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(Sterling can be easily spotted watching Deacon from a poorly concealed spot in a tree. What is he up to now?)

Deacon is minding his own business, waiting and listening for an informant to arrive. He doesn’t look at Sterling. “I know you’re there. Why are you in a tree?”

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39 for deacon/sole on the kiss prompt!

**cracks knuckles** 
angst time.

… because time’s run out

Dark shadows lingered in every corner of the room. Rotting drywall and loose cables hung limp like dismembered ghosts against each black crevice. This was a bolthole for the dead and dying. You could tell by the smell alone, Nora and Deacon weren’t the first cornered rabbits to dig in. 

He was heavier than her, but her veins throbbed with adrenaline and mortal fear, giving her the strength to prop him up as they shambled to the far end of the burrow. 

“That cheap trick won’t distract them for long.” He groaned, bracing his thigh as she propped him against the wall. 

“Dogmeat’s smarter than all three of those moon monkeys combined. We’ve got enough time for me to fix you up.”

“See, you really shoulda taken Des’s suggestion. Fixer would’ve been a great codename for you.”

Nora scoffed. “Too obvious.”

In the light of her Pip-Boy he was deathly pale. Deacon’s leg bent awkwardly, and though he wasn’t bleeding, the swelling spoke for itself. Fractured. Maybe broken. God, she had no clue how to reset a bone. Only enough experience to know that trying without the right training would probably just make it worse.

She hissed, worry eating at her heart like a worm. “You’re a damn idiot.”

“Yeah, yeah, I know.” Deacon shifted uncomfortably. “But listen - that mutt can’t keep those Gen-1s distracted forever. They’ll be back. You need to be as far away from here as possible before then, kapeesh? You gotta leave me behind, Firefly.”

“Shut up.”

Deacon grimaced under a wave of pain, croaking bleakly, “Nice. Law school teach you that one?”

“Look, I’m gonna bind this and then you and I are walking out of here together.


“There’s a Brotherhood outpost less than an hour from here, we can get to it and-”

“Nora.” Deacon’s voice cracked over her name, stopping her furious digging through the beat down rucksack she carried all her supplies in.

She fixed him with a stern frown. Gunshots echoed in the distance, setting her teeth on edge. Too often in the world before, she’d heard the static recording of these same sounds on the radio while news reporters spun tales of Anchorage’s carnage. And she, safe at home, could do nothing but pray Nate would come back in one piece. She’d lost one person to the Institute’s wrath already. She would never let herself be that helpless again.

“That holotape in your back pocket is what they’re after. You gotta get it to HQ or this entire op was for nothing. With me in tow you’ll be a sitting duck.” Deacon smiled, wide and white-toothed, “Listen, I’ll be fine.”

“You know what they did teach me in law school? How to tell when people are lying. To hell with the intel. I’m not leaving you.”

“Damnit, boss,” He let out a frustrated grunt, looking away, “You don’t have a choice. I can’t run. And you can’t let them get you. For the love of all things green and glowing, don’t make me watch you go down in flames. Not ag-

Deacon checked himself sharply. The gunshots outside were closer. Or maybe it only sounded that way. Nora stared, willing him to meet her gaze. Begging him to finish what he’d started, and prove to her by saying aloud what she already knew in her heart. Honesty from him was a token she could take to her grave.  

But the sound of a relay fired down the block, then, and she knew they were out of time. “Alright.” There was no room for hesitation. Her route was perfectly clear. An obvious strategy. And Deacon wouldn’t like it. Well, she was done playing liar with him. 

He flinched automatically as her lips pressed hot against his, only for a moment. Just long enough. 

Fear speared through her gut, and guilt, and desperation, but not regret. She was done with regrets, too. Nora dropped the holotape in Deacon’s lap, pulling away just as he overcame his shock and pitched forward in answer.

