know this. If you keep fitting a person in a certain stigma and treating them a certain way. They’ll start to believe it and start acting that way. Being treated that way it’s no wonder Klaus decided to say fuck it and turn to drugs and the devil-may-care attitude.

Dave saw him and he immediately saw right through the act. Klaus was scared and had been hurt and Dave knew he had to help the other. So, without thinking, he offered a hand of kindness to Klaus. Knowing it might be just enough to save the other and for Klaus? It meant the world. He fell in love instantly and Dave over time reciprocated the feelings.

That being said, at the beginning. I don’t think Klaus loved Dave per se. in the end hell yes but at the beginning? In the words of my English teacher “You don’t love so-and-so your in love with the idea of love.” For Klaus, I think this really rings true because when was the last time somebody treated him the way Dave had? Treated him like a person and not just a tool to get to the means of something?

I don’t know just rambling thought of mine. That I have a lot of feelings about sorry you had to read this all.

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