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Me, in game: Hey.

Me, in real life sitting on the floor: Hey listen I just wanted to…… thank u for still being here…. I mean I know u have ur own life & shit but ur still out here following me as I run us both into battles EVERY DAY but u still keep following me…. I never thought I would ever ha-

MacCready: *hands me two .308 rounds and nods at my combat shotgun* Here, this oughta help keep you alive.

Me, in game: Your thoughts?


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Cait: I don’t understand you, cat!!

Codsworth: I’m afraid my linguistic processor is not equipped to decode that sort of message. Let me try, ma’am/sir/GNOME. Me-ow.

Curie: A cat! Oh I wish I could understand what it is saying!

Danse: yes.

Deacon: meeyow to you too, furry friend

Dogmeat: arf?

Hancock: You say it, brother. [makes cat paws]

MacCready: [looks grumpy but totally wants to pat it, quietly:] ᵐᵉᵒʷ

Nick: Lovely creatures, cats. Hey there, how are you? What, you say you want to scratch the Elder’s face? I relate, little fella, I relate.

Piper: The only Brotherhood member that counts. [pause] Apart from you Danse, stop staring at me.

Preston: [kneeling on the floor, grinning widely, fishing for some thread in his pocket to play] kittykittykitty

Strong: MOW!! Cat needs to fortify.

X6: I wish I never had made that request.

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1 or a combination of my fo4 mods I’ve downloaded has created this………… this rare find that is a…. blue hologram of a man sitting on a toilet. ONLY. on toilets.

He’s never in a chair. Or on a couch. Like what does he want? Just what the fuck is this I don’t…. I don’t understand…… Is it Deacon??? One of his disguses? Is it the ghost of Nate sitting and contemplating his disgust with the skanky murderer his wife has become?? Is it Duncan? Is it Strong’s OG form b4 the bombs???? Or maybe Hancock b4 the drugs????’Can ANYBODY shed any fucking L I G H T ON THIS I AM HYSTERICAL

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first contender coming in strong! TWO Mirelurks, sexy. A Radstag horde is also nothing to sneeze at, unless you have deer flu. What worries me is the Deathclaw. And by worried I mean I’m fucking piss pants terrified. I’m sorry, NEXT!


The angry goats is what spices this offer. I am intrigued. The goat is a fierce beast in battle. But they also grow goatees, and that makes me think of a certain sniper brat with an oversized hat and an attitude. I am soft and I have beard envy


…of Nine? I mean, it’s a bit disrespectful to talk about her like this, but I’m game if she’s game. On the other hand, it would only prove to Tinker Tom that aliens exist, so I will respectfully nope out and send her a bouquet of Hubflowers instead.


I am terrified, but appreciate the traumatizing and hygenically questionable offer. On the other hand, I feel like this is an attempt to pressure me into marriage by presenting me with already halfed Brahmins. Hence, the Not-Deacon stays elusive.


This is how you present a tempting offer! What are the talents of the chicken?? I need to know. Does it sing, does it dance, does it glow? All at once? Does it have theatrical experience? Does it lay eggs in Carrington’s lab coat? But then again, what if he doesn’t smash the egg and instead is happy about breakfast? We can’t risk a happy Carrington. For the good of us all, I have to decline


That sounds great, but why talk about all the things you have but you’re not offering to me? That makes you look cheap, really. Woo me! I’m worth it. Promise. I’m potty trained and can quote Shakespeare. I could’ve shown off with at least one of those things if any of you had offered me a Yao Guai. Alas.

So, in summary. I’m staying single.

I’m fine!


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Alright. Ask #111... Sole and their companion are swimming to get to Spectacle Island, when a mirelurk drags Sole down underwater. The Companion can't reach them, and after a while, the surrounding water turns red, and up floats a detached leg, then follows Sole. Sole doesn't die, (yay). How do the companions react, and what happens to Sole in order for them to walk? If possible, could you make Cait's a little longer and fluffier/sadder? Thank you! xx

This was such a unique request; I liked it! It was a good challenge. There was a lot to do for this one, so I decided to break it into two parts: (1) Sole going down & resurfacing, and then (2) the companions helping them walk. That part will be out soon. I apologize in advance, my reacts are going to be a lot slower because I’m working 60-80 hour weeks and still trying to get settled and stuff. So, with that said, please enjoy part 1!

*I also didn’t include Codsworth, Ada, Strong, and Dogmeat for this one*

FO4 Companions React: Sole Losing a Leg To a Mirelurk (Part 1)

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thank you all for playing!

y’all get from me a 🌸 🌞 and 🚪  cuz I value each and everyone of you

that’s also why i feel inclined to pause the game at this point cuz I already lost 1 (one) follower over these shenanigans and I just enjoy the attention too much to endanger losing more of my precious spy fledgelings

rest assured I got plenty more asks in my inbox and enjoyed every single one of them

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⭐ - i really like your blog!

🌸 - you’re cute!

🦀 - i wanna roast Mirelurk steaks with you!

🌞 - we don’t talk, but i wish we did!

🍆 - eggplant

🌙 - you’re my secret crush!

🦂 - Radscorpions suck!

❄️ - i am a Courser and here to kill you!

🍋 - if life gives you lemons, you throw mini nukes and get bigger lemons!

🔥 - i wish i remembered what this meme was for!

🐓 - door

✋ - hook

🚗 - 🚪

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