She smiled with brimming tears, “In case you had any ideas about trying to play the hero act. You’ve got your mission, and I’ve got mine”

Deacon understood immediately. Cold terror broke through his temperate facade. “Firefly-”

“Hold on to that tape. I’ll clear the way, and come back for you when it’s safe.” She explained anyway, already at the door, “I promise.” And then Nora bolted, out of Deacon’s reach and into the dagger’s edge of the night.

I will come back, She told herself, teeth gritting with determination. Deacon’s lips still burned where they touched in that brief moment of self-indulgence. It had been a flash of truth in the dark, however brief. And whatever it took to save him, it was a price she would pay.

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“We don’t mention Him.”

(This is my own theory I’m basing this fic on. Using the Barabra story as a cover up for Deacon’s pass and that the theory of him being John D. is true.)

This is OC x Deacon. If you would like to see a (Reader) x Deacon Please let it be known in the comments/and or private message.

Story: Sole wasn’t the only one to come from vault 101, there was another. But he had escaped years ago and joined the railroad. Sole, following his fellow vault mate, learns what really happened at the switchboard, and why they don’t mention the Professor.

… … .

After the Institute was finally defeated, they were all able to rest in peace now. Synths were saved and will continue being protected. In their celebration everyone was cheering on the Railroads success. Sole never seen everyone so happy before. These past months battling it out with the Institute and the Brotherhood left everyone stress and tense. Now they could finally let loose now that the boogeyman was gone.

Sole was able to lay back and enjoy the party, and his little vacation that was soon to start.

Now that everything they worked hard for was done Sole was able to read that journal he found at Mercer. It was a small book, hidden well behind the floorboards. He would have never found it if that grenade didn’t rupture the structure a bit.

Sole flipped through it taking note of the nice handwriting and the small doodles of a familiar face, or glasses for that matter. Sole flipped to the beginning reading the name listed at the top right of the corner.

Professor’s Journal

Whoever this person was had notes regarding medical and personal entries. Some a bit too personal regarding the Railroad’s number one spy.

He wondered if Des or Tom would know anything about this person.

Browsing through the journal Sole came up a few entries that caught his attention.

“-2275, March.03

The year had gone by fast since I started working with the Railroad. It had gone by so quick I almost forgot why I’m here. During that time I’ve actually grown to like Deacon. Odd that we became so close since he recruited me. I’ve been working as a ‘tourist’ but just recently Deacon propose we work together. I can’t help but look forward to that.”

“-2276 September.19

Working more with Deacon made me realize. I might like him more than I intended. We talk a lot about what we could do once the Institute is gone. It seems like Deacon was being honest when he said he wanted to become a farmer. He could have been pulling my leg too, but somehow his voice seemed too real for that. I like to think I can tell the difference now that we have gotten close.  I told him that if we ever make it, I’d see that he gets his farm.”

Lost for a moment in thought he failed to notice Tinker Tom making his way over.

“Hey man! This is a party! You can write it about it later. It’s time to celebrate!” Tom shouted placing a bottle of wine on the desk Sole was sitting at.

“It’s not mine, I found it awhile back when me and Deacon went to Mercer. Under one of the floorboards.”

Tinker Tom raised a brow. “Whose journal?”

Sole flipped the pages back to the beginning, reading the name out loud for Tom.

“Oh damn…”

The way his voice dropped only made Sole curious. If Tom knew him then he must have a bit of a reputation.

“Do you know them then?”

Tom pulled a seat next to Sole, leaning in he spoke.

“We don’t bring him up or even talk about him. Mainly out of respect for Deacon. But…” Tom paused looking around for the said man, making sure his shady friend was out of earshot.

“Professor was Deacon’s first partner in the Railroad. He had died in the line of battle when Mercer fell. It was a real shame, very sad for my man Deacon.”

Sole looked down at the journal, it was leather bound with gold corner tips. He ran his thumb over the cover in thought. Deacon had mentioned he had previous partners but never went into detail about who they were. Sole only assume they were more of his little white lies.

“If you got his journal you might want to hand it over to Deacon. Or if you’re curious, give it a read yourself.” Tom winked.

Sole wondered if he should, the thought of learning more about the past of Deacon was enough to convince him. But his heart felt heavy, it was almost like Sole was betraying his friend’s privacy.

“What can you tell me about him?” Sole asked Tom deciding whether to read further into the book.

“There was really nothing anyone knew about him, where he came from or why he joined. Well besides Deacon, he was the one who recruited the Professor a while back. That was of course before Des and I joined. From how she told it they were close. So when Deacon returned from Mercer with the news-”

“Wait-Deacon was there?”

“I don’t know how my man does it but he was able to find who the rat was and save us some time. Not much. We still got our butts kicked in the end. Losing Professor didn’t only hurt Deacon but our operations too. So out of respect, we don’t talk about him much.”

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Cait: Italian sausage and bacon

Curie: Italian sausage, tomatoes and green peppers

Danse: Canadian bacon

Deacon: Extra cheese, like, all the cheese, as much cheese as you have

Dogmeat: Literally any kind, pup’s not picky

Hancock: Sausage and hot peppers

MacCready: Pepperoni and mushrooms

Valentine: Sausage, onions and green peppers

Piper: Pineapple and Canadian bacon

Preston: Bacon, spinach and extra cheese

Strong: Pepperoni, Italian sausage, bacon, Canadian bacon and extra cheese

X6-88: Half cheese, half mushrooms and hot sauce


Gage: Pepperoni

Longfellow: Anchovies, onions and black olives

Maxson: Cheese with extra sauce and basil

Desdemona: Tomatoes and spinach

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Companions getting caught digging for gold!

So like, you did actually mean this in a metaphorical context right? 😂

Cait - “Don’t give me that fuckin’ look, Sole. It’s as dusty as a granny’s fanny in here and I ain’t gonna be breathin’ through me damn mouth.” She gives them a glare until they shrug and wall away, immediately going back to digging for that buried gold.

Curie - She doesn’t really get the social norms, it’s still something she’s having a little difficulty with, so little Curie doesn’t see what’s so wrong about clearing out her breathing apparatus! It is important to breath, no? Or, at least, this is what she is always being told.

Danse - The Brotherhood doesn’t exactly care about manners so much as whether the power amour’s clean and the weapons are fully loaded, so he doesn’t care when Sole busts him while he’s knuckle deep. In fact, he wonders why their face suddenly contorts into an unflattering grimace. Does he stink? Is there blood on his face? What’s wrong?

Deacon - He just stares at Sole dead in the eyes while he digs with first his index finger, then his rude finger, then his ring finger and then his pinky finger after which he offers them an innocent high five. Sole’s face? Priceless.

Gage - He stares Sole dead in the eye for the entire duration of his dig. He doesn’t blink. Doesn’t shift his feet. Doesn’t even blush. He just stares.

Hancock - “What?” He asks, twisting his finger this way and that. “It’s not like you don’t ever do it either.” He grins triumphantly when they roll their eyes and turn away. Seriously though, is it a ghoul thing or are boogies this much a problem for everyone?

MacCready - He blushes and tries to discreetly remove his finger, but it’s too damn late and the damage has already been done. Sole spotted him. He’s been busted and there’s nothing he can damn well do about it. So, ignorance is best and he’ll just carry on like usual, refusing to even bring it up.

Maxson - He doesn’t give a damn. Not a single. Damn. Who cares, anyway? It’s not like anything else in the wasteland is exactly clean, what difference does it make if he can add his fingers to that list? Plus, for fuck’s sake would it kill the scouting teams to bring back some damn handkerchiefs?!

Old Longfellow - He’s too old and too damn tired to give a hoot as to whether Sole saw him or not. If they have an issue with it, that’s on them. He just damn well wants to bloody breathe through this cursed fog, for crying out loud!

Piper Wright - She whips her hand away quicker than a Deathclaw pounces on a wounded Brahmin. She blushes deeply and profusely apologizes, claiming she never ever does it, ever, just this once because it’s so damn dusty. Needless to say, it’s a while before she can bring herself to show her face around Sole again without blushing.

Preston Garvey - “Oh! Um. Sorry general.” He blushes and hides his face by tilting down underneath the brim of his hat, an embarrassed chuckle escaping him while he studiously wipes his hand with a napkin. “Is it me, or is a dust storm kicking up around here?”

Strong - The big guy goes to town wherever and whenever the hell he wants to. He literally has no shame about it. He does it in the dining hall, the armoury, heck, even the medical centre. When he’s gotta dig, he digs.

X6-88 - He tries to be as discreet as he possibly can, aware of the perceived social norms regarding his nose, however he simply cannot ignore the irritating feeling in his sinuses and simply must do something about it. “Apologies, sir/ma'am.” He calmly says once he realised they’d spotted him. “My combat effectiveness would have been hampered had I not acted immediately.” He takes a good few moments more to make sure he’s fit for duty, during which Sole had huffed impatiently and carried on ahead.

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Fallout 4 Companions Headcanon- Favorite Horror Movie

Nick: Se7en

Hancock: American Psycho

Gage: Final Destination 3

Longfellow: Pet Semetary

MacCready: It

Preston: The Shining

Curie: The Sixth Sense

Cait: Orphan

Strong: Texas Chainsaw Massacre

Piper: The Babadook

X6: Eraserhead

Deacon: Shaun of the Dead

Danse: Says “These movies would elicit fear in most individuals. Fortunately, my training prevents me from experiencing such feelings of apprehension. Let’s watch a genre that’s actually worth our time,” but is actually just too scared of horror movies to watch them.

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Note- Deacon, Nick, X6-88, Strong, and Codsworth won’t be romanced unless someone requests them to be. I won’t add Strong unless told to or wanna throw him in there to yell at your poor sole. He wasn’t meant to be loved sadly.

*I make Sole gender less unless requested otherwise as well. The DLC companions and other characters you like can be requested like Elder Maxson or Desdemona.


Dogmeat: It is a fact that dogs can sense sadness, so don’t worry Sole, Dogmeat to the rescue! Once they begin crying, he’s a train. He nudges the door open with his nose and if he can’t and it’s closed, owp there’s Preston. WOah, it’s Deacon- and Curie? All your friends are there. Now hug your dog close, nuzzle and cuddle because there is no reason to be sad. :)

Cait: She was half ass-ed drunk so when she waltzed in their room, she was honestly surprised. “Sole, what’s the matter with ye’? Why are ye’ sobbing your eyes out?” Upon seeing her condition Sole would push her away and tell her to simply fuck off. Immediately she’s asking up a storm. Why are they being a bitch? Why won’t they simply get whatever bothering them off their chest to their romanced girlfriend that’s drunk. Oh right. She’s drunk and it won’t matter if Sole tells her because she will most definitely forget it in the morning. However in the morning or when she’s down enough water Cait will bring it up.

After Sole’s chest is clear and lifted of guilt, Cait will turn to them surprised. “Oh, darling. Why didn’t ye’ tell me when this started?” Cait will admit she’s not the type to start a conversation about her past out of nowhere or anything she’s dealing with at the time, but that gives Sole no right to hide everything they’re feeling now and then. She’d pull them in a brief hug and pat their back, slowly rubbing it. If it’s someone who’s bothering you? She teaches them a lesson. Too much work and stress? She’ll offer more help. She’s there when she’s not drunk off her ass for her Sole. 

Preston Garvey: It was a late night and Preston was making his rounds around the settlement. Stepping over and off the guard tower, he walked forwards over to the broken worn house and creaked the door open, looking inside. It became normal for him to peek in from time to time to make sure his general was alright. A habit for their safety and his own. So, when that night he saw them leaned over their couch whimpering with their face in their hands, he could only watch while frozen in place. When it settled in that they were crying he widened the door and closed it behind him quickly.

“Sole?” He announces his presence making them startled and look behind them wiping their tears. “What’s the matter?” Preston sat his musket beside the couch and settled himself next to them. After a bit of them resisting and trying to push him away to go back on patrol, they gave in, tears slipping down their cheeks. Sole vents to him, face red with the blood cells rushing to their already teary face. Preston would wait silently for them to finish and leave some cut in comments as support for them to let it out. It broke his heart to see them like this. After they’re done, he would offer a hug and and tell them that he’ll help the best he can and will do whatever they need to feel better.

Codsworth: It would be an lie if he didn’t say he was surprised. After all his mum/master has been through, it’s understandable they would break soon. He just wished he felt more useful. Maybe have arms to embrace them in, actual feelings and view point as Sole. He came upon them when they were at the Sanctuary workbench, head in hands, weapon on the ground by their side. Seeing no companion in sight, he was originally going to ask them if they were feeling alright. Once seeing them bawling out their eyes, he was freaking out.

“Oh mum/sir! What happened that has you like this?” Sole would easily give into the mr. handy very quickly, him being the only one who remembers before the war and the good sides of things. The bot would be emotional and distressed but quickly brings Sole down from their sobbing. He’d give all the advice where it’s needed and will make them a nice pre-war snack to make them feel better!

Curie: Oh the poor girl. She just wanted to retrieve something from their shared bedroom and was instead met with an extremely distressed and sobbing Sole. Immediately, she’s at their aid, asking if they have any injuries and giving them a rough check. When realizing that, no Sole is not hurt physically, but mentally, she’s really lost. These are the times that Curie wished that Sole lost a leg or sprained their hand. She’s is not at all good with her emotions yet so she begins to cry.

Curie is trying figure out what’s wrong with them and herself which is forcing her to cry. Sole expresses their stresses and all Curie can do is nod and say the sweetest things. Did you know she sobs in actual French. “Oh mon amour why didn’t you tell me zhis sooner I would have most definitely helped you!!” She would cradle Sole in her arms and rock them, listening to them as they go on and on about their problems. Curie will just listen and smile, knowing exactly how to fix their problems. Weather with her help or guidance. 

Danse: OOps wrong rooM. He originally was going to the weapons work bench located in the next house over but once coming across his sobbing girlfriend/boyfriend he IMMEDIATELY wants too know who hurT YOU. He’s terrible with feelings and handling situations like this so he commands Sole to tell him what’s wrong, and what triggered their breakdown. Once he has Sole going he listens intently. Realizing physical affection is sorta needed in situations like this he steps out of his power armour. 

Sole, completely oblivious to him being out of his power armour, is startled when he embraces them in his bear hug but nevertheless sobs into his chest. With his warmth and encouraging words, it seems almost too easy to get to the root of the problems growing under Sole’s big heart. “Soldier, for what it worth, you mean a lot to not only me but to everyone around you, you’re perfect and I love you.” He’ll mutter the last part and dig his face in Sole’s neck, his beard tickling them and making them return the embrace.

Deacon: He honestly didn’t know what he was walking into for the first time in his life. He could normally assume and predict almost anything that will happen. However, seeing the furious and strong moral Charmer on their knees in their room sobbing was a shock. He was going in their room to inform them about a dead drop but now that can wait. The spy bites his lip and feels almost anxious at reaching out to them. He walks over to them and crouches beside them. “Alright. I think you need to have a talk with uncle Deacon. Come on,” He’d joke but help them up and bring them to Sole’s bed. 

They spend 3 hours, just talking. No lies or cover ups but actual serious talking and discussing their problems they both had. It was a night and relaxing 3 hours. In order to allow Sole to talk and express what bothering, Deacon reveals some of his own secrets and burdens including some scans over Barbra. They can both relate on strong levels with each other. After the talk, Deacon will playfully punch them. “Alright you softie, lets hit that dead drop.”

Hancock: Once he heard the first cry through the door, this ghoul bursts in, surprising the poor vault dweller to death. Although with all the effort Sole did to make it look like they weren’t crying, Hancock knew. From the redness on their beautiful soft face, to their slumped shoulders. Hancock could read his Sole like a book. “Heyy…” He’d say in a low whisper, as though trying not to scare away a cornered animal. “What’s going on?”

Hancock would sit down next to his love and wrap an arm around them as they silently began to vent off their problems. Some he could relate too, others he can’t even think of how his Sole could be facing by themselves. He’d hug them in his lap and prop his chin on top of their head. “Let me just say this, whatever you’re going through, it’s going to get better. And you’re going to get through this- we’re going to get through this. K’, sunshine?” If his sly grin doesn’t get you to trust him, his voice sure and hell will.

MacCready: He came back from a long trip from diamond city. He needed to buy some wood for Sole so they could buy some more foundations. He didn’t really understand why help so many people who on a normal daily basis take advantage of Sole’s kindness. After putting the wood in a stack on the side of the work bench, he’s off to find Sole to scold them for making him go off on long ass mission- wait is that crying. 

Through all the years of running with the Gunners, he’s heard countless cries from peoples he’s killed for caps, so at first he thought this was just a settler. But no, this was coming from Sole’s room. MacCready would burst into their room and once seeing his obvious guess to be proven correct he’s rushing towards them. “Hey hey hey, what’s the matter? Bad day?” He’s surprisingly very lovey dovey with people he loves, crying or being emotional that is. He’d stay with them for hours if he has too. 

Nick Valentine: At first, Nick was just investigating the strange sounds coming from Sole’s room. He didn’t know if it was anger, lust or just laughing but when he opened their door he was not suspecting crying. He processes the scene in front of him before quietly closing the bedroom door behind him now. His voice is quiet and low as he addresses his new found presence in the room. “Hey kid/doll, want to tell me what’s eating you up?” If they ask for a smoke he’s most definitely one to offer.

Once they begin, Nick is processing everything to say when they ask or comments. He’ll nod and lean closer or move farther away. It was hard to see someone so close to him to be going through so much and not even his detective instincts could detect it. Now that he looks back though, there were obvious signs of their distress when certain things happened and this was coming up sooner or later. After all is said, he rubs their back with his synthetic hand and their bond grows stronger between detective and vault dweller.

Piper: “Oh Blue…” She couldn’t help but feel small when seeing the vulnerable dweller on their bed, arms limp at their sides as they wail. Truth be told, it takes a long while for Sole to actually cough up with what’s been bothering them or on their chest for months. Piper is by their side the whole process, rubbing their back and assuring them that she’s there for them. Once it’s out in the open, Piper sighs and hugs them muttering some apologies. 

Even though it’s not even her fault for Sole’s sadness, she feels bad for not noticing. Normally she could pick up these things with Nat and will be able to address it with her but with her own lover? Oh bother. The reporter will pull back and look at Sole in the eyes, smiling. “Listen, we’re are going to stop whatever this is and get to the bottom of it alright? I don’t care what I have to do but at the end of the day- I’m going to make you happy!”

X6-88: He’s been standing there for a while now. He silently entered the room and silently observed them. Nothing he could say could help ease their unending sadness. He does the nicest thing he can do. He allows them. He lets them cry, yell, and get everything out of their system until they’re finally calmed down to the point where they’re exhausted. He’d pep up and gain their attention momentarily. 

“Ma’am, if I must-” From someone so quiet, his words are so inspiring. He doesn’t bring up the Institute once through his lecture, to their abilities to how good of a person they are(Even though most of the time he hates it). No matter what he says, he awkwardly approaches them saying nothing but lets them hug him. He’d return it, corners of his lips twitching to form a smile while they thank him.

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